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Saraswati Mantra to Excel in Studies by

Krishna _ Part II
Youtube: Medhayoga
We are getting many positive comments and emails from our viewers on the effectiveness and
success of adhering the Saraswati Mantra Japa . As we have claimed in the video the Saraswati
Mantra Om Hreem Aim Hreem Saraswathyai Namaha is very much tested and found to
be effective even on average students. So we request our viewers to very well Practice this
Saraswati Mantra and even make upadesha to their children. If they practice regularly it would
initiate their inner potential powers which are hidden in their subconscious mind. It would bring
academic excellence and educational success.
In this context
We have got some emails from students & their parents with the following problems which are
considered as obstacles hindering their educational progress. These problems reduce their
memory power, hamper their intelligence, disturb their communication skills, make them lose
their confidence & hide their wisdom.
Problems in the path of students:
1) In spite of tremendous efforts the final result being negative.
2) Lack of concentration.
3) Problem in starting any work. Continuous procrastination of preparation and landing into
pressurized circumstances in the end.
4) Lack of consistency in study. After some days of continuous study slackness in the study
and taking long relaxation.
5) Loss of Focus through bad habits, addictions & bad Friends circle.
6) Continuously watching TVs and Movies.
7) Addition in using internet facilities like facebook, chatting, reading unwanted materials in
the net etc.
8) Eating continuously.
9) Too much of sleeping.
10) Too much telephonic talk.
11) Sitting Idle without doing any work for a long time . This is called inactive state of mind.
12) Memory Loss. Forgetting the contents studied immediately.
13) Too much talkative about the studies but not doing well in exams.
14) Good analytical knowledge but not achieving anything in a definite manner.
15) Finance problem. At the learning age finance problem is considered a big obstacle which
hides their future vision.
16) Not knowing how to utilize the time and prepare for exams.
17) Unexpected negative events in Life.
18) Knowingly doing unwanted things and wasting the time. ( Time killers. Time will never
return. It would bring the curse of Kala pursha.)
19) Health related issues.
20) Unorganized way of keeping things and doing works.
Apart from the above mentioned reasons there may be many causes which hamper the progress
of the students.
When these problems become permanent one the excellence in studies will only become an
unrealized dream. All our efforts will go vain and futile.
The solution to problems cant always be generalized. The unique problems attached with a
person should be looked into in a secluded way and solution found.
We have utilized many techniques for the identification of the problems and to overcome them.
In indentifying the hidden destiny of the students we can use their horoscope. If you are not
having birth horoscope you can check through prasna jyothida. By examining 2
& 9
houses in the horoscope we can identify the students intelligence, factors triggering the
professional studies , ability in achieving, their interest in different subjects. By examining the
afflictions in the 2
, 4
, 9
& 6
houses we can identify the obstacles in the way of success,
factors causing slackness, factors causing mental imbalance etc.
Depending on the factors hindering the progress we have to adopt the remedial measures.
Correct mantras to be selected and applied to get the desired results.
For example
For mental slackness Sri Ganapathy, Sri Pratyangira , Sri Varahi & Sri Ugra Narasimha can be
For excelling in studies Sri Saraswathi and Sri Haya greeva , Sri Dakshinamoorthy, Sri Shyamala
devi Sri lalitha Tripura sundari , Sri Maha Vishnu, Sir Uchitata Ganapathi can be worshipped.
For Health related issues Sri Ganapathi, Sri Ugra Narasimha , Sri Danvantri & Sri Mrtunjaya
can be worshipped.
For procrastination Sri pratyangira and Sarabeswara worshipping will be helpful.
For inactive state of mind Sri Maha Gayatri with vaagbeeja mantras, Sri Surya Gayatri , Sri
Chandra Gayatri , Sri Buvaneswari , Sri Ugra Narasimha ,Sri Pratyangira and Sri Sarabeswara
worship will be helpful.
For indecisiveness Sri Pratyangira, Sri Shyamala devi , Sri Kala bhairva, Sri Sudarsana & Sri
Ganapathy worship will be helpful.
For attaining whatever we wish Sri vancha kalpalada Mantra can be worshipped.
For making impossible to possible Sri Hanuman , Sri pratyangira, Sri Durga can be worshipped.
Apart from utilizing horoscope and Mantra as tools for achievement we can utilize the below
techniques to boost the students in their way of excellence.
1) Yogasana, Pranayama & Meditative techniques.
2) Reiki & Pranic healing techniques.
3) Tested Memory techniques.
4) Suitable Food habits.
5) Learning techniques.
6) Discussing the problems through counseling.
7) Change of places.
8) Visiting important divine places and taking blessings of Gurus.
9) Attending self improvement classes.
10) Vastu rectifications which disturbs the growth of the children
11) Gemology. Remedy through lucky stones
12) Numerology.
13) Use of Auspicious articles, Rundraksham, Divine yantras, Poojas & Homas etc.,
We have to use the remedial measures depending on the uniqueness of the problems.
So we request your viewers to understand the real causes for the obstacles and apply the suitable
techniques along with Mantra sastra. This would definitely change the negative into positive,
Failure into Success, inaction into action and gloominess into happiness.
We can provide solutions using the above techniques when the problem is isolated and attended
in a secluded way.
If you are in need of individual consultation, solution, suggestions & continued support
please do register yourself and your children through We shall
identify your unique problems and provide suitable remedial measures to change your life
in a positive way and ensure the desired results. We shall guide you in the required
Sarvejanas Sukino Bhavantu.