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How does Blue Dragon rescue kids?

3. Make a plan
1. Contact
A child has gone missing.
Have they been trafficked?
Have they run away?
Contact Blue Dragon!
6. Emergency care
5. Race to safety
4. Raid and escape
2. Identify
8. Arrest and prosecution
9. Long-term support
7. Reunite
Workshops and training
Family assistance
The most rewarding part is
bringing the boys, girls and
young women home to their
worried families. We always
need a few tissues!
Our team works with
police and victims to
plan the escape. We
collect funds, book
vehicles and work out
the best route.
We gather evidence, talking
with families and police. We
find out where the trafficker
has taken the victim.
This part is always dangerous
and complicated. Traffickers
are not happy to see Blue
Dragon. We work in secret to
the last minute and then -
The number one priority: get the
children and young girls to safety.
We make sure the traffickers
can't find them ever again.
What do they need?
We immediately provide health
checks, counselling and legal
support from our caring staff.
Blue Dragon works with police
and victims to put traffickers
in jail and ensure they are
heavily fined for their crimes.
We never give up on the children we bring home!
Donate to the
RESCUE! Appeal
330 rescued so far. Your donation
will bring more children home!