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Animals in Healthcare:
The healing dimensions of
human/animal relationships
This course is designed to introduce students to the central
elements of Animal-Assisted Interactions (AAI) in the context of
multiple healthcare settings. Students will learn the histor!
principles and e"idence-#ased guidelines to practice AAI.
Animals in Healthcare will also highlight a "ariet of communit-
#ased program along with in-class and field trip demonstrations.
Animals in Healthcare is taught in a rigorous! e"idence-#ased
format consisting of lecture! discussion! guest spea$ers! small
group wor$! practical research application! and final exam
including student presentation. Instructor Jean Larson, Ph.D.,
CTRS, HTR! will lead students in engaging dialogue with guest
lecturers from communit-#ased programs! "eterinar science!
and a "ariet of healthcare settings.
Animals in Healthcare is open to %ni"ersit of &innesota
'uniors! seniors! graduate students as well as the general pu#lic.
Dates: Thursdays Jan. 23 to May 15, 2014
Time: 5:45pm 8:45pm
Pa!e: Pant "ro#th $a!iities %est, &oom 140
'ourse (: ')P* 5541 +3 !redits,
Resident Cost: $1391.55 (undergrad) and $3!".51 (graduate). Ot#er $ees %a&
a''(&) '(ease *#e*+ One ,to' ,tudent ,er-i*es) or
,'ring Ter%
(or registration information a#out this and other
educational programs offered # the )enter! call us at
612-624-5166 or "isit