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Chairperson: Leonardo C. Malalis, MD
C0- Chair Jess Ho, MD
Memers Mel Allego, MD
Maria Benemerito, MD
Ben !a"ardo, MD
Juvenal Jabel, MD
Elmaslias Menchavez, MD
Maria Raffinan, MD
Ramon Suarez, MD
Procopio Yanong, MD
! Da"n Borromeo#Beaulieu, MD
$nternist % Assistant Professor,
Div! of &$, 'epatolog( ) *utrition
+an,erbilt -niversit( Me,! .tr,
/! .osme R! .agas, MD
Pe,! En,ocrinologist %
Me,! .onsultant, Dept! of 'uman
Services, State of $llinois
0! 1upo 2! .arlota, MD! D!P!A.
Ps(chiatrist, 2ennessee
3! Alfre, .astillo, D4
.hief Resi,ent, Dept! of PM)R
*assau -niv! Me,! .tr! *Y
5! +iola .heung D4, DABP
6ello", Yale Developmental )
Behavioral Pe,iatrics, *e" 'aven .2
7! Ananias .! Dio8no, MD
Professor of -rolog(,
4a8lan, -niv! 9illiam Beaumont
School of Me,icine, M$
:! Patric8 Y! Mangan, BA .hemistr(
Research Scientist, Pur,ue -niv!
School of Dentistr(
;! 1eonor Pagta8han#So, MD, 6AAP
Assistant Professor of Pe,iatrics
-niversit( of <entuc8( School of Me,
=! Jennifer2or,illa#9a,ia, MD
+itreoretinal Surgeon,
Assistant Professor, -niv! 4f South
61! 2ampa
'0() S*mmer S+ien,i-i+
On in ,he Medi+al /ra+,i+e -
Medi+ine in Transi,ion
!rida0- Sa,*rda0
J*ne (1-(), '0()
Carie Ro0ale Ho,el
2(0( 3orld Cen,er Dri.e Orlando !l.
Tel 4 (-)05-1'2-2000
!a6 7 (-)05-1'2-2100
Co*rse Dire+,ors:
Leonardo C. Malalis M.D.
Tel 4 82)59-)5(-(520
E-mail- l+malalis:;mail.+om
Di+< Lar*me, MD,
Tel 4 (-1='-=2>-0120
E-mails 7di+<.lar*me:;mail.+om.
Re;is,ra,ion !ee:
?(=0 7 /h0si+ians
?'=0 7 H*sand @ 3i-e
?=07 #llied pro-essionals
Brochure 2itle
Subtitle or Slogan Line
BMA is a national not#for#profit organization
compose, of Philippine Me,ical &ra,uates from the
+isa(an regions of the Philippines! Establishe, in
==: "ith membership of over 5>> ph(sicians an,
gro"ing throughout the -nite, States an, .ana,a, the
BMA missions are primaril( focuse, on e,ucational,
scientific, charitable, humanitarian an, civic services!
Des+rip,ion o- Con-eren+e:
2he fast changing practice of me,icine presents a
ma?or challenge to ever( ph(sicians! 6rom a once
'ippocratic humanitarian profession no" tempere, b(
gro"ing commercialization, increasing political
intrusion an, the barrage of continual research ,
a,vances in ,iagnostic techni@ues an, treatment
mo,alities ma8e it crucial for ph(sicians to be
contemporar( an, ma8e a,?ustments ! 2his conference
is ,esigne, to provi,e a revie" an, up,ates on the
latest ,evelopments, ,iagnostic evaluations an, recent
management alternatives of common me,ical an,
surgical ,iseases!
Tar;e, #*dien+e:
2his program is ,esigne, to meet the nee,s of
ph(sicians in primar( care# famil( practice, internal
me,icine, pe,iatrics, surger( an, most of the other
The /hilippine Medi+al #sso+ia,ion in Chi+a;o
8/M#C9 is accre,ite, b( the Accre,itation .ouncil
for .ontinuing Me,ical E,ucation A#CCME9 to
provi,e continuing me,ical e,ucation for ph(sicians!
2he /M#C ,hro*;h a ?oint sponsorship "ith ,he
BM# ,esignates this activit( for a maBimum of 8.0
AMA PRA Category 1 Credits. .ME .re,its "ill be
limite, to the actual hours atten,e, at the meeting!
At the conclusion of this conference the
participants shoul, be able toC
Describe the effectiveness of Protein
<inase inhibitors in the RB of .ancer
/ Discuss the recent -p,ates in the
DB !) RB of 'epatitis . ) 'epatic .a
0 Revie" the Spectrum of AutismD
genetic ) environmental influencesD
,escribe the real life challenge of
parents "ith autistic patients!
3 Discuss asset protection, taBation )
increasing *A+ in me,ical practice!
5 EBplain the innovation of transforming
malpractice eBpen,itures to assets!
7 Revie" the common causes of lo"
bac8 painsD ,escribe the ph(siologic
basisD recent a,vances ) the future
horizon in the management
: Discuss the pathoph(siologic basis of
Acupuncture therap( against pain )
; Revie" the basic e(e anatom( )
ph(siolog(D ,escribe the ocular si,e
effects from common s(stemic
= Define Atopic Dermatitis, ,iscuss the
epi,emiolog(, ) eBplain the
emergenc( gui,elines in management
of Atopic Dermatitis ) Pruritus!
> EBplain the EMiracle of 2en .entsE
Revie", ,iscuss an, ,escribe the
common 9omen ) MenFs 'ealth
from the -rologic Perspective % the
present an, the future!
Th*rsda0: J*ne (', '0()
&oon 7 ):00/M- Re;is,ra,ion
Mar,iniB*e Rm.
>:00 7 (0:00/M. -3el+ome Re+ep,ion
Dr. LlanosC res. 8,ranspor,. Can
Be pro.ided: ?'=Dperson9
2:00 am: M#SS SERAICE
E: 00-(( am 7 E6e+. Board M,;.
S.'ED-1E 46 E+E*2S
6ri,a( June 0, />3%
:C>>#;C>>am Registration ) .ontinental
5:)= am3el+ome address:
Di+< Lar*me, MD,
/residen,, BM#
Leonardo Malalis, MD
Chairman, BM# CME
Moderator: /ro+opio $. %anon;, MD

2:00-2:1=am Protein <inases ) .ancerC
+ali,ating the Effectiveness
of <inase $nhibitor 2herapies#
/a,ri+< Man;an, B# Chemis,r0,
2:10-2:1=am G @ #
2: 1=-E:(= am - 1iver Diseases # -p,ate in
,iagnosis an, treatment of
'epatitis . an, .ancer %
DaHn Borromeo Bea*lie*, MD
E:(0- E:(= am G @ #
E:(= 7 E:== am 7 #*,ism 7 The Spe+,r*m
@ real li-e +hallen;e -
Aiola Che*n; DO
E:=0- E:== am G@#
E:==- (0:(= am Brea<, E6hii,s AieHin;
Modera,or: Jun Raffinan, MD
(0:(= 7 (0:)= am- : #sse, /ro,e+,ion,
Ta6a,ion - In+reasin; &e, #sse, Aal*e
8&#A9 in Medi+al /ra+,i+e 7
S,ephen San,oro, JD, MB#, M#
(0.)0 -(0:)=am 7 G @ #
(0:)= 7 ((:(= am 7 Spinnin; Malpra+,i+e
/remi*m ,o #sse,s -
Mar< Sims
((:(0 7 ((:= G @ #
((:(=-((:== am: LoH Ba+< /ain 7 Re+en, in mana;emen,
#l-red Cas,illo, DO
((: =0-((:== am 7 G @ #
&oon: L*n+h 7
(':)0-=:00pm - Iol- @ Spor,s O*,in;
!ree Time
5:00 7 (' M& - BM# #*6iliar0 &i;h,
8In,erna,ional ,heme9
Sa,*rda0 J*ne (), '0()7
5:00-2:00am Re;is,ra,ion @ Con,inen,al
5:)= 7 2:00 am 3el+ome #ddress:
Jess Ho, MD
Di+< Lar*me, MD
Modera,or 7 Maria Benemeri,o, MD
2:007 2:)0am- #+*p*n+,*re a;ains, /ain @
Diseases 7 Re+en,
L*po T. Carlo,a, MD
2:1=-2:)0am G @#
2:)07 E:'= am- S0s,emi+ Medi+a,ions and
Their O+*lar Side E--e+,s
Jenni-er Tordilla-3adia, MD
E:'0:00-E:'=am G @#
E:'=- (0:0= am: #,opi+ Derma,i,is @
Leonor /a;,a<han- So, MD
(0:00 7 (0: 0= am G@#
(0:0=-(0: (= am Brea<, E6hii,s AieHin;:
Modera,or. Jess Ho, MD
(0:(=- ((:00am Dr. #ndres B. Lao
Memorial Le+,*re 7
M*l,ipl0in; ,he Mira+le o- Ten +en,s
Cosme Ca;as, MD
(0:== -((:00am G @#

((:00-((:==am- 3omen @ MenCs Heal,h
-rom ,he $rolo;i+ /erspe+,i.e 7 ,he presen,
@ ,he -*,*re.
#nanias Dio<no, MD
((:=0-((:==am G@#
((:== -(' noon - Closing Remarks
Maria Ra--inan MD, /res.-ele+,
Leonardo C. Malalis, MD
&oon: l*n+h
':00 7 ):00 /M 7 BM# Ien. Memers. M,;.
>:00 7('M& 7 BM# Ina*;*ral Ball - -ormal