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Ar┐bic Transliteration keyboard

with Isl┐micstudies Unicode Font

Here we are giving a complete package for the scholars and students who want to
use transliterated Arabic into any utility of windows:
Word processor,
Internet explorer,
Email client,
Notepad or even windows itself.

In the zip file package you will get three Islamic studies Unicode fonts, One translit-
eration table for Arabic, Urdu and English and a keyboard used for transliteration in
any of the program in windows.

• First unzip the file and copy all three fonts to the windows default font loca-
tion, which is inside control panel and then in Fonts folder.
• Open arabtran folder and run the setup for the installation of Transliteration
• Now you have installed the keyboard and need to configure it.
• You will find the new Arabic Unicode transliteration keyboard installed
along with the default US keyboard.
• Now you need to show the language bar and check the button “Show the lan-
guage bar on the desktop.” and also check “Show additional language bar
icons in the taskbar.” then click “ok.”
• A small language bar with a keyboard will appear in your taskbar like this

• Now you have successfully configured the keyboard. If you want to insert the
special character you just have to select the keyboard and then you can it eas-
• We have included all the special diacritical characters need for the Arabic, Per-
sian and Urdu transliteration in the keyboard. These are:
• Āā,ṣṢ ḍḌṭṬūŪīĪḥḤẓẒṇṆēḳḲṇṆ
• The procedure is very simpe just press the Alt Gr (Right Alt) button with the
desired character and you will get it. Press shift + Alt Gr and you will get the
Capital character.

Hope you will find all this very easy for insertion of Arabic Transliteration char-
acters in almost any of the windows application.

For a list of more Unicode fonts please visit this website
islamicstudies/students/arabic_unicode_font/ For downloading of two very good complete Uni-
code click here

Please note that Islamic studies Unicode font is not a complete Unicode font but a Unicode font
for Arabic, Persian and Urdu diacritical characters only.

Inorder to download this complete zip file click here

Please find full package zip file also in the attachment section of this pdf file.