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Drug Data Classification Mechanism of Action Indication Contraindications Adverse Reaction Nursing Responsibilities

Generic Name Pharmacologic Stimulates motility of upper GI - Relief of symptoms of Concentrations CNS: Restlessness, Before
Metoclopramide Class tract without stimulating acute and reccurent - Allergy to metoclopramide drowsiness, fatigue, - Observe 15 rights in drug
Dopaminergic gastric, billiary, or pancreatic diabetic gastroparesis - GI hemorrhage lassitude, insomnia, administration.
Trade Name blocker secretions; appears to - Short-term therapy for - Mechanical obstruction or extrapyramidal - Assess for allergy to metoclopramide.
Reglan, sensitize tissues to action of adults with symptomatic perforation reactions, parinsonism- - Assess for other contraindications.
Maxolon Therapeutic Class acetylcholine; relaxes pyloric GERD who fail to - Pheochromocytoma like reactions, akathisia, - Keep diphenhydramine injection readily
Antiemetic sphincter, which, when respond to conventional - Epilepsy dystonia, myoclonus, available in case extrapyramidal
Dosages GI stimulant combined with effects on therapy dizziness, anxiety reactions occur (50 mg IM).
10-15 mg PO motility, accelerates gastric - Prevention of nausea Precaution - Have phentolamine readily available in
up to 4 Pregnancy Risk emptying and intestinal transit; and vomiting - Previously detected breast CV: Transient case of hypertensive crisis.
times/day 30 Factor little effect on gallbladder or associated with cancer hypertension
minutes before B colon motility; increases lower emetogenic cancer - Lactation During
each meal and esophageal sphincter chemotherapy - Pregnancy - Monitor BP carefully dring IV
at bedtime for pressure; has sedative - Prophylaxis of - Fluid overload GI: Nausea, diarrhea administration.
2-8 weeks properties; induces release of postoperative nausea - Renal impairment - Monitor for extrapyramidal reactions,
prolactin. and vomiting when and consult physician if they occur.
Contents nasogastric suction is Drug interaction - Monitor diabetic patients.
Metoclopramide Pharmacokinetics undesirable Drug to drug - Give direct IV doses slowly over 1-2
D: Crosses placenta; enters - Facilitation of small- - Decreased absorption of minutes.
Availability breast milk bowel intubation when digoxin from the stomach - For IV infusion, give over at least 15
and color M: Hepatic tube does not pass the - Increased toxic and minutes.
Tablets: 5, 10 E: Urine pylorus with immunosuppressive effects
mg conventional of cyclosporine After
Oral solution: 1 Drug Half Life maneuvers - Increased neuromuscular - Dispose of used materials properly.
mg/mL 5-6 hours - Stimulation of gastric blocking effect of - Educate patient about side effects.
Injection: 5 emptying and intestinal succinylcholine - Instruct to report involuntary movement
mg/mL transit of barium when of the face, eyes, or limbs, severe
delayed emptying depression, severe diarrhea.
Routes of interferes with - Instruct patient to take drug exactly as
administration radiologic examination prescribed.
Oral of the stomach or small - Instruct not to use alcohol, sleep
Intramuscular intestine remedies or sedatives; serious sedation
Intravenous - Unlabeled uses: could occur.
Improvement of - Do proper documentation.
lactation; treatment of
nausea and vomiting of
a variety of etiologies:
gravidarum, gastric
ulcer, anorexia nervosa
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