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New American Inside Out Upper intermediate

Unit 7 Test

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Word formation

1. Complete the sentences using the words in the box with the suffixes ful, less,
or ish. There are two extra words.

a) It was very __________ of you to get into a silly argument like that.
b) Mike can be a little __________ at times. He didnt remember his dentist
c) Why havent doctors discovered a __________ way of giving injections?
d) Try not to be so __________ when you pour the milk. It spilled
e) William made a pretty __________ joke at lunchtime. Everybody was
f) Shirley has always made __________ choices when it comes to men. Shes
been divorced five times.
g) This is such a __________ bag. Its just the right size for my notebook.
h) It was so __________ of Helen to send me those flowers.

Reporting verbs

2. Underline the correct verb.

a) The man eventually admitted / confirmed / explained stealing the painting.
b) My boss mentioned / advised / suggested me to start looking for another
c) The actress claimed / informed / convinced that the paparazzi had been
following her all day.
d) The manager is encouraging / confirming / insisting that we leave
e) My mother persuaded / suggested / informed we go on vacation together
this y ear.
f) Kate is going to explain / announce / persuade the children to come on a

care child fool forget help pain self taste thought use

Past modals

3. Rewrite the sentences using the correct form of the verbs in

a) It was necessary for them to leave immediately. (have to)
b) It was wrong of you to park there. (should)
c) We were not permitted to enter parts of the castle. (be allowed to)
d) It wasnt necessary for you to come so early . (need)
e) They were permitted to take pictures of the movie stars. (be allowed to)
f) It was wrong of them not to bring a gift. (should)

4. Complete with a, an, the, or put a dash ( ) if no article is necessary.

a) Did you see __________ man who sold us those shells on __________
b) Id like to buy __________ present for my sister. Can you help me?
c) People say that __________ life is beautiful.
d) Can you see __________ moon through y our telescope?
e) Do you like __________ dogs? No, Im allergic to them.
f) Every year we like to go to __________ Greece on vacation. __________
people there are so
g) Grandpa led __________ full life, and he wasnt afraid of __________

Useful phrases

5. Complete the conversations with the phrases in the box. There are two
extra phrases.

Jake: Emily , youve been to New York City , havent you? What should I see
when Im there?

Emily : New York City ? Lucky you! Well, (1) __________ dont miss the
Statue of Liberty .

Jake: OK. Ill have to take a boat, wont I?

Emily : Yes, and the views of the sky line are spectacular. (2) __________ you
sit on the right-hand side of the boat. Or is it the left?

Jake: Ill see out when I get there. What else?

Emily : Well, (3) __________ visiting the Empire State Building.

Jake: Oh, yeah. Ive heard its beautiful at night.
Emily : It is, but its often very busy . If you want to avoid waiting a long time
for the elevator to the very top, you can walk up the last six floors. Its hard
work, but (4) __________ .

Jake: Oh, OK.

Emily : And the Museum of Modern Art is fantastic. (5) __________ to go
first thing in the morning, as it can get very crowded. By the way , do you
need somebody to come with you?

its worth it Id recommend if I were you its probably best
make sure whatever you do you should


6. Read the text and choose the best answer to the questions.

1) How did the writer feel before going on vacation?
a) She was optimistic.
b) She thought it would go wrong.
c) She was nervous about going on vacation with her boyfriend.

2) What was the first thing to go wrong?
a) Their bags were lost.
b) Their flight was late.
c) They missed their flight.

3) What was wrong with the hotel?
a) The people were unfriendly and the food was awful.
b) The hotel and the pool were dirty.
c) The beach was too far away and the pool was too small.

4) Why did they decide to go for a drive?
a) Because they wanted to see the mountains.
b) Because they were bored.
c) Because they didnt like swimming.

5) Why did they have an argument?
a) Because her boyfriend wanted to buy a rug.
b) Because her boyfriend blamed her for the car breaking down.
c) Because she wanted to go to the rug store, and he didnt.

I have just had the worst vacation of my life. All the ingredients for a good
time were there: boyfriend of three months, sunny weather, beautiful beaches.
But everything that could go wrong, did!
It all started well enough. We met at the airport as planned, and, after
checking in our bags, enjoyed a coffee together.
But when we got to the departure gate, we found that our flight was delayed.
We waited by the gate, and when we finally took off, five hours late our
bags didnt. When we arrived, they were nowhere to be seen.
Undeterred, we caught a taxi to the hotel. The short walk to the beach
described on the hotel website was actually a thirty -minute walk in the
scorching heat across a building site. What had looked like a huge blue
swimming pool was actually a small concrete tank that a child wouldnt be
able to swim in. With no water in it. Maybe the hotel was better inside, we
thought. But no. The entire place was being cleaned after a bed-bug
infestation, and we werent allowed to
go up to our rooms for four hours. At this point, we should have realized that
the vacation was doomed, but we didnt. Things improved slightly . Our bags
arrived two day s late the staff were friendly , and the food was good. One
day , because it was too windy to sit on the beach and we couldnt swim
because it was too cold, we decided to rent a car and drive into the mountains.
But the car broke down. A helpful local took us to his village to find a garage
and suggested we go to his cousins rug store while we waited. I said yes,
because I love shopping, but my boyfriend was more reluctant. They offered
us some tea, so we stayed drinking tea for a while, but when we didnt want to
buy a rug, they got angry, and we had to leave the store. My boyfriend blamed
me for going to the store, and we had an argument and spent the rest of the
vacation not speaking to each other. We should have stayed home.