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#1 Introduction to Business; Ch. 10 Managing Human

#2 Ch. 6 Discussion Board Question 2
#3 Introduction to business; Ch.9 Motivating the
#4 Ch. 9 Discussion Board Question 2
Core Competency
The student will demonstrate a working understanding
of the tools, techniques, and systems that businesses
use to plan, staff, lead, and organize its human

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#1 March, 2014 #2 November 5, 2013 #3 January, 2014
#4 January 24, 2014
I am including these artifacts because they helped me
learn, gain skills, and improve my understanding about
human resources management. In chapter 10
Introduction to business it helped me understand the
planning for human resources, job recruiting, staffing,
job interview, financial compensations, and managing
unionized employees. In discussion board chapter 6
questions 2 it touches on human resources
management and the skills for this management. Also in
chapter 9 it discusses ways to motivate the workforce
productivity and performances, and what drives them to
do these jobs.

I learned how to staff, recruit, interview, selection, and
the importance of workforce diversity. Since my
business isnt going to have a staff instead it will be
renting chairs, but I will be interviewing the individuals
that want to rent a chair. This is because I do not want
an unlicensed and inexperienced hair stylist working in
my business. Job interviewing is very important because
employers need to know the risks of having this
individual as an employee, and if they have the skills
and knowledge to do the position they are seeking. Also
diversity plays a big part of a business. For example, it
is proven that there is more productivity in a workforce
when there is a diverse environment. I for one agree
that there should be diversity in a workforce, especially
in urban areas where it is common.
I have obtained many skills for human resources
management, in chapter 6 discussion board question 2
it touches on what a human resource manager must do
when it comes to downsizing. It helped me develop the
skills of how to fire an employee or in my case kick
someone off the rental chair in a confidential legal form.
Human resource managers must know the government
regulations concerning employment practices and take
certain actions. For example if an employee feels as if
they are being fired because of their age or gender this
is an illegal action and will get the business sued or shut
Growth and

I have improved a lot in job interviewing; I did not have a
clue of what it was like to be job interviewed or
interviewing someone. This subject has helped me grow
with the knowledge of how to be a human resources
manager and the skills needed to be in this