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Brig Berry

15 March 2014
Maintaining Health Through Sports
Sports have been played for centuries and have been scientifically proven to maintain
proper health. Many people think that sports only affect ones physical health but sports also
affect ones mental and social health. It is important for kids to begin sports at a young age so
they can continue to play sports throughout the rest of their lives. Sports are the best way to stay
There are 74.3 million children in the United States of America (, 17% of
them are obese (Eunice Kennedy Shiver National Institute of Child Health and Human
Development). That equals 12,631,000 kids who are obese. 32% of Kids are overweight
(including obese) which is 23,776,000 kids in America alone. Obesity is a huge problem (no pun
intended) for many kids in the United States, but can be combated with exercise. Sports are the
best and most fun way for kids to get exercise. 66% of boys play sports (statistics,
32% of kids are overweight, that adds up to 98% of kids which may be a correlation. Exercise
helps burn calories and prevents kids from putting on too much weight which combats obesity.
Sports also have an impact on a kids social health. Sports teach kids team work and team
building which will help them in the future when they have to work on a group project or some
other group activity. Also Sports improve social skills in kids. Sports are a good way for kids to
make friends and learn how to make friends. Would you rather bur calories by running on a
treadmill for an hour or play a sport? Sports are a more fun way to burn calories and stay healthy.
Finally sports effect kids mental and emotional health. Although it has never been
scientifically proven, researchers believe that exercise releases chemicals in your brain that make
you feel good ( Also Exercise helps kids sleep better. From personal
experience, during wrestling season when I would get home from practice I would take a shower
then fall asleep and not wake up tell the next morning. This shows that Exercise helps sleep
which kids need while they are growing and developing.
Playing sports has many benefits; it helps prevent obesity, helps kids with social skills,
and help kids mental health. The best way to maintain proper health is through sports.