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Gregor Mendel

The Name Is.

I would call my self The father of modern Genetics
A little about me.
I am a Botanist (I study plant life)
I went to University of Vienna, University of Olmtz
I was born on the 22
of July in 1822 in Heinzendorf, Austria

Today you will learn about the role I played in bettering
the understanding of DNA
Short list Of things I did
Transmission of hereditary traits in plant hybrids
Mendelian inheritance (Three Laws)
My Work
In 1854 I began research on the transmission of hereditary traits in plant hybrids.
At that time everyone believed that hereditary traits of an offspring were just mixed from
their parents, their was no rule they just got together and worked. There were things that
we scientist understood like the fact that hybrids couldnt reproduce so there was no point
in me experimenting because all of this was already understood and accepted.
The problem is people never took enough time to understand this. I set out for 8 years to
really understand this.

I choose Pea plants (they have a lot of variety
and reproduce fast)
I cross fertilized them making sure to use pea
plants that were clearly opposites, whether
color or texture
I studied about 29,000 pea plants.
At the end of these experiments I came up with
some exiting results
The Results

1. One in four pea plants have purebred recessive
2. Two out of four pea plants are hybrids
3. One out of four are purebred dominant
My Conclusions/
Law Of Segregation: states that allele pairs separate or segregate during gamete
formation, and randomly unite at fertilization.
Law Of Independent Assortment: states that the alleles for a trait separate when
gametes are formed. These allele pairs are then randomly united at fertilization
Law Of Dominance: states that a trait which is dominant in an organism which the
one expressed and the other less dominant traits will be hidden.

Break down

AA aa
The dominant trait covers/ masks the
recessive one. If you take its offspring
and have them mate there is now a
chance for the once blue to become red
since there is now a mix
Aa aA
The red was
once recessive
but it is now the
dominant trait
My Understanding
Is that genetic pairing and variation are not all random, there
is a rule as how it all works and why something's are the way
they are. These results show that there is a code and a
reason why some people might have a crooked nose yet their
child doesnt have it then their grand child might have it.
People can use this to determine how their children might
look. They can use this results in pairing with partners, look at
their ancestry to see all of the possible ways a child might