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AI1 Speech Analysis using differential operators. Aleks Ignjatovic

AVB3 MIMO System in hardware Alex VonBrasch
AVB13 Time and Frequency Synchronisation in OFDM system Alex VonBrasch
AVB4 Noise Reduction in Mobile Environments Alex VonBrasch
AVB9 Mav Communication System Alex VonBrasch
AVB24 BLUEsat Radio Switching Circuit Alex VonBrasch
AVB14 Simple Smart Antenna Alex VonBrasch
AVB27 Low power wireless communication. Alex VonBrasch
AVB17 Bluesat Communications Protocol Alex VonBrasch
AVB2 Equalisation of room acoustics for audio reproduction Alex VonBrasch
AVB21 Mobile Phone Demonstration Alex VonBrasch
Implementation of IEEE802.11b on a Software Defined
Alex VonBrasch
AVB25 Telemetry System For Bluesat Alex VonBrasch
AVB15 Rate Control Using USRP Alex VonBrasch
AVB8 Channel State Feedback Alex VonBrasch
AVB6 Coding in high noise environments Alex VonBrasch
AVB11 Wireless airplane Alex VonBrasch
AVB19 Anti-Jamming wireless systems Alex VonBrasch
AVB10 OFDM Receivers Alex VonBrasch
Minimising Interference from frequency-hopping spread
spectrum signals through active interference cancellation.
Alex VonBrasch
AVB16 Random Coding Alex VonBrasch
AVB7 Active Noise Control Alex VonBrasch
AVB5 Channel Estimation in MIMO Systems Alex VonBrasch
AVB22 Broadband via satelite to Rural Areas Alex VonBrasch
AAM3 Human Rotary Chair Americo Migliaccio
AAM2 2D laser control system for human visual tracking Americo Migliaccio
Nuclear quadrupole effects in single atom nanoelectronic
Andrea Morello
AM1 highly Controllable spin qubit devices Andrea Morello
Engineering microwave cavities for long distance coupling
of spin qbits
Andrea Morello
AGD66 Optimization of a multi-GNSS receiver on a FPGA. Andrew Dempster
AGD55 Satellite navigation receiver for reflectometry Andrew Dempster
AGD64 Ground segment for testing SAR satellite data Andrew Dempster
AGD57 GPS Timing receiver Andrew Dempster
AGD58 Finding interference to GPS Andrew Dempster
AGD59 Soil moisture monitoring using SAR satellites Andrew Dempster
AGD65 AMSA DGPS Receiver design Andrew Dempster
FPGA Implementation of a Space-qualified CubeSat GPS
receiver using SmartFusion II
Andrew Dempster
AGD61 Quadrature Bandpass Sampling Andrew Dempster
AGD60 GPS on a tumbling spacecraft Andrew Dempster
JWC2 Developing a Multicore GNSS Receiver on an FPGA Andrew Dempster
AGD53 SAR on a cubesat Andrew Dempster
AGD62 Monitoring space junk using radar Andrew Dempster
AGD54 Equatorial SAR Andrew Dempster
AGD63 Monitoring space junk using optical telescopes in space Andrew Dempster
ASD18 Silicon Nanoelectronic Devices for Quantum Computation Andrew Dzurak
ASD21 Quantum Devices for a New Electrical Current Standard Andrew Dzurak
ASD22 Silicon Quantum dots for quantum computing. Andrew Dzurak
Control & Signal Processing Techniques in Financial
Andrey Savkin
AVS11 Analysis and Design of Flexible Manufacturing Systems Andrey Savkin
Mobility Modelling and trajectory prediction for next
generation PCS networks
Andrey Savkin
AVS02 Modelling and control of hybrid dynamical systems Andrey Savkin
Location estimation and trajectory prediction for PCS
Andrey Savkin
Application of Modern Control Techniques to Biomedical
Engineering and Medicine
Andrey Savkin
AVS12 Hovercraft Navigation and Control Andrey Savkin
AVS06 Systems Control for Tactical Missile Guidance Andrey Savkin
AVS09 MAC and Routing Problems of WLAN Andrey Savkin
AVS10 Power Control in Mobile Radio Systems Andrey Savkin
AVS14 Navigation of Mobile Wheeled Robots Andrey Savkin
AVS15 Control system for a ventilator proximal airway valve. Andrey Savkin
AWM2 Microactuators for miniaturized micro-optics systems. Aron Michael
AWM3 Miniaturized micro-optics devices and systems Aron Michael
AWM4 Bi-stable micro-actuators Aron Michael
Nano-actuation and silicon photonics for fast scanning
probe microscopy and high density data storage
Aron Michael
Piezo-electrical thin film: deposition, etching and
characterization for both sensing and actuation
Aron Michael
Thick evaporated polysilicon film for inertial sensors
Aron Michael
AWM7 Piezoelectric actuation (nanoscale) Aron Michael
The potential of Recommender Systems to breach user
privacy in P2P
Aruna Seneviratne
APS8 YouTube and Beyond. Exploring the unknown! Aruna Seneviratne
APS16 Android Implementation of the mSpeed mobile application Aruna Seneviratne
APS9 Privacy-Preserving Mobile Data Processing Aruna Seneviratne
On the potential of big Advertisement players in the ads
targeting business.
Aruna Seneviratne
APS11 Privacy threats in online social networks Aruna Seneviratne
Building and Performance Evaluation of a New Caching
System for Mobile Users
Aruna Seneviratne
Privacy-Preserving Recommendations Systems: Are
users choices biased by the recommendations systems
themselves? The chicken or the Egg problem!
Aruna Seneviratne
APS5 Privacy-Aware Smart-Grid Monitoring Aruna Seneviratne
APS18 Privacy Preserving Behavioral Targeting Aruna Seneviratne
APS13 Third party tracking in mobile environment Aruna Seneviratne
APS6 New Measurement Techniques for a Science of Networks Aruna Seneviratne
APS19 Privacy-preserving Genetic Tests Aruna Seneviratne
A usability Analysis of Privacy-preserving mobile
applications through crowd sourcing
Aruna Seneviratne
Nash Equilibrium, Application to a Collaborative Mobile
Coupon Service
Aruna Seneviratne
BO2 GEM-X: Experimental design for space and tue ISS. Barnaby Osborne
BO1 Assembly integration and testing of a zu cubesat system. Barnaby Osborne
BB1 Highly Interactive Web Service Boualem Benathallah
BH24 Ultracapacitor sizing Branislav Hredzak
BH15 Prediction based control Branislav Hredzak
BH19 Modelling of Lithium Ion battery Branislav Hredzak
BH20 Maximum power point tracker for photovoltaic systems Branislav Hredzak
BH12 Digital class D amplifier Branislav Hredzak
BH21 Evaluation of islanding detection methods Branislav Hredzak
Grid synchronization of single-phase grid-connected
Branislav Hredzak
BH23 Controller design for a helicopter model Branislav Hredzak
CYK11 Floating-Gate D-A Converter Chee Kwok
CYK01 RF CMOS Chip Design for Radio/Mobile Communications Chee Kwok
CYK21 Optical to electrical converter for optical interconnect Chee Kwok
CYK16 "Novel ""Wake-up"" Receiver Design & Implementation" Chee Kwok
CYK17 RF CMOS Mixer Chee Kwok
Optical - Electrical conversion - Clock data recovery
Chee Kwok
CYK18 Lower Power Frequency Synthesiser Chee Kwok
CYK19 RF CMOS Low Noise Amplifier Chee Kwok
CYK20 High Speed Circuits for optical Interconnect Chee Kwok
CYK23 CDR for optical interconnects. Chee Kwok
CG23 Electrical safety - In hazardous area Colin Grantham
CG19 ELECTRICAL SAFETY - In hazardous areas Colin Grantham
CG20 Electrical Safety - electrical fires Colin Grantham
Electrical Safety - Effects of electric currents passing
through the human body.
Colin Grantham
Electrical breakdown in transmission and distribution
Colin Grantham
DZ37 Stability Analysis of Power Systems. Daming Zhang
Harmonics and conducted emi reduction in induction
motor drives using switching and filtering techniques
Daming Zhang
DZ30 Bidirectional battery charging and discharging. Daming Zhang
DZ28 Parameter identification of LCL filter for grid-tied inverter. Daming Zhang
DZ23 Controller & filter design for grid connected inverter. Daming Zhang
Digital signal processing in power system protection and
Daming Zhang
DZ34 Harnessing of wind energy and its storage. Daming Zhang
DZ11 Design and analysis of DC/DC converters Daming Zhang
Application of power electronics for solar energy
harnessing: Part 1.
Daming Zhang
Comparison of overhead transmission lines with
submarine cables for electricity transmission.
Daming Zhang
Study on different algorithms for extracting magnitude and
angle of voltage, current and impedance for digital
Daming Zhang
DZ16 Design of converters for wind energy generation. Daming Zhang
Islanding detection in the application of wind power
Daming Zhang
Wind energy harnessing: Machine, modelling, AC/DC
rectifier, DC/AC inverter.
Daming Zhang
Computation of electric field distribution in a power
Daming Zhang
DZ5 Application of IEC 61850 to substation automation Daming Zhang
DZ12 Controller design for grid tie inverter. Daming Zhang
DZ9 Application of power electronics for solar energy Daming Zhang
DZ21 Grid synchronisation in wind power harnessing. Daming Zhang
Wind power forecasting for operational planning of power
systems with large-scale wind power.
Daming Zhang
DZ27 Study on power electronics for solar energy harnessing. Daming Zhang
DZ18 Transformer design for a forwarded DC-DC converter. Daming Zhang
DZ25 Study on digital protection using simulink. Daming Zhang
DZ36 Study on charging and discharging of battery. Daming Zhang
Modeling of electric field distribution and partial discharge
measurement and analysis.
Daming Zhang
DZ32 Issues on charging and discharging battery. Daming Zhang
Application of power electronics for solar energy
harnessing: Part 2.
Daming Zhang
Power compensation and stability issues in public
transmission lines.
Daming Zhang
DZ3 Wind energy generation and storage system Daming Zhang
DZ14 Switch-mode power supply transformer design. Daming Zhang
DZ26 LLC resonate conveter: Modelling and design. Daming Zhang
DZ20 islanding detection for distributed generation. Daming Zhang
DZ4 Switched-mode power supply transformer design Daming Zhang
Application of power electronics in solar energy
harnessing: Part III
Daming Zhang
DZ6 Dynamic modeling of power electronics converters Daming Zhang
DZ33 Study on bidirectional battery charging system. Daming Zhang
DST42 3D Scene Reconstruction David Taubman
Background modeling for robust change detection in real-
David Taubman
DST43 Depth Compression with Quad-Trees David Taubman
DST16 Hands free mouse David Taubman
DST17 Laser Pointer Driven Mouse David Taubman
Analysis, compression and interactive dissemination of
animated presentations
David Taubman
DST19 Traffic Tracking David Taubman
DST23 Interactive Imaging with JPIP David Taubman
DST47 Estimation of depth maps for scalable coding David Taubman
Wireless Mesh Network for low power data logging
David Taubman
Reconstruction of Spinal Geometry from Orthogonal X-
David Taubman
DST28 Broadcast Strategies for text anywhere David Taubman
DST44 Depth Compression in images David Taubman
DST38 Real time battery monitoring and control for Bluesat David Taubman
DST24 3D tracking David Taubman
Computer assisted registration of regions of interest for
image/video annotation
David Taubman
Spatial induction policies for breakpoint mediated depth
David Taubman
DST22 Broadcast strategies for text anywhere David Taubman
Robust methods for separating video into foreground and
background regions
David Taubman
DST20 Time Frequency Methods for Audio Processing David Taubman
Digital Camera Calibration and Inversion for Stereo
David Taubman
Controlled multimedia recording environment for lectures
and 3D.
David Taubman
DST30 Compression and distribution of volumetric datasets. David Taubman
DST34 Hardware EDAC for Harsh Environments David Taubman
DST41 Multi-view object tracking and depth recovery David Taubman
DST29 Automatic Video Surveillance Systems. David Taubman
DST01 Robotic Lawn Weeder David Taubman
DST21 3D Face Monitoring David Taubman
DST33 Long baseline motion estimation David Taubman
DST26 Realtime JPIP for Interactive Multimedia David Taubman
DST32 Multimedia fusion David Taubman
DST46 Hardware Strategies for Motion-Hint Inference Algorithms David Taubman
DST08 Image Watermarking David Taubman
DST14 Video Security and Data Logging David Taubman
DST31 Hardware implementation of background image modeling David Taubman
Software and Hardware development of a subjective
testing facility for audio and psychoacoustic experiments.
Deep Sen
DS47 Room Equalisation for Audio Reproduction Deep Sen
Improving and investigation of the cochlear implant front
end signal processing.
Deep Sen
Investigation of transient components in single instrument
music signals.
Deep Sen
DS42 Voice Morphing Deep Sen
Design & Implementation of a dual purpose microphone
Deep Sen
DS34 Wideband Speech Coding Deep Sen
DS48 Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) - theory and implementation. Deep Sen
Generating Perceptively Realistic Surround Sound
Deep Sen
DS45 Use of a resynthnesis model to optimize cochlear implants Deep Sen
Vector based amplitude panning (VBAP) - theory and
Deep Sen
DS35 Pitch & Spectral Envelope Analysis of Musical Instruments Deep Sen
DS21 Multichannel Audio Compression Using Directional Cues Deep Sen
Multichannel DFT & Spatial Differentiation using Altera
Embedded System
Deep Sen
DS50 Software and hardware tools for acoustic experimentation. Deep Sen
DS31 Voice Morphing Deep Sen
Investigation of Physiological and psychological auditory
cues for human spatial perception
Deep Sen
DS51 Acoustic Holography Deep Sen
Modelling and Digital Compensation of the Satellite
Transponder Non-linearities
Ediz Cetin
Fault Tolerant Token Ring Network Design for SEU
Recovery on Reconfigurable Hardware
Ediz Cetin
Evaluation of Mismatch Effects in Time-Interleaved ADC
Converters for Software Defined Radio
Ediz Cetin
EC21 FPGA-based Satellite Flight Computer Ediz Cetin
Configurable Low-power FFT Processor Design and
Implementation for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
Ediz Cetin
Performance Evaluation of Reconfigurable Control
Ediz Cetin
Pi-Eye: - Raspberry Pi based Traffic Sign Detection and
Recognition for Intelligent Vehicles
Ediz Cetin
EC18 Energy Scavenging and Harvesting for Mobile Devices Ediz Cetin
EC3 Space Based Tracking of Aircraft on CubeSats Ediz Cetin
Self-Checking, SEU-resilient Voter Design for Space-
based FPGA systems
Ediz Cetin
EC19 Planning for Space-based Solar Power Stations Ediz Cetin
EC23 Stereo vision system for Raspberry Pi. Ediz Cetin
Single Event Upset (SEU) Simulation and
Characterization for Space Based Processing
Ediz Cetin
EC4 Cubesat FPGA Payload. Ediz Cetin
Fast hardware implementation of frequency estimation
Elias Aboutanios
EAB23 Signal processing for smart grid. Elias Aboutanios
A Pressure Sensing System for the Stability Profiling of
Aged Persons in the Built Environment
Elias Aboutanios
EAB15 Processing of Nuclear Magnetic Spectroscopy Signals Elias Aboutanios
Smartphone-Based Platform for the Stability Profiling of
Aged Persons
Elias Aboutanios
DZ29 Frequency estimation for 3 phase power systems. Elias Aboutanios
Threshold Behaviour of Maximum Likelihood Frequency
Elias Aboutanios
EAB22 Frequency estimation for 3 phase power systems. Elias Aboutanios
EAB21 Doppler-based Tracking of Satellites Elias Aboutanios
EAB13 Gesture-based computer control Elias Aboutanios
EA45 Polyphonic music transcription device. Eliathamby Ambikairajah
EA42 Emotion Detection From Speech Eliathamby Ambikairajah
EA14 Speech Enhancement for Cochlear Implants Eliathamby Ambikairajah
EA43 Automatic Singer Identification Eliathamby Ambikairajah
EA44 Automated sound scene analysis Eliathamby Ambikairajah
MFR46 An HBLED driver with fast peak current contral Faz Rahman
MFR35 Programmable Battery Charger Faz Rahman
MFR48 Bi-directional Grid to Battery Interface Faz Rahman
MFR55 Class D amplifier design. Faz Rahman
MFR54 Synchronous Motor Control. Faz Rahman
Driver circuit design for high power white LEDs for hightrip
Faz Rahman
MFR47 A resonant high frequency DC-DC- converter Faz Rahman
Control System Design for a Traction Drive in a Hybrid
Faz Rahman
Control system design for bidirectional power converter,
and inverter drive for traction motor and energy storage of
hybrid vehicles
Faz Rahman
Less characterization of ferro-magnetic material for non-
sinusoidal excitation
Faz Rahman
MFR37 Application of LED for Domestic Applications Faz Rahman
MFR42 Development of a PM Motor Drive Faz Rahman
Input harmonic guestation in VVVF drives and their effects
on IT power.
Faz Rahman
MFR13 Development of a wind-turbine simulator Faz Rahman
MFR49 Dimmable LED lighting unit with a remote controller. Faz Rahman
MFR52 Electrical safety - In hazardous areas. Faz Rahman
MFR17 Design of an all Electric Steering Wheel Faz Rahman
MFR34 Bidirectional Power Control for hybrid vehicles Faz Rahman
MFR50 Isolated Battery Charging Faz Rahman
Design and development of a programmable alarm
Faz Rahman
MFR38 Direct Torque and Flux Control of IPMSM Faz Rahman
Design and development of high-power white LED lighting
Faz Rahman
MFR43 LED Light Driver Design Faz Rahman
MFR51 Motor drive control for vehicles Faz Rahman
MFR53 Compact efficient and dimmable LED driver circuits. Faz Rahman
MFR40 An Electric Bicycle Faz Rahman
MFR39 Power Efficiency Transfer in Piezoelectric Transformers Faz Rahman
Electrical Safety (Supervisors: Professor Faz Rahman and
Associate Professor Colin Grantham)
Faz Rahman
MFR45 LED Light up Circuit Design Faz Rahman
MFR44 Programable Alarm Faz Rahman
LF02 Biosensors (photonics) Francois Ladouceur
LF17 Pico Boards Francois Ladouceur
LF16 National Broadband Network Francois Ladouceur
Modelling of liquid crystal cells for distributed sensing
Francois Ladouceur
LF18 Commercial viability of hydrophone systems. Francois Ladouceur
LF15 Bionic eye C possible path toward artificial retina Francois Ladouceur
LF19 Optical Fibre Characteristation Francois Ladouceur
LF12 Design of diamond-based Photonics devices Francois Ladouceur
LF20 Viability of television delivery through NBN RF overlay Francois Ladouceur
LF23 Optimisation of liquid-crystal based optical sensors. Francois Ladouceur
LF7 Design and Fabrication of Segmented Fibres Francois Ladouceur
LF01 Integrated Optical Chip Design Francois Ladouceur
LF14 Optical Tweezers Francois Ladouceur
LF22 Feasibility study of possible path toward artificial retina. Francois Ladouceur
LF13 Spun and Chiral microstructured Polymer Optical Fibres Francois Ladouceur
GDP12 Optical Signal Processing Gang-Ding Peng
GDP13 Polymer Optical Components & Application Gang-Ding Peng
GDP15 Development of a Broadband Tunable Fibre Laser Gang-Ding Peng
GDP23 Optical fibre sensor. Gang-Ding Peng
GDP21 Bi/Er fibre amplifier. Gang-Ding Peng
GDP22 POF fibre sensing. Gang-Ding Peng
GDP20 Broadband optical fibre amplifier Gang-Ding Peng
GDP24 POF devices and applications. Gang-Ding Peng
GM1 Forensic Voice Comparison Geoffrey Morrison
GK2 Multilevel converters for PV applications. Georgios Konstantinou
GK3 Evaluation of local energy storage in distribution networks Georgios Konstantinou
Appliance Profiling based on High-Frequency Power
Georgios Konstantinou
High penetration of distributed generation in low-voltage
grids: issues and solutions.
Georgios Konstantinou
Advanced modulation techniques for Active NPC
Georgios Konstantinou
GH90 Battery Monitoring System for Sunswift IVy Gernot Heiser
GH93 QB50 operating system. Gernot Heiser
Development of a hardware platware for BLUE sat's
payload computer
Gernot Heiser
GH91 Sunswift IVy strategy for 2011 world solar challenge Gernot Heiser
GH88 OS - level enery Management for embedded systems Gernot Heiser
GH92 Evolvable Trustworthy System Gernot Heiser
Fabrication and characterization of polymer micro-fibre
bragg gratings.
Ginu Rajan
GR2 Sensing applications of polymer optical fibres. Ginu Rajan
GS3 Wavelets in Bionic Image Processing Gregg Suaning
Eye Tracking using mutual inductances for vision
Gregg Suaning
GS4 Detection device of pre-eclampsia in pregnancy Gregg Suaning
HNN6 Open-Loop Control of Quantum Systems Hendra Nurdin
Tracking control of a two degree of freedom flexible joint
robot arm
Hendra Nurdin
Real-time tracking control of a rotary inverted pendulum
using state-space methods.
Hendra Nurdin
HNN5 Nonlinear control of a rotary inverted pendulum Hendra Nurdin
IFM25 Electricity Industry Restructuring in Singapore Iain MacGill
IFM45 Sustainable pricing policy for Singapore Iain MacGill
International comparison of geheration investment drivers
and opportunity in ASIA
Iain MacGill
Modelling the impact of electricity price tariffs and smart
grids on customer demand
Iain MacGill
Assessing the impact of electrcity vehicle on electricity
Iain MacGill
IFM26 Electricity industry restructuring in Malaysia Iain MacGill
IFM58 Grid Party Issues Iain MacGill
IFM73 End-user engagement in electricity. Iain MacGill
An International Comparison of Electricity Industry
Iain MacGill
IFM40 Integrating WInd Power into the Electricity grid Iain MacGill
Analysing opportunities for improved building energy
performance in Hong Kong
Iain MacGill
Commercial viability of rooftop solar photovoltaic in
Sydney and its effect on peak demand
Iain MacGill
Modelling and forecasting distributed PV generation in
Iain MacGill
IFM42 Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint of UNSW Iain MacGill
Modelling of Residential Customers Accessing Directly to
the national Electricty Market
Iain MacGill
IFM27 Agent based modelling of electricity markets Iain MacGill
IFM77 Opportunities of Improving Energy Efficiency in UNSW Iain MacGill
IFM74 Solar forecasting and load demand management. Iain MacGill
Control strategies to maximise PV penetration in diesel
Iain MacGill
IFM69 Modelling the National Electricity Market Iain MacGill
Analysing the needs and options of transmission for
renewable energy
Iain MacGill
Investigation into the effects of domestic, grid-connected
Photovoltaic systems on an energy distribution network.
Iain MacGill
IFM70 Grid Storage Iain MacGill
IFM63 Commercial Energy Monitoring Systems Iain MacGill
Analse and identify the market signals required to justify
investment in peaking generation
Iain MacGill
IFM43 Modelling Investment in Wind Frams in the NEM Iain MacGill
IFM21 Power Efficiency and Security in Smart Homes Iain MacGill
Analysis of spot electricity prices in the Australian National
Electricity Market
Iain MacGill
The potential impacts of electric vehicles on the local
distribution network
Iain MacGill
IFM59 Photovoltaic Grid Parity and its Value to the NEM Iain MacGill
IFM56 Developing Pricing Model for Enbedded System Iain MacGill
IFM50 Cogenerators Iain MacGill
IFM47 Energy Distribution in Indonesia Iain MacGill
IFM18 Restructuring of the Electricity Industry in Australia Iain MacGill
Renewable Energy Friendly Pricing Schemes for
corporate energy users
Iain MacGill
Formation of a policy document for energy Australia in
regard to enbedded generation insertion in the network
Iain MacGill
IFM34 Smart Homes Iain MacGill
Analysis of Minimum Energy Performance Standards
(MEPS) for Domestic Electrical Appliances
Iain MacGill
Possible implications of operational constraints for
investment modelling in the NEM
Iain MacGill
The Implications of VAR support from grid connected
inverters on the distribution network
Iain MacGill
Bringing electricity to sub-urban area in developing
Iain MacGill
IFM33 Development of an electrical energy flow model for NSW Iain MacGill
IFM19 Scenario Analysis for the Australian Electricity Industry Iain MacGill
IFM35 PC based Smart Home Iain MacGill
IFM30 Improving the energy efficiency of UNSW Iain MacGill
IFM20 Analysing Risk in Electricity Market Iain MacGill
IFM68 Carbon tax and the NEM Iain MacGill
IFM60 The potential for nuclear tower in australia Iain MacGill
The impact of high penetration photovoltaic systems on
the electricity grid.
Iain MacGill
Effects of large scale integration of PV systems on the
distribution network
Iain MacGill
IFM64 Derivativs and Wind Generation Iain MacGill
IFM67 Electric Vehicles and their impact on the electricity grid. Iain MacGill
IFM62 Drivers of future prices in the australian NEM Iain MacGill
Development of an electrical energy flow model for
Iain MacGill
International comparison of geheration investment drivers
and opportunity in ASIA
Iain MacGill
Effects of Forced Outages on Electricity Generators in the
Australian National Electricity Market
Iain MacGill
Improved Unified energy Scheme with application to
UNSW EE Building
Iain MacGill
IMS18 Optical Fibre. Iain Skinner
IMS10 Photonic Devices Iain Skinner
IMS15 The interaction of light and matter Iain Skinner
IMS16 battery charge measurement using optical fibres Iain Skinner
IMS17 Ethics in engineering. Iain Skinner
IMS11 Optical Fibre Sensors Iain Skinner
IFM57 Properties of Optical Fibres Iain Skinner
IMS9 Properties of Optical Fibres Iain Skinner
IMS8 Photonic processing devices Iain Skinner
Assessment of wind inertia and frequency for large scale
penetration of wind power.
Jayashri Ravishankar
JR11 Investigation of DFIG in a Microgrid Jayashri Ravishankar
Integration of renewable energy sources and battery
storage in a microgrid.
Jayashri Ravishankar
JR20 Solar photovoltaic system for sustainable tourism Jayashri Ravishankar
JR12 Study on small signal stability of microgrids Jayashri Ravishankar
Investigating the performance of a wind turbine system in
a microgrid through both experimentation and simulation.
Jayashri Ravishankar
JR15 Experimental setup of a Microgrid Jayashri Ravishankar
JR21 Load frequency control of systems. Jayashri Ravishankar
JR16 The Experimental Analysis of Microgrid Operation Issues Jayashri Ravishankar
JR22 Small signal stability analysis of power systems. Jayashri Ravishankar
Effect of change in penetration of renewable sources in a
Jayashri Ravishankar
A control scheme for grid connected wind energy
Jayashri Ravishankar
JR24 Demand response technique for smart grid. Jayashri Ravishankar
JR18 Wave Energy Conversion Systems Jayashri Ravishankar
JR10 A power flow analysis model for microgrid Jayashri Ravishankar
Deployment planning systems for wireless
Jian(Andrew) Zhang
Physical layer network coding on USRP software defined
Jinhong Yuan
JHY30 Multi-user MIMO for rural Wireless Broadband Jinhong Yuan
JHY20 Wireless Cooperative Communications Jinhong Yuan
JHY23 Transmission of Music Over Wimax System Jinhong Yuan
JHY04 Scheduling design for wireless data networks Jinhong Yuan
JHY26 MIMO detection with soft putput Jinhong Yuan
JHY11 Ultra-Wideband Communication Jinhong Yuan
JHY36 Distributed 3D beamforming for cellular networks. Jinhong Yuan
Gaussian processes techniques for wireless
Jinhong Yuan
Channel Coding and Decoding for Mobile
Jinhong Yuan
localization in wireless sensor networks with unknown
number of users.
Jinhong Yuan
JHY41 Link to system modelling and design. Jinhong Yuan
JHY24 Network coding schemes for wireless Jinhong Yuan
JHY14 Bicm coded OFDM-MIMO systems for wireless networks Jinhong Yuan
JHY35 Transmission design in multi-way relay networks. Jinhong Yuan
JHY21 Speech transmission over WiMax systems Jinhong Yuan
JHY37 Fingerprint identification and security. Jinhong Yuan
JHY39 Millimetre-wave Communications. Jinhong Yuan
JHY34 3D Beamforming for next-G cellular networks. Jinhong Yuan
JHY15 EDX signal Pro Jinhong Yuan
JHY22 Image transmission over WiMax Systems Jinhong Yuan
Wireless relay communications code construction and
Jinhong Yuan
JHY10 Vector - LDPC Codes for 3G Fading Channels Jinhong Yuan
JHY31 DNA sequences with Error control codes Jinhong Yuan
Power Control & Converage Improvement in Radio
Jinhong Yuan
JHY40 Link-to-system modelling for wireless communications. Jinhong Yuan
JHY25 WiMax Transceiver Designs Jinhong Yuan
JHY02 Design of Low Density Parity Check Codes Jinhong Yuan
JHY19 Wireless Relay Communication Jinhong Yuan
JHY32 3D block interleaver designs for wireless fading channels Jinhong Yuan
JHY27 Coding for Digital TV broadcasting for mobile devices Jinhong Yuan
JHY09 Space-time coding for wireless OFDM systems Jinhong Yuan
JHY16 Multiuser Scheduling for MIMO broadcasting Jinhong Yuan
JHY13 ARQ Schemes for Wireless Data Communications Jinhong Yuan
JF24 Developing techniques for transmission planning. John Fletcher
JF19 Resonant converters John Fletcher
JF16 Thin AC converter technology for utilities John Fletcher
JF20 Effects of embedded generation on the CBs network. John Fletcher
JF17 Thermal modelling of distribution transformers. John Fletcher
Projects related to integration of renewable energy onto
electricity grids - specifically power quality issues and
voltage profiles.
John Fletcher
Generation of pulse-width modulation signals for utility
interfacing using FPGA technology
John Fletcher
JF1 Controller design for DC-DC converters John Fletcher
Effects of photovoltaic embedded generation on the
distribution network.
John Fletcher
Study and assessment of wind energy integration onto
power networks
John Fletcher
Simulation of 12-pulse rectifier circuits for HVDC
John Fletcher
JF23 Sunswift power system. John Fletcher
JF26 Protection of multi-terminal HVDC systems. John Fletcher
JF7 Multi-phase inverter switching John Fletcher
Projects related to integration of renewable energy onto
electricity grids
John Fletcher
Simulation of distributed generation connected to single-
wire earth-return power systems.
John Fletcher
JF18 Distributed generation on SWER sysyems John Fletcher
JF21 Reactor development for SWER power lines. John Fletcher
JF13 Microgeneration facility: power quality anaylsis John Fletcher
JF4 Passive filtering techniques to satisfy EN61000 John Fletcher
JF6 HVDC Link Control John Fletcher
JF14 Microgeneration facility: PV emulation John Fletcher
JF22 Mini NG MPPT's John Fletcher
Microgeneration facility: state-of-charge estimation
techniques for batteries
John Fletcher
Measuring electrode distance above the spinal cord using
measured compound action potential responses.
John Parker
JWC3 Developing a Multicore GNSS Receiver on an FPGA Joon Wayn Cheong
JE33 Emotion recognition from speech. Julien Epps
Testing speech processing theories and models using
direct experimental measurements of transfer functions
with known glottal flow
Julien Epps
Signal processing in bioinformatics: Periodicity estimation
for DNA sequence data
Julien Epps
JE27 Speech-based activity recognition and task analysis Julien Epps
An acoustic tool for teaching performance techniques on
wind instruments
Julien Epps
Automatic sound-based user grouping for real time online
Julien Epps
JE34 Movement-based task analysis. Julien Epps
JE1 A personal voice library Julien Epps
JE35 Real time task analysis system. Julien Epps
JE31 Eye activity based task analysis. Julien Epps
A software suite for periodicity characterization of DNA
Julien Epps
JE30 Audio Similarity. Julien Epps
JE29 Polyphonic music transcription. Julien Epps
JE12 Recognition of mental state from speech Julien Epps
Investigation of methods for real-time identification of
audio streams.
Julien Epps
JE23 A Real Time Speech Emotion Recogniser Julien Epps
JE17 A Digital Speech Effects Synthesizer Julien Epps
Predicting gait kinematics from waist mounted
Kark Lauren
Analysis of smart card systems on transportation
Lauren Gardner
Automatic Device Driver Synthesis From Device
Leonid Ryzhyk
Integration of inertial sensor into indoor TOA location
Mark Johnson
Development of diagnostic markers of diseases including
arthritis and diabetes
Megan Lord
Characterising the performance of a near-infrared
spectrometer for Antarctica.
Michael Ashley
In application electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
for automotive battery monitoring
Neeraj Sharma
Modelling and researching commercial li-ion cell and
research for potential application.
Neeraj Sharma
Modelling and comparing commercial Li-ion cells and
research for potential application in electric vehicles.
Neeraj Sharma
Study on high penetration levels of grid connected PV
Neil Browne
NT2 test test Nelly Taubman
Falls detection algorithms in an ambulatory device for the
Nigel Lovell
NL110 RF transceiver design for a wearable falls monitor. Nigel Lovell
NL107 Falls monitoring/detection device. Nigel Lovell
NL103 ANN Modelling of Head Movement Data from SPV Study Nigel Lovell
NL108 Real time movement and falls classification. Nigel Lovell
NL111 Biosignal processing of telehealth data. Nigel Lovell
NL109 NFC-Enabled Pendant for Telemonitoring Nigel Lovell
NL112 Power scavenging designs for a wearable fall detectors. Nigel Lovell
NL105 Audio board for falls-detection device Nigel Lovell
PMA1 Conducting polymers Penny Martens
PR2 In situ wavefront correction in optical fiber system Peter Reece
RE17 Controller design for a helicopter model Ray Eaton
RE34 Autonomous Robot Navigation Ray Eaton
RE31 Modelling and Control of the GreenWeeder Ray Eaton
Control of an autonomous tractor for precision agricultural
Ray Eaton
RE33 Real-time embedded control studies. Ray Eaton
RE28 Control of Gantry Crane Ray Eaton
RE32 Temperature control for hydraulic lubrication systems Ray Eaton
RE36 Investigation of Automated Guided Vehicles Ray Eaton
Embedded System Design for Systems and Control
Ray Eaton
RE30 Investigation into solar thermal/coal driven power stations Ray Eaton
RE35 Navigation of Mobile Wheeled Robots Ray Eaton
RE25 Investigation of the real-time implementation of learning Ray Eaton
RE26 Control of a Segway. Ray Eaton
RE23 Control of a 3-d overhead crane Ray Eaton
Evaluation of power control schemes for a three-phase
grid connected inverter
Ricardo Aguilera
Development of a Matlab based power quality analyser to
characterise power electronics designs.
Ricardo Aguilera
RM17 Tracking a smart phone Robert Malaney
RM18 WIFI tracking of smartphone. Robert Malaney
RM16 Position verification for security Robert Malaney
RM15 Simulating Quantum Cryptography Robert Malaney
RM19 Integral a inertial sensor into a TOA tracking system. Robert Malaney
RPR12 RF-MEMS Switches Rodica Ramer
RPR14 RF Mems Rodica Ramer
RPR02 Web Based Multimedia Rodica Ramer
RPR15 Electromagnetic processing: RF energy transfer. Rodica Ramer
Electromagnetic Applications for Mobile and Satellite
Rodica Ramer
RPR06 Characterisation of Piezoelectric Elements Rodica Ramer
RPR10 Filter coupling matrix extraction for tuning and optimization Rodica Ramer
RPR05 Web-based Multimedia Teaching Rodica Ramer
RPR13 Novel Microwave structures and applications Rodica Ramer
RPR11 Electromagnetic processor fabrication Rodica Ramer
RPR07 Antenna Analysis Using Wavelet Representations Rodica Ramer
RPR9 RF MEMS Rodica Ramer
Modeling of wind turbine system for an Interior Permanent
magnet generator
Rukmi Dutta
RRD12 Brush-less DC machine: simulation and control Rukmi Dutta
RRD7 Investigation of the scope for wireless power Rukmi Dutta
RRD13 Traction-drive in electric vehicle Rukmi Dutta
RRD18 Battery-less Electric Vehicle Rukmi Dutta
Simulation of wind turbine for permanent magnet
Rukmi Dutta
RRD14 Large scale energy storage in a smart grid Rukmi Dutta
Superconducting Generator for application in Wind Energy
conversion System.
Rukmi Dutta
RRD5 Piezoelectric for generating electricity Rukmi Dutta
RRD17 Reluctance machine for high performance drive system Rukmi Dutta
RRD1 Determination of efficiency of the Permanent Magnet Rukmi Dutta
RAG1 Biphasic Characterisation of potential electrode materials Rylie Green
SKJ208 Wireless Sensor Network Security Sanjay Jha
SB2 Embedded Zigbee Devices with touch screen Interface Simon Blyth
SB1 Pico Boards Simon Blyth
Optimizing Beizer Surface Patches to fit Anatomical
Socrates Dokos
Classification of forearm EMG signals for prosthetic
Socrates Dokos
SD4 Classification of EMG signals for prosthetic control. Socrates Dokos
SD3 Modelling Pacemaker Electrical Activity Socrates Dokos
SD6 A computer model of the ECG. Socrates Dokos
SR6 Detecting foetal movement using inertial sensors. Stephen Redmond
SR4 Sleep Hypopnea Stephen Redmond
Patient movement detection during unsupervised
telehealth recording
Stephen Redmond
TB1 Using GPS to improve DSRC demodulation Tabatabaei Balaei
TJH6 The Economic Effects of Technology Tara Hamilton
TJH17 Neuromorphic vision of robots. Tara Hamilton
TJH14 An IOS application for students lab assessments Tara Hamilton
TJH4 Visual Stimuli for the hearing impaired Tara Hamilton
TJH2 Circuit techniques in advanced CMOS processes Tara Hamilton
TJH10 Neural Amplifier Design Tara Hamilton
TJH1 Digital Neurons for Digital Brains Tara Hamilton
TJH7 Mobile Health Monitoring (ECG) Tara Hamilton
Exploring the application of multisensory processing for
robotic intelligence using commercialy available resouces
Tara Hamilton
TJH8 Feature detection using spiking Neural Networks Tara Hamilton
TJH12 Microcontroller based implementation of neural networks. Tara Hamilton
TJH16 Multi Interface FPGA Design Project Tara Hamilton
TJH15 Picosecond Oriented Ethernet Timing Tara Hamilton
TJH18 Spherical sports implement retrieval system. Tara Hamilton
TJH19 Neuromorphic engineering. Tara Hamilton
TJH13 Neuromorphic Architectures Tara Hamilton
TJH3 Energy Expenditure Tara Hamilton
TJH9 Bioelectronics for neuroscience Tara Hamilton
TS1 Verified worst case execution time. Thomas Sewell
TH18 Lab control of helicopter. Tim Hesketh
For a full list of topics
Tim Moors
NetFPGA implementation of ultra-low latency TCP/IP for
financial trading applications
Tim Moors
TM119 VPN access to a testbed of networking equipment Tim Moors
TM125 Request re-routing for ISP-operated CDNs Tim Moors
TM130 What can be learned from sniffing LAN packets? Tim Moors
Capacity planning for rapidly deployable mobile
communication networks
Tim Moors
TM123 High speed packet capture and processing Tim Moors
TM126 Content distribution within campus using SDN Tim Moors
TM121 Managing deployed mobile communication networks Tim Moors
Laser pointer for video collaboration, using readily
available hardware
Tim Moors
TM109 Automated WiFi troubleshooting Tim Moors
TM122 Develop a lab for switch and router experimentation Tim Moors
Build a network testbed using routers, firewalls, caches
and load balancers
Tim Moors
TM112 An app for really personalising computers Tim Moors
Distribution of stray DC currents & minimising electrolysis
in Railcorp's network.
Toan Phung
Impact of distributed generation on high-voltage power
Toan Phung
TP44 Condition Assessment of Transformer Insulating Oils Toan Phung
TP46 Rogowski Coil for Partial Discharge Measurement Toan Phung
Solid-state Tesla Coil with audio modulation for sight and
sound special effects
Toan Phung
TP81 Partial discharge in HVDC systems. Toan Phung
TP76 Energy Harvester. Toan Phung
Application of signal processing tools for analysing power
quality disturbances
Toan Phung
Development of sensor devices for detecting arcing faults
in photovoltaic systems
Toan Phung
Development of new sensors for online monitoring of
partial discharges
Toan Phung
UHF antenna arrays for detection and location of partial
discharges in high-voltage power apparatus
Toan Phung
TP75 Insulation Co-ordination in power systems. Toan Phung
Power system protection - Detection of arcing faults in
electricity distribution networks
Toan Phung
TP61 Generation of high voltage using power electronic devices Toan Phung
TP52 Investigation of the effect of temperature on the stress Toan Phung
distribution in high voltage DC cables
TP83 Partial discharge at VLF. Toan Phung
TP62 Development of smart electricity metering for smart grids Toan Phung
TP82 Inrush currents in power transformers. Toan Phung
Core Loss Analysis of a Three Phase Distribution
Toan Phung
TP79 Temperature rise in power transformer. Toan Phung
TP77 Transformer jump-overload ratings. Toan Phung
TP84 Insulation in transformer. Toan Phung
TP49 Electrical insulation for high-voltage DC systems Toan Phung
TP40 Ultrasonic detector for monitoring partial discharge Toan Phung
TP57 Partial Discharge Measurement Toan Phung
TP85 Electric insulation diagnostic. Toan Phung
TP38 Condition Monitoring of Power System Equipment Toan Phung
Electrical transients in power system networks and
Toan Phung
TP80 Electrci fields in HVDC power equipment. Toan Phung
Electrical Test systems for failure analysis of cochlear
Torsten Lehmann
TL29 IC Amplifier Design for Touch Sensors Torsten Lehmann
TL48 Energy efficient neurostimulator. Torsten Lehmann
TL42 Reconfigurable A/D converter Torsten Lehmann
TL45 SOS circuits for chip-scale implants. Torsten Lehmann
TL34 Low - Leakage CMOS systems Torsten Lehmann
TL36 Low-Power Clock Generator Torsten Lehmann
TL03 Switched op-amp filter design Torsten Lehmann
TL19 Integrated dual output DC-DC converter Torsten Lehmann
TL12 Sigma-Delta Converter for Cochlear Implants Torsten Lehmann
Electronic circuits for L-Band phased array synthetic
aperture radar
Torsten Lehmann
TL21 On-chip reference circuits for biomedical implants Torsten Lehmann
TL46 CMOS transistor- transistor matching. Torsten Lehmann
TL35 Reconfigurable CMOS A/D converter Torsten Lehmann
TL04 On-chip DC-DC converter Torsten Lehmann
TL31 Low-Power Oscillator for Implants Torsten Lehmann
TL49 Ultra-low power RF subsystems for biomedical implants. Torsten Lehmann
TL33 Reconfigurable microelectronics for reasable systems Torsten Lehmann
TL37 Recontigurable Amplifier Torsten Lehmann
TL27 Low-power CMOS A/D converter Design Torsten Lehmann
Ultra low noise +/ - 15V power supply from a USB lead to
power simultaion and monitoring circuits.
Torsten Lehmann
TL16 Design of Amplifier for recording of Nerve Signals Torsten Lehmann
Integrated circuits for multiple-supply biomedical
Torsten Lehmann
TL13 Fully Integrated Amp-Meter for Electrical Stimulators Torsten Lehmann
TL10 Ultra Low-Power Microphone Pre-Amplifier Torsten Lehmann
TL30 Power Efficient Circuite for Biomedical Implants Torsten Lehmann
Modelling of current spread through electrode geometries
in implantable hearing device
Torsten Lehmann
TL28 Power Management System Torsten Lehmann
TL50 Gigahertz active filter. Torsten Lehmann
TL25 Implantable on-chip Power Supplies Torsten Lehmann
TL15 Design of Pt-electrode mesurement system Torsten Lehmann
TL32 High - Voltage CMOS amplifier design Torsten Lehmann
TL38 Analysis on analog switch encoding scheme in flash ADC Torsten Lehmann
TL43 Hermeticity sensor for chip-scale implants. Torsten Lehmann
TL18 Integrated Circuit Design for Biomedical Applications Torsten Lehmann
Nerve Signal Measurement Electronics for Biomedical
Torsten Lehmann
Ultra Low-Power Radio Receiver for Biomedical
Torsten Lehmann
TL39 Touch Sensor Interface Torsten Lehmann
TL26 Design of IC Amplifiers for touch Sensors Torsten Lehmann
Integrated circuit design for chip-scale biomedical
Torsten Lehmann
TL14 Low-Power Microelectronics for Biomedical Implants Torsten Lehmann
The Design of an Amplification System for
Torsten Lehmann
Design and development of S&W DC-DC boost converter
for fuel cell application.
Vassilios Agelidis
Electricity network provatisiation and impact on prices,
consumer services and associates benefits, if any.
Vassilios Agelidis
VA3 Electric powered steering assist. Vassilios Agelidis
VA5 TBD Vassilios Agelidis
Investigation into the effects of domestic grid-connected
photovoltaic system on an energy distribution network.
Vassilios Agelidis
VA1 Potential for nuclear power in Australia Vassilios Agelidis
VA7 Impact of Falling Demand on Network Business Models Vassilios Agelidis
VA2 Reactive plant management and network VAr Flows Vassilios Agelidis
VS17 Teleoperation Victor Solo
VS03 Visual Servoing of Inverted Pendulum Victor Solo
VS18 Modeling and Control of Human Balance Victor Solo
VS11 Visual Servoing of a robot arm Victor Solo
VS12 Magnetic Levitation System Victor Solo
VS19 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Victor Solo
VS13 Weather Derivatives: Modeling and Pricing Victor Solo
VS22 Neural Coding Victor Solo
VS25 Electricity Price Modelling. Victor Solo
VS23 Robot Arm Simulation Victor Solo
VS20 Forecasting Wind Power Victor Solo
VS15 Neural Coding Victor Solo
VS16 Optimal Control via Policy Iteration Victor Solo
VS24 Weather Derivatives: Modelling and Pricing Victor Solo
Speech modelling - A Monte Carlo approach to Gaussian
mixture modelling
Vidhya Sethu
VD3 Parallelising deep neural networks. Vidhya Sethu
VR44 Software defined networking: platform and use-cases Vijay Sivaraman
VR48 Mobile applications for the oyster industry Vijay Sivaraman
VR45 Mobile Content Distribution Vijay Sivaraman
An iPad Application for the Profiling of Regional Town
Vijay Sivaraman
VR50 Security and Privacy analysis of internet of things (IOT) Vijay Sivaraman
An iPad application and backend database for profiling
regional town centres.
Vijay Sivaraman
VR35 Android interface for pollution monitoring system Vijay Sivaraman
Design and implementation of a scalable database and
server for hosting sensor network data
Vijay Sivaraman
VR41 Privacy preserving polls Vijay Sivaraman
VR36 Communication between mobile phones and sensors Vijay Sivaraman
Design of a wireless sensor board for measuring air
Vijay Sivaraman
VR25 An iPhone application for visualising pollution maps Vijay Sivaraman
Software defined networking for inter-domain
Vijay Sivaraman
VR47 Secret key generation using the wireless channel Vijay Sivaraman
Development of control system for unmanned aerial
vehicle platform.
Yong Li
YL2 Development of unmanned aerial vehicle platform Yong Li
ZB2 Battery charge measurement using optical fibres. Zourab Brodzelli
ZB1 Fibre optic flow meter.