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General Education

11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.
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General Education | 2014


General Education | 2014

1. Test booklet contains 150 test questions. Examinees shall manage to use three (3) hours.
3. Shade only one (1) box for each question on your answer sheet. Two or more boxes shade
will invalidate your answer.

1. Detach the answer sheet at the end of the test booklet.
2. Write the subject title PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION on the space provided
3. After you have finished answering, submit your answer sheet to your room watchers.
4. Wait for final instruction before you leave the room.


1. Why are doorknobs placed at the edge of a door rather than in the center?
a. To help give more momentum to the door
b. It is closer to the edge of the doorway
c. To increase the force on the door
d. To increase the lever arm

2. Blocks of asphalt roads are left with a narrow gap in between them in order to:
a. Make roads with equal blocks and gaps
b. Hold extra dust and small particles of sand
c. Serve as passage of water during rainy days
d. Give allowance for expansion during hot days

3. A high person wouldnt lie. What does it mean?
a. Mean
b. Corrupt
c. Honorable
d. Unprincipled

4. Which illustrates the spirit of non-violence?
a. The act to be quiet to preserve peace
b. The move towards a gun less society
c. The use of strikes as a bargaining power
d. The act to submit oneself to the will of the power that be

5. Business computers have become more complex, thus complete training in operating them is
needed. They are now describes as SOPHOSTICATED electronic system, meaning they are;
a. Complicated
b. Fashionable
c. Cosmopolitan
d. Simple

6. Our commitment can develop us or can destroy us. Either way, they will define us. Chooses the
line below that has the same meaning.
a. Our commitment need not be planned way ahead
b. Our lives are shaped by what we are committed to
General Education | 2014

c. We must make full commitment to woridly goals
d. Flexible commitment is what we needed today

7. Communion is an essential in the establishment of a culture of peace. Which does NOT go with
the spirit of communion?
a. Living peacefully with nature
b. Transcending national boundaries
c. Overcoming ethic and cultural divisions
d. Widening the gap among individuals and nations

8. With the Cold War in mind, which does NOT belong?
a. Conflict
b. Dialogue
c. Competition
d. Tension

9. Which is/are a positive consequence/s of the close family ties among Filipinos?
I. Stability of the family
II. Pattern of dependence
III. Permanence of marriage

a. I and II
b. I only
c. II and III
d. I, II and III

10. The dignity of every human person is rooted on his/her being:
a. Good
b. Educated
c. Productive
d. Created into Gods Image and likeness

11. To be ethical and moral, what is the best thing to do?
a. Strengthen the will
b. Discuss what is good to do
c. Reflect on the moral things to do
d. Conduct seminars on values education

12. When a manufacturer engages the production of pirated CDs he violates other peoples right to
a. Copyright
b. Lawful income
c. Intellectual property
d. Engage in Business

13. The latest agrarian reform program in the country is more comprehensive than the first because:
a. Included sugar and coconut lands in addition to rice and corn lands
b. Enforced more than nineteen Presidential Decrees
c. Declared the whole country as a land reform area
d. Benefitted both tenant and landowner

14. The Astronomer Copernicus was the first person to publicly state that the earth was:
a. Does not move
b. Is slowing down
c. Revolves around the sun
d. Is the center of the solar system

15. Which of the following factors contribute to an increase in human population?
General Education | 2014

I. Immigration
II. Emigration
III. Natally
IV. Mortality

a. III and IV
b. I only
c. I and II
d. II and III

16. Which is foundation of genuine justice?
a. Religiosity
b. Peace talks
c. Social justice
d. End of arm race

17. Which principle of taxation does the Philippine government lack if it fails to raise the needed
revenue and therefore borrows from other countries to cover its expenses.
a. Equity
b. Elasticity
c. Neutrality
d. Productivity

18. Which is a sexual activity in exchange for remuneration?
a. Rape
b. Prostitution
c. Mail order brides
d. Sex tourism

19. Patients suffering from defective kidneys are now assisted by a machine called:
a. Hemoscope
b. Hemodializer
c. Nephros Machine
d. Nephrum scanner

20. What can be said of Philippine peso if the exchanges rate of a dollar to a peso has gone down
from P50 to a dollar to P40.32?
a. The peso is stable
b. The peso has weakened
c. The value of peso is fluctuating
d. The peso has strengthened

21. Who are referred as Japayukis?
a. Filipinos working as entertainers in Japan
b. Filipinos overseas contract workers in Japan
c. Filipino Japanese descendants now working in Japan
d. Japanese who come to the Philippines for their business/pleasure tours

22. What do we have in common with the beasts?
a. Our freedom
b. Our intelligence
c. Our manner of survival
d. Our material body

23. In your school, most students come late. You too, go to school late and you dont see anything
wrong in it because everybody is coming to school late anyway. Which is norm of morality?
a. Shame
b. Fear
c. Group of survival
d. Our material body

24. Ecologists associate the relation between climate and vegetation and animals life with the term:
a. Bioma
b. Habitat
c. Biosphere
d. Population

25. Which biogas is obtained from biological wastes such as animals manure?
a. Ester
b. Alcogas
c. Methane
d. Ethylene

26. What happens to the speed of a light rays as it passes from water to air?
a. Increases
b. Decreases
c. Increase then decrease
d. Remains the same

27. In each cardiac cycle, the heart goes through a system contraction. What is this phase called?
a. Systole
b. Diastole
c. Diastole arc
d. Systole arc

28. When a molecule of ink turns glassful of water into blue, what process has occurred?
a. Solution
b. Osmosis
c. Absorption
d. Diffusion

29. Which characteristic of a good test will pupils be assured of when a teacher conducts a table of
specifications for test construction purposes?
a. Reliability
b. Scorability
c. Construct validity
d. Content validity

30. I have computed the mean and I want to get more information about the distribution of scores.
Which measure of variability is appropriate?
a. Range
b. Semi-interquartile
c. Standard deviation
d. All of the above

31. Which of the following is NOT a factor in errors in measurement?
a. The test questions may be outdated
b. The students may take the rest granted
c. The practice effect may increase a students score
d. Administering the test twice may measure different attributes

32. What is the most authentic tool to evaluate teaching skills?
a. Essay test
b. Observation
c. Non-restricted essay test
d. Short answer test

33. Ano ang tawag sa nasa malaking titik sa sumusunod na pangungusap? Naging mabilis ang
a. Salita
b. Kataga
c. Parirala
d. Sugnay

34. Ibigay ang aspekto ng pandiwa ng pangungusap na ito. KASUSULAT LANG NIYA NG
a. Pawatas
b. Perpektibo
c. Kontemplatibo
d. Imperpektibo

35. PINASYALAN ng mag-anak ang Enchanted Kingdom noong isang buwan. Ano ang pokus ng
a. Sanhi
b. Direksyon
c. Tagatanggap
d. Tagaganap

36. Magtatrabaho ako at ikaw ay mag-aaral upang makapatapos ka ng pag-aaral. Anong uri ng
pangungusap ito?
a. Payak
b. Hugnayan
c. Tamabalan
d. Langkapan

37. If the area of one circle is twi that of another circle. What is the ratio in percent of the smaller to
larger circle?
a. 50%
b. 25%
c. 75%
d. 70%

38. Four mangoes cost P29.00 at that price, what will 2 dozen mangoes cost?
a. P870.00
b. P348.50
c. P188.50
d. P217.50

39. All the seats in the bus are occupied and six are standing. At the next stop, 13 persons got off
and 5 got in. How many seats were empty after this stop?
a. 2
b. 0
c. 23
d. 24

40. What day follow the day before yesterday if two days from now will be Sunday?
a. Thursday
b. Tuesday
c. Wednesday
d. None of the above

41. The hypotenuse of a right angle triangle is 25 feet. If one leg is 24 feet, what is the length of the
other leg?
a. 5ft
b. 6ft
c. 20ft
d. 7ft

42. Two buses leave the sama station at 9pm. One bus travels north at the rate of 30kph and the
other travels east at 40kph. How many kilometers apart are the buses at 10pm?
a. 50km
b. 70km
c. 100km
d. 140km

43. What nutrients can be absorbed in our body without undergoing digestion?
a. Fats
b. Vitamins
c. Carbohydrates
d. Proteins

44. Molting is a process whereby insects shed off their old cuticle to grow in size. This is called:
a. Cyclosis
b. Ecdysis
c. Metamorphosis
d. Sclerotic peel

45. Which of the following does not belong to life science?
a. Cytology b. Physics
General Education | 2014

c. Botany d. Genetics

46. Which of the following environmental conditions has been blamed for the unusual occurrences
of Fish Kills?
a. Silting of Lakes
b. Acid rain
c. Eutrophication
d. Atmospheric pollution

47. What is the counting number that is less than 15 and when divided by 3 has a remainder of 1;
but when divided by 4 has a remainder of 2?
a. 12
b. 8
c. 5
d. 10

48. How much interest would be paid on a bank loan of P30,000 for 8 months at 12% annual
a. P3,600
b. P2,800
c. P2,400
d. P3,240

49. Which family obligation is especially valued?
a. Sending relatives in remote barrios to college
b. Supplying groceries to relatives in remote barrios
c. Keeping immediate family members out of trouble
d. Providing health assistance to relatives living in the same locale
50. Which human right violation is a deliberate and systemic extermination of an ethnic or national
a. Genocide
b. Politicide
c. Homicide
d. Parricide

51. In psalm otherwise known as Psalm as David, which meaning is closest to the line, He maketh
me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
a. He will be given riches and mercy
b. He will be known through out the land
c. He will be provided peace and prosperity
d. He will always obey his master for His Glory

52. Man is always intersected in asking questions. He is also very eager to find the answers to his
questions. What scientific attitude is he displaying?
a. Wonder
b. Objectivity
c. Open mindedness
d. Rationality

53. Paolo admits that he is free committing errors. He recognizes that there may be better ideas
and realizes that there are individuals whom he may have to consult to arrive at correct
observations and consciousness. What scientific traits is he displaying?
a. Humilty
b. Objectivity
c. Open mindedness
d. Rationality

54. A lady actively participates in a task and also dutifully performs tasks assigned to her. What
scientific attitudes is displayed in this situation?
a. Unity
b. Camaraderie
General Education | 2014

c. Being a team player
d. Responsibility

55. Printed on the label of a bottle of cough medicine is the following instructions: Store away from
light, below 30 degrees C. What can you infer about the cough medicine?
a. It is in a dark, light proof bottle
b. It is affected by heat and light
c. It should be stored in the refrigeration
d. It should be hidden away from children

56. You like to know how many of your pupils have mothers and /or mothers who are presently
employed as OFWs. What is/are the most reliable way to gather data?
I. Interview the pupils
II. Give questionnaire checklist to selected pupils
III. Study the grades of the pupils because those performing poorly usually have
parents who work as OCWs.

a. I only
b. II only
c. I and II
d. I,II and III

57. The existence of extraterrestrial life may never be proven, but this idea will become more
scientifically acceptable over time if:
a. Alternative hypotheses are proposed and confirmed
b. No one disputes the idea in a scientific forum
c. Increasing scientific evidence supports the idea
d. Hypotheses are made relate to the idea

58. Geothermal energy, an energy resource in the country, is based on which phenomenon?
a. Heat energy from the sun penetrates deep into the earth
b. Human activity is the largest source of heat energy on earth
c. There are concentration of heat in some places of earths crust
d. Earths Internal energy heats its surface more than the sun does.

59. Which of these effects generally occurs as a result of warm air mass and a cooler air mass
converging at earths surface?
a. Winds die down
b. The sky becomes clear
c. Stormy weather patterns develop
d. Cloud formation decreases

60. Bagoong smell because of:
a. It uses spoiled fish ingredients
b. That is the natural scent of bagoong
c. Molecules from bagoong spread in air
d. Air and volatile particles from bagoong mix and get spoiled further
General Education | 2014

61. Why do leaves with green color look green in the sunlight?
a. They absorb the blue and yellow object and yellow light
b. The blue and yellow bounces off from the leaves
c. They absorb the green light
d. They reflect green light

62. Why do people feel their ears pop or crack when they are up in the air?
a. Air is cleaner
b. Air is cooler
c. There are more air particles
d. There are less air particles

63. Why are nights cooler when the sky is clear than when it is overcast?
a. Cooler air holds less vapor
b. The sun is hidden during the night
c. There are no cloud cover to present heat from escaping
d. Rain falls when water vapor condenses above freezing unit
64. Which among the following are duplicated during the process of mitosis?
a. Centrosomes
b. Centromeres
c. Chromosomes
d. Chloroplasis

65. Which of the following activities help reduce water pollution?
a. Throwing only liquid waste
b. Using organic fertilizers in farm
c. Cleaning of soap instead of detergent
d. Treating waste water before it is discharged

66. Which of the following is/are true of a concave mirror?
I. It will never form a real image
II. An object can be magnified if it is placed at d=3f
III. An inverted image will be formed if the object is greater than the focal point

a. I only
b. I,II and III
c. II only
d. I and II

67. Who was the first scientist who measured the speed of light in water?
a. Flzeau
b. Galileo
c. Michelson
d. Faucault

68. The power of an electric motor that draws current of 3A when operated at 120 V is:
a. 360 W
b. 40 W
c. 1,080 W
d. 540 W

69. An apple that weights 1N falls to the ground. The apple hits the ground with an impact force of
a. 4 N
b. 1 N
c. 9.8 N
d. 2 N

70. Where does the pick up needle on a phonograph move the fastest across the record?
a. At the end of the record
General Education | 2014

b. At the beginning of the record
c. Everywhere, it has the same speed everywhere on the record
d. None of the above

71. Which human rights violation is a deliberate and systematic extermination of an ethnic or national
a. Genocide
b. Parricide
c. Homicide
d. Politicide

72. To what classification of rights does the right to live and to love belong?
a. Political
b. Natural
c. Statutory
d. Constitutional

73. From which does NOT the exercise of human rights flow?
a. Exercise of a persons duty
b. Dignity of the human person
c. Fundamental law of the land
d. Various philosophies of man

74. Which peace efforts are most government engaged in when they have representatives in other
countries to promote international cooperation and harmony?
a. Diplomacy
b. Disarmament
c. International organization
d. Collective Security

75. Every right has a corresponding duty. This means that rights and duties are:
a. Different
b. Absolute
c. Reciprocal
d. Related

76. Which is the system of maintaining peace through an even distribution of military and economic
power among nations?
a. Balance of power
b. Diplomacy
c. International relations
d. People power

77. The EDSA 1 in our history as a people prove the power of:
a. Information
b. Armed violence
c. Preference of the poor
d. People power

78. Which desktop icon can be used to access the files and programs in the computer?
a. Taskbar
b. My documents
c. My briefcase
d. My computer

79. When is it most important to scan a computers drives for virus? Immediately after:
a. Shutting down a computer improperly
b. Defragmenting a computers hard disk
c. Installing software from a disk created by a friend
d. Downloading a text file from a government website

80. Your computer is nor receiving the print command. Which should you do first?
a. Check the computers default printer settings
General Education | 2014

b. Reset the printing properties of the printer
c. Realign the heads of the printers print
d. Replace the ink cartridges

81. In what sense is the Filipino likened to a Bamboo?
a. He is sturdy
b. He is flexible
c. He is versatile
d. He is ambitious

82. Under which group do the Sunday churchgoers in a Cathedral fall?
a. Primary group
b. Tertiary group
c. Elementary group
d. Secondary group

83. Which among the following is an example of a transfer payment?
a. Rent
b. Profit
c. Government purchases
d. Underemployment benefits

84. You have a property worth P500, 000. The tax is 1%, he pays P5000. If his property is worth
P1,000, 000 he pays P10, 000. Which does this illustrate?
a. Equality in taxation
b. Equity taxation
c. Uniformity taxation
d. Progressive taxation

85. What does Digital Divide refer to?
I. The gap between people with effective access to digital and information technology
and those with very limited or no access at all.
II. The imbalance both in physical access to technology and the resources, the skill
needed to for effective participation
III. The gap in the ages of ICT users.

a. II only
b. I only
c. I,II and III
d. I and II

86. Which refers to a single phrase or word that tells the computer to do something with a program
or file?
a. Command
b. Password
c. Computer program
d. Computer Language

87. Which application program provides users with a means to organize and present information
through the use of text, numbers, graphs, sounds, and visual images?
a. Publisher
b. Spreadsheet
c. Word processing
d. Telegram

88. Why is the Philippines much hotter than Canada? The Philippines:
a. Has days with more hours of light
b. Has a denser population than Canada
c. Has more vegetation to absorb sunlight
d. Receive sun rays closer to vertical position

General Education | 2014

89. Which is the method that uses organisms to clean up the toxic waste?
a. Monoculture
b. Deforestation
c. Carrying Capacity
d. Bloremediation

90. If you lower the frequency of a wave in a string you will:
a. Lower its speed
b. Shorten its period
c. Lower its amplitude
d. Increase its wavelength
91. Which is an example of a way to improve efficiency in transportation?
I. Use of fuel efficient, hybrid or electric cars
II. Carpooling
III. Use of public transportation

a. I and II
b. II and III
c. I and III
d. I, II, and III

92. Rock fragments thrown into the air during a volcano eruption are called:
a. Lava
b. Extrusive
c. Tephra
d. Granite

93. Why do we hear thunder some seconds after seeing/hear lightning?
a. Sounds travel at 1.3331 m/s
b. Light travels faster than sound
c. Sound is released later actually
d. Light appears brighter in the sky

94. How may the establishment of housing subdivisions will address housing problems and
contribute to the decreased of food production?
a. Housing subdivisions become overcrowded
b. Men get occupied with construction and leave their farms untitled
c. Arable lands are reduced for these are converted into housing subdivisions.
d. People who flocked to the center where most subdivisions are located have no skill

95. Fog is a cloud with its base at or very near the ground. The formation of fog generally occurs
after the ground has lost heat by:
a. Radiation
b. Convection
c. Evaporation
d. Transpiration

96. Lunar eclipse occurs when the earth passes between the moon and the sun, eclipse of the moon
does not occur each month because:
a. The dark side of the moon rarely faces the earth
b. The earth is usually between the moon and the sun
c. The moon rarely comes close enough to the earth
d. The moons orbit is at an angle to the earths orbit around the sun

97. Heat is the total kinetic energy of all the molecules of an objects and is measured in calories or:
a. Kelvin
b. Joules
c. Centigrade
d. Newton

98. Baking soda produces carbon dioxide when mixed with:
a. Egg
b. Water
c. Sour milk
d. Flour

99. A substance that gives up hydrogen ions to water to form hydronium ions called:
a. A salt
b. A base
c. Hydroxide
d. An acid

100. Chalk, limestone and marbles are remains of seashells deposited in the seas millions of
years ago. They are all forms of:
a. Sodium sulfide
b. Carbon dioxide
c. Calcium Carbonate
d. Calcium Hydroxide

101. A rectangle is 4 times as long as it is wide. If the length is increase by 4 inches and the
width is decreased by 1 inch, the area will be 60 square inches. What were the dimensions of
the original rectangle?
a. 4x16
b. 2x32
c. 5x12
d. 3x14

102. What is the sum of the measures of the interior angles of an Icosagon?
a. 2850
b. 3240
c. 3140
d. 3100

103. The numerator of a fraction is less than the denominator. If the numerator and the
denominator are each increased by 1, the value of the fraction becomes 3/4. What id the original
a. 8/12
b. 6/13
c. 7/12
d. 8/11

104. If a liter of chemical X is 95% pure, how many liters of water must be added to make a
50% solution?
a. 0.90 L
b. 0.94L
c. 0.09L
d. 0.80L

105. A man accepts a position at P14,250 basic salary with agreement that he will receive a
2% increases every year for 3 years. What will his salary be at the end of 3 years?
a. P16,500.00
b. P14,950.00
c. P15,105.00
d. P15,122.21

106. A man is planning to take a leisurely stroll around their rectangular patio, which measures
27.7 M and 21.5 M wide. How far does man have to walk?
a. 88.4 m
b. 98.4m
c. 120.4m
d. 96.4m

107. After a stone is dropped into a cylindrical container filled with 100 cm3 of water, the water
rises and the new reading is 106.5cm3. What is the volume of the stone?
a. 10.65 cm3
b. 6.5 cm3
c. 60.65 cm3
d. 60.5 cm3

108. What is the volume of air in an atmospheric balloon with a diameter of 24 cm?
a. 2304 cm3
b. 570 cm3
c. 240 cm3
d. 144 cm3

109. Which dimension of language is concerned with sounds and stress?
a. Phonology
b. Segmental
c. Supra segmental
d. Phonemes

110. Which process of reading makes you think about your thinking?
a. Cognitive
b. Metaphysics
c. Metaphor
d. Meta cognition

111. Anong modelo ng proseso ng komunikasyon ang nagaganap sa isang daluyan lamang?
a. Paikot
b. Linyar
c. Transaksyonal
d. Interaktibo

112. Ano ang paraan ng diskurso kung ipinahahayag mo ang ibig sabihin ng salitang
a. Paglalahad
b. Paglalarawan
c. Pagsasalaysay
d. Pangangatwiran

113. Alin ang tawag sa wikang nararapat na gamiting panturo sa paaralan at mga tanggapan
ng pamahalaan?
a. Opisyal
b. Bilingual
c. Multilingual
d. Pambansa

114. Ano ang antas ng komunikasyon nakapaloob kapag ipinadala ang isang mensahe sa
maraming tagatanggap sa pamamagitan ng Cell Phone?
a. Mass
b. Group
c. Interpersonal
d. Public

115. Which has more mass, a kilogram of feathers or a kilogram of iron?
a. Iron
b. Feather
c. Both have the same weight
d. None of the above

116. While traveling at night, you lost direction. Which star should you look for and in what
I. Polaris
II. Rigel
III. Ursa Mojor
IV. Ursa Minor

a. I and IV
b. I and III
c. II and IV
d. II and III

117. The sun appears more reddish at summer than at noon. Which of the following
phenomenon is responsible for this effect?
a. Scattering
b. Dispersion
c. Reflection
d. Interference

118. At present, a patient fights cancer either by surgery or by drug treatment called:
a. Chemotherapy b. Radiation
General Education | 2014

c. Viral treatment d. Immune Therapy

119. Which principle states that no man in the country is above the law and the laws must be
obeyed by all and applied to everyone rich or poor, lowly or powerful, without fear or favor?
a. Social Justice
b. Rule of Law
c. Separation of church and state
d. Rule of the majority

120. Any individual has the right to question why he is being arrested and to summon his
accusers to court so that due process may be performed. This right is embodied in which of the
a. Prison mayor
b. Habeas Corpus
c. Reclusion Perpetua
d. Res Ipsa Loquitur

121. What was the first book published in the Philippines?
a. Pasiong Mahal
b. Doctrina Christiana
c. Del Superior Govierno
d. Barlaame Josaphat

122. Among the developing Asian nations, which of the following is widely promoted to be the
better solution to poverty and unemployment?
a. Importation
b. Urbanization
c. Privatization
d. Industrialization

123. One of the major functions of taxes is to define real government expenditures. This
function can be simply be stated as to:
a. Raise revenues
b. Secure price stability
c. Raise national security
d. Promote development

124. The Philippines is dominantly a Christian country of the Orient, yet according to survey it
is on the top 5 as the most corrupt nation in Asia. What does this point to in the Philippine
a. Prevalence of xenocentrism
b. Lack of cultural integration
c. Presence of cultural differences
d. Prevalence of ethnocentrism

125. Teacher should be encouraged to teach folk knowledge because:
a. It is a mandate of DepEd
b. It is in keeping with curriculum change
c. It is crucial in facing the basics of daily linving
d. It is included in the National Achievement test

126. How do you describe a typical social structure which describes a pattern through which
relationships at work are ordered?
a. Communistic
b. Capitalistic
c. Bureaucratic
d. Technological

127. May isang prinsesa sa tore nakatira
Balita sa kaharian, pambihirang ganda
Anong gagawin ng binatang sumisinta?

I. Palaisipan
General Education | 2014

II. Salawikain
III. Bugtong

a. I at III
b. II lang
c. II ang III
d. I lang

128. Jose Rizal: El Filibusterismo: Graciano Lopez Jaena:
a. Ninay
b. Fray Botod
c. Noche Buena
d. Cadaquilaan ng Dios

129. Sa maraming uri ng tukuyang pagsusulit alin ang nakiuta ng mga palaaral na mabisang
a. Tama-mali
b. Pagpipilian
c. Punan ang Patlang
d. Pasanaysay

130. Alin dito ang pagsusulit na pasalaysay at pagsasalin na kadalasan ay bunibuo lamang ng
kaunting bilang ng tanong?
a. Objective test
b. Productive test
c. Subjective test
d. Receptive test

131. Upang makasiguro na magkaroon ng mabuting aytem sa pagsusulot, naghahanda ng
higit sa kailangang bilang at pinag ______.
a. Talahanayan
b. Bahagdan
c. Aytem pool
d. Layuning pangkagawian

132. Aling pamaraan ang mga batayang lingguwistika at sikolohikal sa pagtutyro ng wika?
a. Tuwiran
b. Sitwasyonal
c. Awdio-linggual
d. Kumunikado

133. Saan nakauri ang mga sumusunod na salita katulad ng dalubhasa, paaralan, silid,
balarila, at panitikan?
a. Walang magaling
b. May napili na
c. Walang mapili
d. Pawang magagaling

134. A 4cm by 7cm rectangle is rooted about its longer side. What is the approximate volume
of the cylinder thus generated?
a. 750.25 cm3
b. 176.36 cm3
c. 351.86 cm3
d. 615.65 cm3

135. Compute the exact simple interest on Php 20,500 at 2.5 % per annum for 60 days.
a. Php 95.50
b. Php 84.25
c. Php 85.42
d. Php 90.64

136. During the experiment, temperature was measured three times. The second reading was
0 degrees lower than the first and the third reading was 13 degrees lower than the second. If the
first readiing was 7 degrees what was the last?
a. 8 degrees
b. 14 degrees
c. -14 degrees
d. -12 degrees
137. If x and y are both odd numbers, which of the following numbers must be an even
a. 12
b. 13
c. 17
d. 18

138. After a series of tutorial lessons in Best Tutorial Center, Ann,s grade in Math rose from
78 to 88. By what percent did her average increase?
a. 35.75 %
b. 12.82 %
c. 11.36 %
d. 20.16 %

139. A large pipe of can empty a tank in six hours, and a smaller pipe can empty it in ten hours.
How long would it take both pipes to empty the tank?
a. 3.25 hours
b. 4.5 hours
c. 3.75 hours
d. 2 hours

140. An approach to teaching grammar where rules are given only after students have done
intensive pattern practice in various contexts is called:
a. Formal
b. Inductive
c. Deductive
d. Functional

141. Who among the following is known as the Indian Shakespeare?
a. Sadi
b. Kalidasa
c. Khagyam
d. Tagore

142. The official stand of the newspaper on a particular issue is found in the:
a. Front page
b. Inside page
c. Editorial page
d. Features section

143. Which of the following plays was NOT written by Sophocles?
a. Ajax
b. Antigone
c. Oidipus Colonus
d. Agamemnon

144. The following are reasons why it is important for teachers to know how to evaluate
instructional materials EXCEPT:
a. Teachers are able to use materials to use materials properly and effectively
b. Teachers are able to Identify learners needs
c. Writing ones material is time consuming
d. Not all books are error-free

145. Who of the following Romas was never emperor?
a. Caligua
b. Catullus
c. Claudius
d. Julius Caesar

146. The poetry of Ezra Pound is best describes as:
a. Romantic
b. Imagist
c. Philosophical
d. Metaphysical

147. The governments prohibiting the press form the interviewing, constitutes called:
a. Gag order
b. Madla order
c. Censorship
d. Prior restraint

General Education | 2014

148. The press is referred to as the Fourth Estate because it:
a. Is a powerful political force
b. Is an adversary of government
c. Acts as the fourth branch of government
d. Checks all branches of government

149. If a teacher would like a behavior to occur again and eventually become a habit, it should
a. Modeled
b. Corrected
c. Imitated
d. Reinforced

150. A teacher wants to conduct an intensive and drilling of basic sentence pattern should:
a. Do pattern practice
b. Assign fair work
c. Explain grammar rules
d. Demonstrate the lesson


1. Submit your answer sheet, together with the test booklet to your room watcher. Sign on the
examinees record of attendance. Print time of submission.

2. Do not bring the test booklet out of the room; otherwise your examination will be cancelled.

Listen to other instruction from your room watchers.

NAME: _______________________________________________ DATE:________________
General Education | 2014

TIME STARTED:______________________ TIME FINISHED:____________________

1. O O O O
2. O O O O
3. O O O O
4. O O O O
5. O O O O
6. O O O O
7. O O O O
8. O O O O
9. O O O O
10. O O O O
11. O O O O
12. O O O O
13. O O O O
14. O O O O
15. O O O O
16. O O O O
17. O O O O
18. O O O O
19. O O O O
20. O O O O
21. O O O O
22. O O O O
23. O O O O
24. O O O O
25. O O O O
26. O O O O
27. O O O O
28. O O O O
29. O O O O
30. O O O O
31. O O O O
32. O O O O
33. O O O O
34. O O O O
35. O O O O
36. O O O O
37. O O O O
38. O O O O
39. O O O O
40. O O O O
41. O O O O
42. O O O O
43. O O O O
44. O O O O
45. O O O O
46. O O O O
47. O O O O
48. O O O O
49. O O O O
50. O O O O
51. O O O O
52. O O O O
53. O O O O
54. O O O O
55. O O O O
56. O O O O
57. O O O O
58. O O O O
59. O O O O
60. O O O O
61. O O O O
62. O O O O
63. O O O O
64. O O O O
65. O O O O
66. O O O O
67. O O O O
68. O O O O
69. O O O O
70. O O O O
71. O O O O
72. O O O O
73. O O O O
74. O O O O
75. O O O O
76. O O O O
77. O O O O
78. O O O O
79. O O O O
80. O O O O
81. O O O O
82. O O O O
83. O O O O
84. O O O O
85. O O O O
86. O O O O
87. O O O O
88. O O O O
89. O O O O
90. O O O O

A B C D 91. O O O O
General Education | 2014

92. O O O O
93. O O O O
94. O O O O
95. O O O O
96. O O O O
97. O O O O
98. O O O O
99. O O O O
100. O O O O
101. O O O O
102. O O O O
103. O O O O
104. O O O O
105. O O O O
106. O O O O
107. O O O O
108. O O O O
109. O O O O
110. O O O O
111. O O O O
112. O O O O
113. O O O O
114. O O O O
115. O O O O
116. O O O O
117. O O O O
118. O O O O
119. O O O O
120. O O O O
121. O O O O
122. O O O O
123. O O O O
124. O O O O
125. O O O O
126. O O O O
127. O O O O
128. O O O O
129. O O O O
130. O O O O
131. O O O O
132. O O O O
133. O O O O
134. O O O O
135. O O O O
136. O O O O
137. O O O O
138. O O O O
139. O O O O
140. O O O O
141. O O O O
142. O O O O
143. O O O O
144. O O O O
145. O O O O
146. O O O O
147. O O O O
148. O O O O
149. O O O O
150. O O O O

1. B
2. C
3. B
4. B
5. D
6. C
7. A
8. B/C
9. C
10. A
11. B
12. A
13. D
14. D
15. C
16. D
17. B
18. C
19. A
20. B
General Education | 2014

21. D
22. A
23. B
24. D
25. B
26. D
27. D
28. B
29. D
30. D
31. C
32. D
33. B
34. B
35. C
36. A
37. C
38. D
39. B
40. C
41. C
42. A
43. C
44. B
45. A
46. C
47. D
48. C
49. D
50. B
51. B
52. D
53. B
54. C
55. B
56. D
57. D
58. D
59. D
60. D
61. B
62. B
63. D
64. C
65. C
66. A
67. B
68. D
69. D
70. C
71. C
72. D
73. B
74. D
75. C
76. C
77. C
78. C
79. A
80. C
81. C
82. B
83. D
84. B
85. D
86. A
87. B
88. B
89. D
90. A
91. B
92. D
93. D
94. D
95. C
96. D
97. C
98. D
99. B
100. B
101. D
102. A/B
103. C
104. C
105. B
106. D
107. D
108. B
109. B
110. D
111. A
112. A
113. C
114. A
115. B
116. D
117. C
118. D
119. A
120. C
121. B
122. C
123. A
124. D
125. C
126. C
127. C
128. A
129. B
130. D
131. C
132. C
133. A
134. D
135. B
136. C
137. A
138. B
139. D
140. B
141. D
142. A
143. A/B
144. A
145. C
146. B
147. C
148. C/D
149. A/B
150. A/C