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December 18, 2013
Honorable Senator Ted Cruz
Dirksen Senate Office Bld!
Suite 18"
#as$inton, DC 20"10
(Ccd all State Offices)
%&' (our date )it$ Honor
Dear Senator Cruz,
Seldom do )e $a*e an a++ointment )it$ destin, )$erein our actions )ill make $istor, as bein eit$er
ri$teous or self-ser*in!
Seldom, if e*er, are )e +resented )it$ an o++ortunit, to +rotect and +reser*e t$e course of freedom and
libert, in our belo*ed .merica, b, sim+l, doin )$at )e kno) is ri$teous, rat$er t$an self-ser*in!
Seldom does one $a*e t$e national +latform to act as /od ordains C$ristians to act0do t$e ri$t and
$onorable t$in, and lea*e t$e conse1uences to Him!
Senator, ,ou stand on t$e +reci+ice of true reatness! T$e abo*e o++ortunities are ,ours for t$e takin!
T$e /od )$o )e )ors$i+, $as +laced ,ou in a trul, uni1ue +osition, and is sa,in to ,ou, 23 )ill $el+
,ou! 3 )ill strent$en ,ou! 3 )ill u+$old ,ou )it$ t$e ri$t $and of 4, ri$teousness0Do not be an5ious
about ,our life, )$at ,ou s$all eat or )$at ,ou s$all )ear0Cast all ,our an5ieties on /od because 3 care
for ,ou0T$e 6ord is ,our li$t and ,our sal*ation' )$om s$all ,ou fear7 T$e 6ord is t$e stron$old of
,our life' of )$om s$all ,ou be afraid78
Senator Cruz, ,ou $a*e been +laced in t$e +osition to end t$e reatest fraud e*er +er+etrated on t$e
9nited States of .merica, and to sto+ t$e s,stematic destruction of our Countr,! T$e action re1uired is
sim+le : but not eas,, for it re1uires a selfless act of lo*e and concern for ot$ers, and calls u+on ,ou to do
t$e ri$t t$in! (es, some )ill call it a true act of $eroism!
Senator Ted Cruz, as a true C$ristian, ,ou must sa, to t$e nation and t$e )orld0
23t $as been t$e deli$t and $onor of m, life t$at so man, .mericans $a*e found me )ort$, of t$eir
res+ect and admiration, and $a*e )anted me to run for +resident or *ice +resident! But t$e trut$ is, 3 am
not eliible for eit$er office accordin to t$e 9nited States Constitution .rticle 33, Section 3, Clause ;,
)$erein onl, a <atural Born Citizen of t$e 9nited States, born of an .merican Citizen =at$er, can seek or
$old t$ese offices! 3 kno) t$at t$e =ounders, in t$eir brilliance, set t$is standard based on t$e Biblical
+rinci+les of <atural 6a), )$erein t$e name, citizens$i+ and birt$ri$t of a c$ild )as al)a,s +assed b,
t$e blood of t$e fat$er! >no)in t$is be,ond 1uestion, a +roud son of m, Cuban fat$er, 3 am not no), nor
can 3 e*er be, a <atural Born Citizen of t$e 9nited States! T$erefore, based u+on un1uestionable and
+rima facie e*idence, 3 state for t$e record t$at Barack Hussein Obama, t$e son of a >en,an Citizen
fat$er, is not no), nor $as $e e*er been, nor )ill $e e*er be a <atural Born Citizen of t$e 9nited States! 3
call for t$e immediate resination of Barack Hussein Obama and t$e leitimate in*estiation into all )$o
are in*ol*ed in t$e reatest fraud e*er +er+etrated on t$e 9nited States and t$e )orld, as )ell as all )$o
$a*e enaed in t$e reatest +olitical co*er-u+ in t$e $istor, of +olitics!8
T$e auntlet $as been t$ro)n do)n! #ill ,ou, Senator Cruz, +ick it u+ and run )it$ it7 #$at )ill t$e
annals of $istor, record7 4ore im+ortantl,, )$at )ill t$e record of $ea*en s$o)7
3n t$is )onderful and blessed season of C$ristmas )e are reminded about i*in0/od a*e t$e ift of
His son ?esus@ 4ar, a*e t$e ift of $er re+utation in order to be obedient@ ?ose+$ a*e t$e ift of lo*e to
4ar, in obedience@ t$e #ise 4en brou$t ifts to $onor and )ors$i+ t$e ne) >in! 3n t$e s+irit of
C$ristmas Senator, ,ou alone $a*e t$e o++ortunit, and t$e callin from /od to i*e a manificent ift to
millions of .mericans, and freedom seekin +eo+le all o*er t$e )orld0t$e ift of returnin t$is Countr,
to )$at /od intended it to be!
#e call u+on ,ou Senator, to ans)er )$at )e belie*e to be a di*ine callin, to stand like a rock u+on t$e
#ord of /od and t$e +rece+ts of our =oundin =at$ers, to call out t$e e*il in our land@ to i*e of ,ourself
for a cause muc$ reater, t$e cause of freedom, libert,, trut$ and Austice@ to stand before /od and all of
mankind and +roclaim t$e trut$@ to kee+ ,our sacred oat$ to +rotect and defend t$e Constitution of t$ese
9nited States and +rotect t$e .merican +eo+le from all enemies, forein and domestic@ to be t$e li$t t$at
,our fat$er belie*es ,ou are ordained b, /od to be0
3f ,ou do t$is Senator, 3 assure ,ou t$at millions of .mericans )ill stand )it$ ,ou, +rotect ,ou, $onor ,ou
and fore*er $old ,ou in $i$ reard as a man of reat fait$, reat $onor, and un+aralleled courae and
3 )ill stand )it$ ,ou Senator0 #e )ill stand )it$ ,ou!
3 +ra, for ,our courae and $onor Senator, and a)ait ,our res+onse! 3 remain, in His Ser*ice0
%es+ectfull,, on be$alf of T$e <ort$ .merican 6a) Center,
Barbara >eta,,
Co-=ounder, <.6C
The North American Law Center | 214 W. Lincolnway, Suite 23 | Cheyenne | WY | 2!!1