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Non-Profits Final


Brenda Anaya
Throughout the course, I learned about the several
different elements that go into constructing non-profits
and other projects/activities. By using these elements , I
better planned my service learning project at school.
Mission Statement (1)
Budget (2)
Donor Letter (3)
Possible Grant (4-5)
Executive Summary of Grant (6)
Logic Model (7)
Press Release (8)
Project Planning and Evaluation (9)
Seminar Reflection (10)

Brenda Anaya

Book Drive: For our service learning project, We will be collecting gently used books, CDs and
DVDs to donating to Pawtucket Library and Books are Wings. These donations of adult books
will help support the library's programs by being sold in a book sale. The donations of children's
books will be donated to Books are Wings which will distribute the books to children in our

Book Drive will run for 4-6 weeks

Book Drive

Expenses Type Where its
$93.00 Services (Organizing book drive and
packaging items into boxes)
Book Drive In Kind
$32.00 Advertising (Flyers to hang around the
school and send to homes)
Book Drive Direct Cost

Income Type Where its
coming from
$150.00 Grant Blackstone
$200.00 Donation Anonymous Unrestricted

Brenda Anaya
337 Central Street
Central Falls. RI 02863
April 8, 2014

Trenz Puca
4321 First Street
Pawtucket, RI 02860
Dear Mr. Puca,

Your involvement within our community completely blew me away. From volunteering at local
schools to working in soup kitchens, it is clear that you have a strong place in your heart for our
community. For my service learning project, I am organizing a book drive in order to collect
books that will be donated to our local libraries and distributed among the children in the
community. This book drive will work directly with Books are Wings and the Pawtucket Library
to get these books into the hands of children.

As you have noticed, education is major value and concern within the community. Recent studies
have shown that children in poverty have a harder time accessing books and meeting basic levels
of reading proficiency. Families are trying their best to help their children get the education they
need. For this reason, your contribution would be able support these children and help them get a
head start on improving their literacy skills. One of the biggest steps in improving our
community lied within assisting children with their education.

I would like to have the opportunity to schedule a meeting with you to properly present my
project, which can continue to add to the tremendous amount of help you've given to our

I look forward to meeting and discussing with you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Brenda Anaya

Brenda Anaya
Elizabeth Newton
April 15, 2014
Scholastic Book Grant Summary

Scholastic Incorporation offers grants to support the purchase of books for children. The
Blackstone Book Drive is applying for at most 100 books or money to purchase such books
which is about $800. Our project collects books from our students and people outside our
community in order to return them to our local libraries and children in need of books in our
community. The Blackstone Book Drive wants to assist children in engaging them with reading.
Children need to begin reading at a very young age. Barriers in starting this experience can
include not having books at home. Other might be that they dont even have access to a local
library due to transportation or distance. With the help of the students in Blackstone, we can all
work together to organize the books and distribute them among the children.

Brenda Anaya
Elizabeth Newton

Logic Model-- Book Drive

GAP- Children in low-income communities don't have books at their disposal and libraries have
difficulty maintaining their reading programs.

INPUTS- We already communicated with our local libraries and the members of the Blackstone
Community about the possibility of a book drive. We have volunteers who are interested in
assisting us.

ACTIVITIES- We want to organize a book drive at our school (Blackstone Academy) that will
collect gently used books (children's, adolescent and adults), CDs, and DVDs. These items will
be donated to United Way to pass onto children during the summer and to our local libraries.

OUTPUT- After collecting the books, we hoped to get 200 books in order to supply at least 100
children with a few books. We would also like to get 200 CDs and DVDs to support and fund at
least 1 literacy program for he children at the Pawtucket Library.

OUTCOMES- We hoped to have encouraged these great young minds into reading more.
Although, we do hope to provide a workshop for parents on the importance of early childhood
reading and include resources to help them gain access to books.

For immediate release: May 13, 2014

Blackstone Academy joins the United Way Childrens Book Drive

PAWTUCKET Throughout their years in the education system, Blackstone Academy continues
down the path to improving the community by letting their student make the change. From collecting
e-waste to park restorations, Blackstone students have put their heart and effort into making their
community a better place. Now working alongside United away of R.I., Blackstone organized a book
drive to help the children, of all ages, in our community have a few books at their disposal.

Brenda Anaya and Keyarra Alfred, juniors at Blackstone, organized the drive at their school for their
service learning project which will run from May 16 -June 16. They set the goal of collecting 200-
300 books within their school to assist in UWRI's goal of 30,000. Both students enjoy reading and
hope to influence the children to continue reading.

As a child, I grew up living inside books, says Keyarra. Books helped me learned new and
different lessons. Every child should have the opportunity to explore the worlds they could only
dream of.

Brenda mentions that she used to be part of a former class named Literacy Leaders offered at her
school. Every 2 weeks, the class went to Headstart in Pawtucket where they selected appropriate
books to read to the preschoolers and created art activities for the book. She is considering to further
help the children in our communities by planning a more interactive event at a local park.

The Children's Book Drive is in great need of assistance and if any are interested please either
contact UWRI at or Brenda Anaya at
Donations are appreciated until June 16.

Brenda Anaya
Non-profits CIP
Elizabeth Newton
May 27, 2014

"The Worlds Within the Pages" Book Drive: May 28, 2014- June 11, 2014 at Blackstone

Purpose: To provide the children in our community with an easier access to books and literacy
programs at local libraries

Brief Description: We are collecting children books, young adult books, CDs and DVDs to donate
to United Way of R.I.s summer programs and the Pawtucket Library.

1. Planning Committee: Creating the proposal, speaking to principal and
2. Advertising Committee: Decorating the donation box(es), creating flyers to hang around
the school, reminding students and faculty during announcements
3. Volunteer Committee/Volunteer Plan: About 3-5 people will be needed in order to sort
out the books and place them in separate boxes that will be sent to their appropriate location.

Marketing Plan: During morning meeting, my partner and I will make an announcement about our
book drive to the faculty and students at Blackstone. We will also encourage them to ask their family
and friends to donate their gently used books. By promoting it at a school, we are specifically
targeting teachers and students who understand the value of how books assist children in their
learning process.

Volunteer Outreach/Recruitment: We will talk with students from previous book clubs and make
announcements for our need in volunteers to the rest of the school.

"The Worlds Within the Pages" book drive collected children's and young adult books to
donate to United Way's summer programs and the Pawtucket Library. United Way's mission
statement is "To advance the common good and mobilize the caring power of communities around
the world, we will: Ignite a worldwide social movement, and thereby mobilize millions to action
to give, advocate and volunteer to improve the conditions in which they live." The expected
outcomes of the book drive are that we collect between 100 and 150 books altogether and gain
participation from both inside and outside of Blackstone. These outcomes support United Way's
mission statement because we are encouraging the members of our community to donate their books
and use their time to help the children and libraries in their community to have an easier access to
books. In order to know the contribution of outside members, we will hand out short surveys to the
students and their families asking questions such as "where did they collect their books" and "who
did they mention the book drive to". With the results I get from the survey and book drive, we will
make an announcement to the whole school and mention them while also including the possibility of
passing the service learning onto an upcoming junior and further improving it.
Brenda Anaya
Non-Profits Seminar
Elizabeth Newton
June 3, 2014
Final Project Reflection

Throughout the non-profits seminar, there have been several bumps that have both held me
back and pushed me forward. In the beginning, I had no idea what my passion project would be. At
first I thought about doing something with people in our community who are part of the LGBT
community as well. On the other hand, I was unsure of what I wanted to do. Even after I had decided
to go with the book drive, I didn't know how exactly to plan everything so I was hesitant and ask
several questions through the process. My favorite topic would definitely have to be the project
planning section. Everything felt like it was coming together smoothly. I could actually picture how
my project was coming out and was proud of my hard work. The skills that I learned throughout the
course that I excelled at would have to be writing and development. All the assignments involved
several different forms of writing to present different sections of the project. In addition, as I
understood all the assignments and complete each, developing the final project became easier. Every
assignment just led to putting our passion project into action. After completing the seminar, I have
learned more about what I'm passionate about. Through these last 3 years at Blackstone, I honestly
had no idea of what I was passionate about or what I want to improve. After going through this
seminar, I feel that I can make any difference to the school and my community if I put all my efforts
into it.

With this newly acquired knowledge, I feel more confident in starting the process to my
senior project next year. I've used this class in order to better plan my service learning project this
year of the book drive. When I presented the idea to Kyleen, I used a similar format to the project
planning assignment we completed for homework to write my proposal. I have higher expectations
for myself after taking the class because I've acquired valuable skills that can help me through the
process of my senior project. I want to continue among the childhood literacy topic because I began
getting more passionate about it as I kept getting closer and closer to completing it. There will be
moments where it's stressful, but I have a better understanding of how to structure my project and
pace myself. After taking Non-Profits and Workplace Skills, I will be graduating with a Non Profit
Academy Certificate. I originally wanted to complete the courses necessary because I felt that I
would learn many skills that could help me in the future whether it'd be next year or the next 10 years.
Even though these courses were difficult, I actually enjoyed the courses and will move onto the next
year more confident about my abilities.