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Darren Talley, The Straightforward Marketer Presents

Ideas, Tools & Methods for

Starting an Internet Business
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Disclaimer: While the material covered here is intended to be reliable and competent, it is understood that the
author is not engaged in rendering legal, professional or financial advice. he material contained herein is for
educational purposes onl!. "a#s and practices var! from state to state and if legal and e$pert services are
needed, then professional counsel should be sought. %tarting an! form of business is inherentl! a ris&! venture.
he author specificall! disclaims an! liabilit! incurred from the application of the contents of this course.
coyright !"#" Darren Talley
This $and%ook &annot Be Sold 'r 'ffered (or (ree )*cet By The +uthor
Ta%le of &ontents
'o# o (se his 'andboo& )
Do *ou Reall! Want o +e *our ,#n +oss- .
"egal /onsiderations 0
1etting %tarted 23
%tarting #ith %imple 4ethods 2.
4ethods hat Re5uire 6 "ittle 4ore Wor& 73
he 'ardest 4ethods and heir Profits 78
'o# o Drive raffic o *our %ite )3
he ools *ou9ll :eed )7
Do %omething; )<

$ow To ,se This $and%ook
/ongratulations to !ou for do#nloading this handboo&; I believe !ou9re going
to love it. 6s !ou are reading it, !ou9ll get e$cited about man! ideas that #ill get
!our creative =uices flo#ing. :ot onl! #ill !ou get ideas, !ou9ll also get a choice
of online tools and methods through #hich !ou can offer those ideas>to others
#ho reall! #ant them;
his handboo& is going to save !ou hours of confusing research. It isn9t intended
to be a technical manual, but it #ill give !ou an overvie# of primar! online
business methods and tools. I recommend reading this handboo& straight
through since much of it builds on the previous section.
4! name is Darren alle! I9m &no#n as ?The Straightforward Marketer.@ I
constantl! revie# products and tell it li&e it is. I share the good and the bad #ith
e$clusive email subscribers li&e !ou. 1reat mar&eters don9t tr! to do business on
the cheap. he! ta&e time to invest in themselves and their business.
Wh! is the handboo& free- It9s a great introductor! learning tool. While reading
it, I believe !ou9ll see the 5ualit! of m! #or& and trust me #hen I send !ou
future emails #ith free tips and great products that serve !ou.
I absolutel! hate seeing ?ne#bies@ getting ripped off; here are scores of soA
called e$perts #ho ma&e outrageous claims of ?ma&ing millions@ or ?instant
sales in 23 minutes.@ he! sell this garbage to honest people #ho are tr!ing to
start an online business.
I9m also an affiliate mar&eter Bsee page 77C. I share free tools #ith !ou in this
handboo&. When one isn9t available Bor good enoughC, I tell !ou about other
tools I believe in. hese are valuable tools that can seriousl! help !ou succeed in
!our online business. I don9t recommend inferior tools. 6ll come #ith mone!
bac& guarantees.
hese tools are the ver! best for !ou and !our customers. If !ou decide to
purchase an! of these tools, I ma&e a commission on them. *ou do not have to
pa! more to cover m! commission D it is built into the actual cost. I #ould
appreciate it if !ou #ould use m! lin& in this handboo& so that m! famil! can
honestl! benefit from referring !ou.
I have sold thousands of dollars #orth of merchandise and products online. I
began in 2EE< as the internet boom #as rising to full s#ing. I have also spent
thousands D thousands on e$pert mar&eting material. 4uch of it #as a #aste of
mone! BI recentl! #asted mone! on an outdated report from a respected internet
?guru@C. hrough the !ears I have found great methods, #onderful tools and
ideas that are actuall! ver! good D the! #or&;
I have filtered out all the garbage so !ou can use current ideas right a#a!. *ou
#on9t #aste hours searching and #ondering if the material is an! good. 6nd !ou
#on9t have to #aste an! mone! on =un&;
Fn=o! this free handboo& and I9ll be in touch soon,
Darren Talley
he %traightfor#ard 4ar&eter
Do -ou .eally /ant To Be -our 'wn Boss0
I #ant !ou to be thrilled. I #ant !ou to be ecstatic #ith emotions in beginning an
online business. +ut please set aside !our emotions for =ust a moment and give
me !our mind D !our unemotional, rational and logical self for =ust a fe#
paragraphs. 6re !ou read!-
"et me as& !ou a 5uestion. Wh! are !ou doing this- Wh! are !ou reall!
considering starting an online business-
+e careful no#. Don9t get emotional on me. Don9t sa!, ?+ecause I love
shopping online;@ ,r, ?I have al#a!s #anted to have m! o#n business, and be
m! o#n boss.@ hese are good reasons for about )3 seconds of dreaming. he!
are not reasons that #ill last. 6llo# me to discourage !ou for a moment and, for
the time being, get !our logical side in perspective.

?Do #hat !ou love,@ it is said, ?and the mone! #ill follo#.@ his is onl! partl!
true. he reason it is onl! partl! true is because !ou #on9t be loving all of #hat
!ou do. *ou9ll have to do long, tedious, and boring #or& in starting an internet
business Bor an! other business for that matterC.
If !ou love shopping online or surfing the internet, then b! all means &eep at it.
+ut don9t begin an online business. If !ou do, then !ou9ll be trading #hat !ou
love doing for the ver! thing that #ill distract !ou from !our love of bro#sing
the #eb.
What about the ?be m! o#n boss@ dream-
1et over it.
*ou are reall! tal&ing about control issues. he lure of being in control is a
deceptive trap. *ou #ill feel in control for a season, but !ou #ill find out in a
short time that !ou are not. he business #ill consume !ou D at least in the
beginning. *ou #ill have a ne# boss. It #ill be the business itself.
he business is more demanding than an! boss !ou9ve ever #or&ed for. It #ill
sho# no merc!. 6nd once !ou ma&e the commitment, !ou9ll have so much
invested in it emotionall! Bnot to mention !our prideC, !ou #ill feel compelled to
&eep going. *ou ma! eventuall! burnout #ith information overload and the
business #ill fail.
"oo& at it this #a! A at least !ou can do !our =ob and leave it behind at the end
of the da!. If !ou begin getting online customers Bman! more than a local retail
storeC, !ou9ll spend a lot of time repl!ing to emails and phone calls. 6ll that time
!ou thought !ou9d be able to have off #ill never come. *our ne# boss #on9t let
!ou get a#a!. :o# !ou #ill not onl! have !our #or& to do, but the
responsibilit! of coordinating customer service, ne# products, updating #eb
content and sta!ing current #ith mar&eting techni5ues.
his is not about loving the internet. It is about running a business. "i&e it or
not, this misconception is the single most reason #h! most small businesses fail
in their first !ear or t#o. 4ost small businesses begin in the heart of a #ellA
intentioned ris& ta&er. he! let their passion run a#a! and it fuels them for a
#hile. +ut not forever. +usinesses don9t run on passion alone. he! run on great
business practices D something most impassioned people &no# ver! little about.
Please reread this chapter again and then let someone close to !ou read it as #ell
BI am not tal&ing about a negative friend #ho al#a!s loo&s on the bad side of
things, but rather a positive, !et practical personC. 'ave conversations and sort
through !our motivations for starting an online business. *ou ma! find that !ou
reall! shouldn9t begin one. hat realization is not failure, but it is actuall!
success in discovering #ho !ou are;
If !ou are still determined to get started, I trust this handboo& #ill help !ou thin&
through some great ideas that #ill s&!roc&et !our chances of succeeding. 4! hat
is off to !our passion and determination.
Darren Talley
he %traightfor#ard 4ar&eter
1egal &onsiderations
:,F: his handboo& is cop!righted and cannot be offered Bin #hole or partC
for sale or for free e$cept b! #ritten permission from me Bor m! assigneesC. If
!ou #ant to use it or an! part of it, contact me Bor m! assigneesC and as&.
he follo#ing chec&list contains items !ou should consider before selecting a
home business opportunit!. I am :, 5ualified to give legal advice, so chec&
#ith an attorne! regarding these matters.
2. Do you need to get a license to run the %usiness0 4an! states re5uire that
businesses get a license before the! are allo#ed to open. his includes home
businesses in man! locations. /hec& #ith !our local government agencies to see
#hat !ou #ill need to have in place to start !our o#n home business.
!2 Do you need a 3oning ermit0 If !ou have a home business opportunit! that
re5uires doing actual business #ith the public, !ou are going to need to ma&e
sure that !ou #ill not be in violation of an! zoning la#s. 4ost cities have ver!
strict residential zoning re5uirements and it is not hard to violate them. 4a&e
sure that the t!pe of business !ou #ant to start #ill be acceptable to run at !our
current location.
42 Do you ha5e enough sace in your home to de5ote to your %usiness0 6*ou
ma! not &no# until !ou finish this handboo&.C Running an informational
compan! is one thing, but if !ou are going to be stoc&ing products in !our home,
!ou9re going to need enough space. For ta$ purposes, !ou9re also going to have
to have a room that is completel! devoted to !our home business. his means no
&id9s to!s, or an!thing from !our normal famil! life can intrude on this room. If
!ou don9t have this &ind of space !ou ma! need to add on to !our home to
accommodate !our business.
72 /ill you need to urchase any insurance0 If !ou are doing business #ith
the public at !our home, !ou #ill need to get liabilit! insurance. his #ill help
protect !ou if an!one falls on !our propert! or in=ures themselves in an!#a!. If
!ou #ill be storing products, !ou #ill need to have them insured in case there is
a flood or the! get damaged in an! #a!.
82 1astly, consider %usiness rotection insurance that #ill help !ou in the
event of an! cop!right infringement claims or other common complaints. Don9t
forget !our o#n health insurance, or an! insurance that !ou ma! need to provide
for emplo!ees. his can add up 5uic&l! and increase !our overall start up costs.
9etting Started
:o# that !ou9re past the ?realit! chec&@ chapters, #e can reall! have fun;
If !ou are =ust D*I:1 to get started this ver! second #ith creating !our o#n
#ebsite for !our business, I recommend 4ulti Profit Websites. It9s a#esome for
nonAtechnical people. It is endorsed b! the highest names in internet mar&eting
and it9s ver! eas! to use. Hohn and Dave have reall! created an incredible
business opportunit! for ne#bies Band veteransC #ho #ant to ma&e mone! in
their pa=amas; ,nline customers revie#s B#hat I loo& atC are great.
%o #hat9s the ver! first thing to thin& about- 'ere9s #hat :, to thin& about
first>never begin #ith mone!.
1reed #ill never open doors for !ou. 6nd customers #ill spot it a mile a#a!. It
#ill spill over in all !ou do, and that is not #hat !ou #ant. %o #here9s the best
place to begin-
+lways %egin with other eole:s ro%lems2 Wor& on solving their problems.
What problem Bneed or #antC do people have that !ou can help #ith- What
solutions do !ou have access to- %olving problems should be the heart of an!
business !ou start.
Imagine being able to provide a service or product of great value to those #ho
need it. It #ill solve a problem for them and !ou9ll be financiall! re#arded for
providing a solution.
4a&e a list of an! #orth#hile business !ou9d li&e to start. If !ou alread! &no#
#hat t!pe of businesses !ou #ant to consider, go ahead and list them. If !ou9re
unsure, then allo# this list to give !ou some ideas>
1rooming Pets
"a#n /are ips
+oo& revie#s
Religious %pecialt!
6uto 4echanics
/lothing and 6ccessories
4usic "essons
4etal Detecting
Food Preparation
%pecial Date Planning
,bscure Iacation %pots
+irthda! Ideas
+ab! /are
4ovie Revie#s
,rganizing /lutter
%cuba Diving
%pecial :eeds for 4en
%pecial :eeds for Women
%pecial :eeds for eens
%pecial :eeds for /hildren
%pecial :eeds for Flderl!
%pecial :eeds for JJJJJJJJJJJ
*ou get the idea. I9m sure !ou ma! be #ondering ho# !ou can get paid for
some of these A li&e movie revie#s. I9ll e$plain that later in the handboo&. For
no#, choose several ideas from above Bor !our o#nC that !ou #ould en=o! doing
as a business.
a&e !our time #ith this. *ou don9t have to figure it out this ver! second. ,nce
!ou begin this process, !our brain #ill come up #ith ideas for da!s to come. Hust
&eep adding to !our personal list.
he second thing !ou do is to decide #hether it can ma&e mone! or not.
I can hear !ou thin&ing no#. ?:o# Darren, I thought !ou said not to focus on
mone!;@ "et me clarif!. 4a&ing mone! can9t be !our primary goal. *our
primar! goal is to solve people9s problem. +ut !our second goal better be to
ma&e mone! at it. If !ou don9t ma&e mone!, then it9s not a business. It9s a
personal mission or hobb! B#hich is fine, too D =ust don9t call it a businessC.
%o, ho# do !ou &no# #hether !ou can ma&e mone! online or not #ith !our
potential business-
%imple. %urf the #eb and loo& for #ebsites promoting that particular business.
In fact, ta&e note of the follo#ing:
2. Is it a business site or hobb! site- In other #ords, are the! ma&ing mone!
#ith !our idea or are the! simpl! sharing info-
7. Keep trac& of the number of sites that !ou find. he more !ou find, the
more receptive the online cro#d is to that business.
). 6s !ou9re searching, #hat ideas come to mind that could improve on the
5ualit! of the solution and increase the sales of the business-
6lso, loo& for specialization. Instead of tr!ing to set up a general business that
appeals to the masses, find one special part of that business that !ou &no# a lot
about. his is #hat is &no#n as ?niche@ mar&eting. It #ill be one of the most
important practices !ou9ll learn. It attracts more people than a general #ebsite.
For instance, if !ou are an e$pert on car repair, resist setting up a #ebsite on
general repair. Instead, focus on the best ?carburetor rebuild@ ideas...or fuel
in=ection issues>or problems uni5ue to Iol&s#agens.
:iche mar&eting #ill attract so man! more people than general mar&eting. WalA
4art is an e$ception to the rule of niche mar&eting. Focus on a specific solution.
Don9t tr! to be WalA4art. o be successful in the online #orld, find a niche;
,nce !ou9ve found !our niche, then #hat-
:o# !ou choose a product or service to offer #ithin !our niche. Keep in mind
that some ideas =ust #on9t ma&e mone!. If !ou love teaching !our friends ho#
to pla! chess, great. +ut chess lessons #on9t sell online since !ou can find them
free an!#here. +ut #hat if !ou had some ?secret@ strategies that #ould help
move someone from a being a novice to becoming a great pla!er- :o# !ou9re
%o #hat product do !ou have in mind- /an !ou bu! it or create it !ourself- Is it
compatible #ith selling online- Is it small enough to ship or freight-
What about a service- *ou don9t have to sell a product. *ou could offer to t!pe
hand#ritten notes into a Word file. *ou could be a business consultant #ho
revie#s business plans for upstarts. here are countless ideas of services that
!ou could offer over the internet as #ell as to !our local area.
First, choose a niche. %econd, choose a product or service. 6nd no# choose a
method b! #hich to mar&et !our product or service. here are literall! hundreds
of variations of methods, but I9ve bro&en them do#n for !ou into their ease of
Starting /ith Simle Methods
+! sa!ing that it9s simple, I don9t mean it9s eas!. 6ll methods are going to
re5uire #or&. It9s a fantas! to believe that !ou can thro# up a #eb page and
#atch the mone! roll in. It9s false promises li&e these that cause so man! to give
up before their business even gets a chance to #or&.
6 simple method means that !ou can setup a viable online business #ith a fe#
basic tools. he follo#ing methods #ill reveal their simplicit! as !ou read each
)mail Method
he Fmail 4ethod is =ust #hat it sounds li&e. *ou simpl! develop an email list
that receives email tips or a ne#sletter from !ou. *our list can be setup to
receive the emails on a dail!, #ee&l! or monthl! basis. *ou can use online
forums, other people9s email lists, or a one page #ebsite to attract subscribers.
his method can ma&e !ou mone! in several #a!s. *ou can setup a membership
s!stem #hereb! each person pa!s to receive !our emails. ,r the! can subscribe
for free, but the! pa! for products or services !ou offer them in the emails.
*ou can also become an affiliate mar&eter Bmore on this soonC and get
commissions based on the purchases made b! !our subscribers. ,r !ou can sell
advertising from other business o#ners in !our related niche A as long as !ou
don9t have direct competition.
he Fmail 4ethod is perhaps the simplest of all, and =ust li&e some ne#sletter
programs in the regular mail, it can be of great value to !our customers and to
!ou. %ometimes ?simple@ reall! is profound.
Buy & Sell )%ooks
*ou are reading an eboo& right no#. Fven though I call this a handboo&, it is
#hat most mar&eters #ould call an eboo&.
*ou can purchase eboo&s and sell them. +ut !ou cannot sell =ust an! eboo&.
here are man! #ebsites that offer eboo&s for sale. +ut !ou normall! can onl!
purchase them for !ourself, not sell them !ourself...unless !ou have permission.
%earch for eboo&s that offer LResell Rights.L %pecificall!, resell rights give !ou
the authorit! to not onl! bu! the boo& for !ourself, but !ou can sell it to others
and &eep all the profits; his is a great #a! to get !our online business started
5uic&l!. B%orr!, this handboo& is e$clusive and not for resellingC.
6dditionall!, !ou can even bu! the L4aster Resell RightsL in man! cases. his
means !ou not onl! have the right to sell the eboo&s !ourself, but that !ou have
the right to offer !our customers the right to sell it, too. F$pect to pa! a little
more than the regular purchase price for these special rights. +ut !ou can also
charge a bit more and &eep 233M of the profits.
:ote: %ome sites #ill spell ?Resell@ as LResale RightsL or ?4aster Resale
Rights,@ so chec& the spelling for both as !ou search.
eBay Method
I assume !ou &no# about e+a!, but =ust in case D e+a!.com is a large online
auction #here !ou can bu! and sell almost an!thing imaginable. Fach item is
sold to the highest bidder in a specified timeframe. :e# and used items abound
on e+a!. he! boast a respectable 03N million visitors per month and over <33
million hits. Wo#; his is the best #a! to start #ithout a #ebsite;
housands of people ma&e a full time living on e+a!. he most obvious #a!
the! do this is to ?bu! lo# and sell high@ strateg!. he! purchase from thrift
stores and #holesale distributors and auction their items for a profit.
If !ou #ould li&e to have a real e+a! ?Po#er %eller@ sho# !ou specificall! ho#
to ma&e mone! on e+a!, then chec& out %&ip 4c1rath9s program, he
/omplete e+a! 4ar&eting %!stem. %&ip has a great program and is loved b! his
students. 'e #ill teach !ou the professional techni5ues !ou need to become an
e+a! po#er seller. here is :, other e+a! training Band there are thousandsC
that I recommend higher than his.
here are a fe# littleA&no#n #a!s to use e+a! as an online business tool. ,ne
#a! #ould be to simpl! sell items and build a list. 4an! sellers don9t &eep in
touch after a transaction is finished. *ou could sell an eboo& on /D and sta! in
contact #ith all !our bu!ers. *ou #ould then use the email method to offer great
value to them.
6nother method #ould be to sell an item on a #ebsite at a specified price and
sell a /D version of it on e+a! at a lo#er price. I did this !ears ago #hen I #as
selling a thrift store course online. I set up a #ebsite and sold the hardcop! of
the course to be shipped for O27E.E.. I then sold the digital version on e+a! for
OGE.E.. +u!ers on e+a! e$pect a deal, so this is a great #a! to offer them one.
In m! case, both versions sold 5uite #ell.
With this method, be sure not to sell the identical item from !our #ebsite for a
lo#er price on e+a!. his isn9t fair for those #ho are bu!ing on !our #ebsite.
*ou #ill hear about it from them and end up #ith angr! customers. +ut !ou can
sell another version of !our item. If !ou are selling a product, !ou could offer a
bundled pac&age on !our #ebsite, and then sell a lesser bundle on e+a!.
:ote: e+a! onl! allo#s eboo&s on /Ds to be sold. *ou can9t email an eboo&
after pa!ment is received. *ou must ph!sicall! mail them a /D version.
6lso, I &no# !ou cannot offer direct lin&s to !our #ebsite from !our selling
page on e+a!. +ut I have noticed another method being used b! numerous
sellers. I do not &no# e+a!9s polic! on this, so please verif!. Fba! seems silent
on the matter from #hat little research I9ve done. +ut some sellers have been
prominentl! displa!ing their ?6bout 4e@ logo on their selling page. When !ou
clic& on their logo, it ta&es !ou to a page #ith information about them 6:D
lin&s !ou can visit. 6gain, verif! e+a! polic! on this, but it is a practice I9ve
seen recentl!.
here9s a =un& method going round for using e+a!. It9s an eboo& telling !ou to
conduct =oint ventures #ith ?Po#er %ellers@ on e+a!. *ou basicall! contact
them via e+a! and as& them to sell their product to !our customer list at a
reduced price. ,r the! can offer !our product to their customer list. Fither #a!,
this =oint venture is done outside of the e+a! process.
his method ma! have #or&ed !ears ago, but it is no# e$plicitl! against e+a!
polic! and can result in Po#er %ellers Band !ouC being banned from e+a!. I
&no# of one !oung lad! #ho tried this method and #as told in no uncertain
terms to never contact them again. %o please steer clear of this method.
6gain, chec& out %&ip9s program, he /omplete e+a! 4ar&eting %!stem if !ou
#ant the ver! best training.
Fba! is an a#esome place to get started #ith no #ebsite and little mone!.
Methods That .e;uire + 1ittle More /ork
%imple methods are a viable option for serving !our customers, but there are
other methods that ma! serve them better A and therefore increase !our income.
he methods belo# ma! ta&e a little more #or&, but can ma&e !our solutions
much more enticing.
Sell -our 'wn )%ook
Do !ou have some great &no#ledge !ou can share- Write !our o#n eboo& about
it and sell it online.
6n! #orth#hile author #ill tell !ou that it ta&es time to #rite and publish his
#or&. here are hours of organizing thoughts, #riting the content, re#riting,
formatting the document, etc. +ut the results of sharing !our &no#ledge are a
huge value to !our customers.
Wh! #ould someone #rite their o#n eboo& if the! could bu! the Resell Rights
Bsee previous sectionC for other eboo&s on the same topic- Keep in mind that if
eboo&s are being sold #ith resell rights, then !ou #ill be competing #ith man!
other sellers of the same eboo&.
Imagine being able to ma&e a uni5ue offer Lfound no#here else online.L his
#ould certainl! ma&e !our offer more attractive than others in the same niche.
WouldnPt !ou search else#here to chec& prices if !ou &ne# it #as being offered
in multiple places- I #ould. In fact, I recentl! found one such eboo& being
offered for sale on one #ebsite and then found it for free after doing a 5uic&
It ma! ta&e more #or&, but ma&ing an e$clusive offer immensel! raises the
value of !our offer. %o consider #riting !our o#n eboo&. Fill it #ith some of
!our best ideas and proudl! offer it to a niche hungr! for great information. *ou
can also combine !our o#n #or& #ith other related eboo&s and sell them as a
iffan! Do# has an e$cellent lo#Acost s!stem for #riting, selling and protecting
!our eboo&. he name is a bit over the top, but the content is reall! spotAon for
ne#bies and veterans ali&e. iffan!9s program is called +uilding an Fboo&
Fmpire. I has great revie#s and I highl! recommend it. If !ou9re serious about
#riting !our o#n eboo&, her s!stem is the one !ou #ant.
P1. )%ooks
here is another #a! to #rite !our o#n eboo&. I hesitate to mention it because it
creates so much online =un& for sale.
*ou can bu! P"R eboo&s. P"R stands for Private "abel Rights. P"R allo#s !ou
to not onl! resell the eboo&, but to actuall! edit it and put !our name on it
instead of the original author.
If done properl! and honestl!, it can be a great product to build on. +ut here9s
the scoop D most P"R eboo&s and articles are outdated material that no longer
sell on their o#n. %o it9s pac&aged in a lo# cost P"R offer, #hich too man!
ne#bies D and dishonest veterans D snap up and tr! to sell it right a#a!. :o
updates and no edits D other than putting their name on it. +! doing this, the
mar&ets get filled #ith outdated =un&. his ma&es it ver! hard for ne#bies to get
current info and ideas.
6lso, man! P"R eboo&s are filled #ith personal success stories. I believe it to be
dishonest to be the ?author@ of an eboo& in #hich the stories #ritten about didn9t
happen to !ou. Inevitabl! !our customers #ill as& !ou about these stories Bthat
the! believe to be true for !ouC. his puts !ou in an a#&#ard position and !ou9ll
lose credibilit! 5uic&l!.
he reason I9m mentioning P"R eboo&s is because the! can be a great help to
get !ou started on !our o#n eboo&. %ometimes it9s difficult to #rite an eboo&
from scratch if !ou9ve never done it before. +u!ing a P"R eboo& in !our niche
can give !ou something to build upon. *ou can ma&e it relevant for toda! b!
editing it and including !our o#n stories. Hust ma&e sure !ou use it properl! and
&eep !our integrit! intact. *our reputation #ill be the &e! for longAterm success.
+ffiliate Marketing
his method is ver! popular and highl! competitive. +asicall!, as an affiliate
mar&eter, !ou sell other people9s products in e$change for a percentage of each
sale !ou refer.
*ou start out b! searching for affiliate products Bmore on this in a momentC to
sell in !our niche. *ou can sell outside of !our niche, too, but it limits #hat !ou
can #rite if !ou don9t &no# much about the industr! or product.
*ou can choose as man! products as !ou feel comfortable recommending. *ou
register as an affiliate Bsee /lic&ban& and Pa!dotcom belo#C and receive a
special lin& to use in referring each product.
6fter !ou get !our special lin&, !ou can use it in a variet! of #a!s. *ou can use
it in an email to !our customer list, an online ne#sletter, an article, a blog or a
#ebsite !ou set up !ourself.
4an! affiliates set up their o#n #eb page Bcalled an optAin or s5ueeze pageC that
uses their special lin& for bu!ers to clic& through. It t!picall! ta&es them to the
sales page of the product o#ner or to a direct bu!ing page.
6n eas! #a! to begin affiliate mar&eting is to go to clic&ban&.com and search
for products there. /lic&ban& has thousands of vendors #ho sell their products
through affiliates. It pa!s !ou t#ice a month Bthe vendors do not pa! !ouC, and
the! are al#a!s on time. /lic&ban& is currentl! the most popular place for
promoting online products. %impl! clic& on the ?Promote Products@ tab and
follo# the instructions.
*ou9ll notice that /lic&ban& also has a tab for ?%ell Products.@ his means !ou
can offer !our o#n product for sale and give commissions to other affiliates #ho
can sell for !ou.
Pa! is another ver! popular site and is set up similar to /lic&ban&.
he difference is that Pa!dotcom uses Pa!pal as their pa!ment processor and
/lic&ban& processes its o#n transactions. he! are the top t#o affiliate
programs being used toda!. a&e the time to e$plore both.
If !ou sell or promote multiple products, !ou can ma&e a ver! nice income.
4an! do this full time. "i&e an! other professional, !ou9ll #ant to constantl!
learn more and gro# in !our &no#ledge of mar&eting !our product.
<oint =entures
his #ill eventuall! become the fastest #a! to e$pand !our income and
customer base. ,nce !ou develop a list of highl! targeted bu!ers Bsee page 7EA
)2C, !ou can approach Bor be approachedC b! partners #ith similar products. For
instance, let9s sa! !ou have a #ebsite on dog grooming and sell grooming
supplies and an eboo& on grooming tips. *ou could partner #ith someone #ho
has a #ebsite on obedience training or underground fencing.
his is called a =oint venture, man! times #ritten simpl! as ?HI.@ 'ere9s ho# it
#or&s A !ou email !our list #ith an offer from !our partner and he/she does the
same for !ou. It9s a #inA#in situation #here !ou can sell more of !our products
to a great list Bof dog lovers, in this e$ampleC and also collect the names of ne#
customers for future offers. his is a huge boost of income in a short amount of
,f course, !our partner receives the same benefits. his t!picall! leads to great
friendships and sharing. *ou9ll find out about other dog loving groups !ou ma!
have never heard of. It ma! lead to seminars, brainstorming teams and a host of
other opportunities that #ill lead to even more =oint ventures;
6l#a!s treat !our partners as e5uals A even if !ou have more e$perience or a
larger list. Don9t tr! to measure #ho has more value on the table. 6l#a!s choose
.3/.3 deals. Fven if !ou thin& #hat !ou have blo#s !our partner9s #idget out of
the #ater.
'app! partners come bac&. he! #ill help !ou. If the! have been made to feel
small or unimportant, the! #ill never #or& #ith !ou again D even if the! made
mone! the first time #ith !ou. Hoint ventures BHIsC are a great #a! to move !our
business to the ne$t level, so ma&e sure !ou ma&e this part of !our goal as soon
as !ou feel !ou have a great list or product to offer another partner.
The $ardest Methods +nd Their Profits
hese methods are usuall! the most difficult, but offer a great profit to those
#ho love lots of organizing and up&eep. hese are the methods that re5uire a
Setting , + /e%site
Well, duh. Isn9t this method the most obvious one of all- ,f course it is. +ut it9s
also one of the most over#helming. 4ost people have no idea ho# to begin a
#ebsite. Fven if the!9re able to conceptualize it, the! don9t have the s&ills to set
one up or the mone! to pa! for it to be done for them.
I recommended 4ulti Profit Websites earlier. It9s a#esome for ne#bies #ho
need something ver! simple to set up. heir customers love it and their revie#s
spea& for themselves.
Fven a fiveApage site Bhome page, about me, products, articles, contactC ta&es
time to prepare. +ut once !ou9re set up, !ou can attract a stead! stream of
vie#ers, and build a great customer list. What &ind of #ebsites can !ou build-
'ere are some ideas>
+ Product Site
his #ebsite focuses on a specific product D or groups of related products D and
sells them via an online store or as an affiliate mar&eter. Income can come from
product sales, ads Bmore on this in a secondC and a customer list built from sales.
*ou #ill need a #a! to receive pa!ments, so be sure to read the ?ools@ section
of this handboo&.
+ Theme Site
%ailing, 4usic and %&ateboarding are all themes that a #ebsite can be built
around. here ma! not be an! specific products Bthere could beC, but articles and
forums ma&e up these sites. Income primaril! comes from ads and articles #ith
affiliate lin&s sprin&led in them.
+e careful about publishing a theme site or product site that is ?static.@ his
means once it9s published online, it never updates. *ou might get a burst of
bu!ers at first, but the! #on9t return if ne# content isn9t added or ne# products
aren9t offered.
6 blog D short for ?#eb log@ A is an ongoing ?diar!@ or continuing se5uence of
articles offered to subscribers #ho log in on a special blog site or receive regular
emails from !our blog. %earch for ?dog grooming blog@ and !ou9ll find man!
sites that give !ou an idea of a blog. ,f course, a blog can appl! to an! niche
!ou choose.
%tarting a blog re5uires a great deal of preparation to set up, and a commitment
to #riting fresh articles on a regular schedule D subscribers e$pect ne# content.
,nce !ou get momentum, !ou can build a strong subscriber base. 6 large
subscriber list opens up opportunities #ith HI B=oint ventureC partners Bsee
previous sectionC.
In recent !ears, 1oogle 6ds Bsee ne$t sectionC have been a ver! popular income
stream for bloggers Bthose #ho blogC. If blogging appeals to !ou, chec& out or for eas! #a!s to start a blog.
9oogle +ds
*ou ma! have seen in recent !ears the ?'o# o 4a&e 4one! ,n 1oogle@
banners. 1oogle has made it possible for advertisers to set up an 6d%ense
account #here the! can offer ads to be placed on related #ebsites.
When someone goes to visit a #ebsite #ith 1oogle 6ds, the!9ll see ad headlines
that ma! interest them. he advertiser pa!s a certain amount for each ?clic&@ a
visitor ma&es on his/her lin&, thus the term Pa!APerA/lic& BPP/C. 6nd 1oogle
pa!s !ou a percentage of their revenue from the 1oogle 6ds on !our site if !ou
sign up for their 6d%ense program.
6s #e9ve seen from product and theme sites above, 1oogle 6ds aren9t limited to
blog sites, so be creative in using them in other #ebsites as #ell. his is ho# a
movie revie# site Bremember page 27-C can ma&e mone!.
:,F about !our #ebsite product: *ou #ant to be passionate about !our
service or product. People love passion. he! respond to it. *our product needs
to be something !ou9re ver! proud of creating. +ut !ou have to balance passion
#ith being too attached to !our offer.
,nce the demand goes do#n for !our product, let it go. Don9t tr! to base !our
entire online business on =ust one ?bab!@ !ou have given birth to. his is
information, not children, so either update it, or let it go if it no longer serves the
public. /onstantl! create ne# products #ith incredible value and !our #ell #ill
never run dr!.
Build + 1ist>
*ou9ve seen me repeat over and over about building a strong customer list.
Don9t =ust ta&e orders and move on. 4a&e sure !ou &eep the name and email of
ever! bu!er or prospect and sta! in touch #ith them. %end them great free
material and offers, too Bof course, al#a!s ma&e sure an!one can unsubscribe if
the! choose toC. he! are on !our list because !ou gave them great value alread!
and the! don9t mind getting more value. If !ou ta&e care of !our people, the!
#ill ta&e care of !ou; %ee the ne$t page for finding the traffic !ou9ll need in
order to build a list.
$ow To Dri5e Traffic To -our Site
*ou can have the greatest #ebsite in the #orld D the best product, the best offer;
+ut if no one sees it, #ell>!ou9re spinning !our #heels.
6 good #a! to generate traffic is Pa!APerA/lic& BPP/ program li&e 1oogle 6ds
D see page 70C. *ou basicall! bid on &e!#ords in e$change for !our ads being
sho#n on thousands of #ebsites. +ut in recent !ears, the cost of bidding has
become too high for most individuals.
6nother #a! to get traffic is to visit online forums. 6nd visit as a contributor,
not a seller; Forum members hate to see ne# posters tr!ing to sell them
something. +ut if !ou contribute regularl! and sho# that !ou &no# !our sub=ect
matter, !ou9ll gain respect and then !ou can occasionall! refer to !our #ebsite if
the! #ant more information on a particular item.
6n eas! #a! to get traffic is to tag !our #ebsite address as part of !our signature
for avatars and/or usernames !ou use in forums. If !ou9re respected and not too
push!, readers #ill visit !our site and gladl! chec& out !our #ebsite.
his ver! method also applies to !our emails. Fver! time !ou email someone D
and the! for#ard it D !ou get a potential vie#er for !our site.
What about some +I1 traffic- What if !ou could figure out ho# to get on the
first page of 1oogle- I mean it; What if !ou could get a ma=or high#a! of traffic
coming to !ou from 1oogle9s search engine- I &no# it sounds li&e h!pe, but
!ou found this handboo& from m! site ran&ing ver! high on 1oogle. hat9s #h!
I &no# it9s not h!pe. I figured it out. It reall! isn9t that hard;
I9m d!ing to tell !ou ho# I did it. 'onest. +ut it #ouldn9t be fair to 1eorge. 'e
developed this method and I paid him to sho# it to me. 6nd I9m so glad I did.
It9s the single best investment I made for m! online business D bar none;
I don9t plead ver! often, but if it #ill help, I plead #ith !ou to go to 1eorge9s
program and bu! it. It has massive positive revie#s online from bu!ers Bdon9t
ta&e m! #ord for it A chec& it out !ourself. Hust use m! lin& if !ou bu! it :AC It9s
called 1oogle %niper. *ou #ill definitel! than& me if !ou do;
:,F: When !ou bu! it, don9t build characters as 1eorge does. I don9t li&e that
part of his course. *ou9ll see #h!. Ignore that part and do ever!thing else;
%o there9s still a fe# more tools !ou9ll need to chec& out to ma&e ever!thing run
smoothl!. Remember I said !ou could ma&e !our business run automaticall!-
*ou9ll find out ho# in the ne$t section.
The Tools -ou:ll ?eed
%o #hat about the tools !ou9ll need for most of these methods- 'ere are the
three li&el! tools !ou9ll need>
Payment Tools
Payal D Pa!ing through Pa!pal is e+a!9s most popular method of pa!ment.
he vast ma=orit! of bu!ers online use it. +ut !ou can use Pa!pal on an!
#ebsite, not =ust e+a!. 6nd Pa!pal is t!picall! less e$pensive in their fees than
online merchant accounts. Pa!pal gives !ou specific instructions on ho# to add
a pa!ment button to !our #ebsite, so follo# the instructions and !ou9ll be fine.
Merchant +ccounts D If !ou9d rather not use Pa!pal, !ou can appl! for an
online merchant account through !our #eb hosting provider. 4a&e sure !ou
choose a hosting account that allo#s for merchant accounts.
&lick%ank or Paydotcom @ If !ou didn9t read these t#o in the 6ffiliate section,
go there no# Bpage 7)C. he! are free and are a ver! reliable pa!ment programs
for affiliate mar&eters.
+n +utoresonder
his is the bac&bone of all communication #ith !our customers. 6n
autoresponder is #hat puts !our business on autopilot. *ou can go a#a! on
vacation and &no# that !our customers are getting email responses
automaticall! #hen the! sign up for !our offer.
6n autoresponder is basicall! a program that immediatel! Bor later if
programmedC responds to an!one #ho bu!s !our product or responds to a free
here is no #a! !ou can &eep up #ith repl!ing to all the emails !ou receive. ,f
course, !ou can still offer replies to those #ho need to as& a 5uestion, but I9m
referring to those #ho simpl! sign up for an eboo&, video or ne#sletter to be
emailed to them.
If !ou #ant a free 6utoresponder, go to for a simple
autoresponder. It is limited to a certain number of emails, but it #ill #or&.
I recommend as the best autoresponder on the mar&et. *es, it costs
about O73 per month, but !ou need to thin& li&e a business o#ner and not as a
cheapie. here9s a reason #h! is the most popular autoresponder
on the #eb. he! have the best features and !ou9ll ma&e a lot more mone! in the
long run. /heap autoresponders #ill eventuall! cost !ou. has stood
the test of time and is b! far m! highest choice.
+ Tracking System
his is one of the most misunderstood tools in an online business. I #ould also
sa! that it is one of the most critical to have.
Imagine hosting a conference in "os 6ngeles #ith most of the attendees coming
from :e# *or& /it! and Dallas; What if !ou didn9t &no# this and !ou &ept
having a ?successful@ conference in ".6. ever! !ear- *ou #ould be missing a
huge opportunit!.
If so man! people from :*/ and Dallas are #illing to travel to ".6. ever! !ear,
then imagine #hat !ou could do if !ou hosted t#o conferences D one in Dallas
and one in :*/- *our conference business #ould e$plode; he onl! #a! to
&no# this is to trac& #here ever!one is coming from. 6nd so it is #ith !our
internet business.
*ou need to &no# #hat lin&s people are clic&ing through to find !ou. If there
are lin&s that don9t produce #ell, stop using them on !our pages. 6nd the ones
that are #or&ing #ell- (pdate other promotional material to see if !ou #ill have
the same results.
I9m sad to sa! that there are no eas! ans#ers #ith trac&ing. *our #ebhost
provider ma! be able to offer anal!sis of the hits !ou receive. 1oogle 6nal!tics
can give !ou a decent anal!sis. 6lso /lic&ban& and Pa!dotcom have trac&ing
tools D use them;
+ut the best trac&ing soft#are is free. It9s called Prosper737. It9s a little tric&!
and technical to install, so if !ou9re not comfortable #ith that, as& someone to
help !ou. *ou ube has several videos on ho# to install it and ma&e it #or&.
he great thing about Prosper737 is that it does so much more than other
trac&ing programs D and it9s free;
+ Domain ?ame
*ou #ill onl! need the ne$t t#o tools if !ou set up a #ebsite. he first is a
?(R",@ other#ise &no#n as a domain name. When choosing a domain name,
choose a name that reflects the name of !our business or the general topic. he
domain ? is more specific than ?
Remember the more specific !ou are, the more attractive !ou9ll be as a business.
'ave fun tr!ing different names until one feels right for !ou.
,ne of the most popular places on the internet to search for and register a
domain name is 1oDadd!.com. I have almost all m! domains registered #ith
,bviousl!, a ?.com@ e$tension is preferred, or ?.net@ is another great e$tension.
he e$tension ?.org@ is usuall! used b! nonprofit organizations, but there are no
legal restrictions in using it. *ou #ill be offered man! e$tensions, but I
recommend stic&ing #ith .com or .net. r! to not use h!phens in !our domain
since most people #on9t remember them and ma! end up on another site.
1oDadd!.com is great, but I am no# #ith a ver! #ell &no#n hosting service
Bsee belo#C that offers a free domain name #hen !ou sign up #ith them;
+ /e% $ost
6 #eb host is simpl! a compan! that ?houses@ BhostsC !our #ebsite on their
server. *ou pa! them a certain amount per month for this service. In the event
their server crashes, the! have bac&up servers that &eep things running
smoothl!. 4! highest recommendation goes to +lue' D a ver! popular
#eb hosting compan!. allo#s !ou to use as man! domain names as !ou #ant #ith =ust
one account. %o this loo&s li&e !ou have multiple #ebsites B!ou actuall! doC
#ith no e$tra accounts Buntil !ou e$ceed the limit of #hat one account can doC.
:ot ver! man! #eb hosts offer this great benefit. Wordpress blog soft#are if
built into the +luehost utilities, too, if !ou9re interested in blogging.
6nd currentl! !ou get a free domain name #hen !ou sign up #ith +luehost;
Do Something>
%o there !ou have it A the most popular methods to begin an online business. 1et
e$cited about !our product D !our solution to people9s problems A and get to it;
*ou9ve =ust learned a ton of info; his is the end of this handboo& and the
beginning of !our ne# life online. Read this handboo& again>and again. *ou9ll
pic& up more each time !ou read it. he best thing !ou can do right no# is to
D, %,4F'I:1;
Don9t #ait until !ou have it all figured out. 4ost internet surfers love to absorb
information, but man! simpl! don9t act. his #hat separates the successful
mar&eters from the #annabes. Do something right no#;
Write an article. Do this ever! da! for the ne$t 23 da!s and !ou9ll have a
complete 23 chapter eboo&;
Iisit /lic&ban&.com or Pa! and begin searching for products;
/hec& out or 1oDadd!.com and tr! out different domain
names for fun;
Read this handboo& again; Hust do something and get started;
4ore ideas soon,
Darren Talley
he %traightfor#ard 4ar&eter
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