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German Restaurant Play

Flipped Classroom

This lesson plan outlines my strategies for implementing a flipped classroom into my units. I made a short
video that explained to students what modal verbs are and how they are used in German. Students watched the video
on Youtube and completed the note sheet I gave them the class before. The note sheet was to help them follow along
and also to show me that they watched the video. The intention for the flipped classroom was instead of me
presenting the grammar lesson in class, students learn the grammar at home so that we can spend more time in class
using the grammar in novel situations. This also gave students the opportunity to review the grammar at any later
point during the semester.
In this lesson, students reviewed the grammar rules about modal verbs together and then we practiced them
using the four learning strategies: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students first wrote a short journal and
traded it with a partner to read and correct. Then they start using the modal verbs to act out a restaurant scenario
with their small groups. Afterwards, students took a quiz on the unit vocabulary.

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German Restaurant Play
Flipped Classroom

I. Class Information
a. German 1/ 90 min
b. Prior Knowledge: Students watched a grammar video on modal verbs at home and
food vocabulary.
c. Purpose of Lesson: Practice the modal verbs using conversational German and begin
Restaurant vocabulary.
d. Other Information: This is the first time I am trying a flipped classroom and will
use todays results as to how I may proceed/alter the arrangement. Students watched a
grammar video on modal verbs at home and filled in the blanks on a note sheet.
e. Anticipated Problems: If not enough students watched the video or were unable to
watch the video, then the flipped classroom will not work. If some students did not
watch the video, I will work with them more closely throughout class.

II. Objectives/Goals/Standards

Objectives Goals Standards
1. Assess how well the
flipped classroom
benefitted students.
2. Encourage students to
have fun with the
speaking activity by
challenging each other.
3. Engage students in
proper scaffolding and
brainstorming before
1. Adapt the flipped classroom so
that it can benefit students
2. Encourage students to speak in
German/Denglish during
activities by making them fun
and rewarding, but challenging.
Standard 1.1: Interpersonal Communication
Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain
information, express requests about abilities, desires, and
restaurant vocabulary during the modal verb writings and the
restaurant role-play.
Standard 1.2: Interpretive Communication
Students understand and interpret written and spoken
language on restaurants and expressing ability.
Standard 2.1: Practices of Culture
Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship
between restaurant traditions of the culture studied.
Standard 4.1: Language Comparisons
Students demonstrate understanding of the nature of modal
verbs through comparisons of the language studied and their
own during the grammar review.
Standard 4.2: Cultural Comparisons
Students demonstrate understanding of the concept of
restaurant culture through comparisons of the cultures
studied and their own.

III. Materials
a. PowerPoint
b. Grammar Worksheet
c. Quiz

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IV. My Agenda (90 min.)
a. Warm-Up: (10 min) speaking, listening, Class
i. I speak with students and engage their conversational German skills and
review previously learned material/vocabulary.
b. Grammatik Review: (20 min) Reading, Writing
i. I ask students to review briefly the main grammar points from the video.
ii. Students write sentences and discuss the grammar with their partners.
iii. We go over the sentences and grammar together in class.
c. Journal: (15 min) Writing
i. Brainstorm: After reading the journal prompt, we all brainstorm vocabulary.
ii. Students write about things they can do and cannot do. Then they describe
what they would like to do or learn about. 15 sentences.
iii. Afterwards, they discuss with a partner their journals.
d. Restaurants: (25 min) Speaking, Listening
i. I give restaurant trivia for Germany and then explain how to order in a
German restaurant.
ii. Students then play restaurant. 2-3 students look at the menu and place an
order, while the waiter/waitress draws them their food and returns it. Then the
students ask the waiter/waitress how much it all costs and they pay.
e. Quiz: (15 min) Writing
i. Students take a quiz on the Memrise vocabulary.
f. Closing:
i. Review Homework
ii. Review Modal Verbs
V. Homework:
a. Practice Vocab on Memrise: Essen 1 and 2, Modalverben.
b. Review the modal verb video if they need to review.

VI. Assessments: Did They Learn?
a. Formal Assessment: the quiz for vocabulary and their modal verb sentences will be
collected and common errors will be noted.
b. Informal Assessment: taking notes as I walk around and monitor student work.

VII. Next Steps
a. We work more on restaurants and students will practice reenacting different types of