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Hi, my name is Carl.

I am 11 years old from Sweden and I moved

to HK in January 2014. I lived in Beijing before HK. Before Beijing
I lived in Sweden. I have four people in my family. My dad mum
and sister, I also have a dog called Jackie. I like sports like
swimming, soccer, tennis and other ball games.
(A little bit
about myself)


Who I am
as a
These are some of my strengths:
These are areas that I am working on:
I am great at writing stories and I am great at P.E. However I am
also quite good at reading stories out load to people like buddies.
Also friends and teachers.
I am working on improving my math because I can be quite good
however I find it quite hard with things like algebra. So I would just
like to review things I have learned.
Carl De Geer Tuesday, 10 June, 2014 1:49:34 PM Hong Kong Standard Time
These are ways I can help myself:
These are ways my teachers can help me:
people I
like to
work with
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My teacher can help me by not shouting at me. I absolutely hate it
when teachers yell at me. Teachers can also help me by
explaining things to me in an easier way if I dont understand.
My preferred learning styles:
I really like working in a room with flowing air and when working
in a comfortable position. I also like working in a room with lights
on. I like working in a room with a bit of background noise. On
the other hand it can be nice to work somewhere quiet.
I can help myself by practicing more math at home. If I dont
understand something that I should.
I really like working with people like Sam Heward, Guy Martin, Ty
Baxter, Megan Smyth, Grace Taylor and Georgina Reilly.
Carl De Geer Tuesday, 10 June, 2014 1:49:34 PM Hong Kong Standard Time