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Book Drive

Brenda Anaya and Keyarra Alfred

The Problem
Children in low-income
communities and minority groups
are more likely to not achieve basic
levels of reading proficiency by
4th grade. (Reading is
Background Research
"31% of children in Rhode Island are reading
below reading level"
"37 percent of children arrive at kindergarten
without the skills necessary for lifetime
"By the age of 2, children who are read to
regularly display greater language
comprehension, larger vocabularies, and higher
cognitive skills than their peers."
"2/3 of children living in poverty don't have
books at home. More families are falling into
Background informations came from....
Reading is Fundamental (http://
Book Spring (
Books are Wings (http://
My Essential
How does a child's surroundings
affect their ability to succeed
How does a child's exposure to
literature affect their ability to
become better learners and maintain
a healthy state of being?
Books are Wings
Pawtucket and Central Falls Library
United Way of Rhode Island
The Friends
Reach out and Read Rhode Island
What I did
We organized a Book Drive!
Collected gently used children, adolescent
and adult books, CDs and DVDs
Donated the children and adolescent books
to United Way's Children's book drive
Donated adult books, CDs and DVDs to
Pawtucket Library for their book sale which
funds their literacy programs
Book drive = SUCCESS!
Goal: collect 100 books, CDs and DVDs
Result: 167+ books, CDs, and DVDs
Room for improvement- expanding the
project and starting from the beginning of
the year
Considering to expand as senior project
Grateful to teachers and students who
Habits of Mind
A few habits of mind demonstrated were....
Collaboration: working with Keyarra and
planning project
Community Engagement: getting the
Blackstone community to donate their books
and put them into new hands
Optimism: unsure, but had faith that faculty
and peers would donate