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Hansel and Gretel have two options:

Bright, white lights

Bread crumbs
Everyone has difficult encounters
Getting lost
Finding a way home
Many pebbles need to be in the pockets
of middle school educators
Interdisciplinary teaming
Advisory groups
Flexible scheduling
Active learning
Main Goal: make big schools feel smaller
and more effective
We do need to help weak schools get stronger;
we do need to promote high standards for all; and
we do need to demand the very best from all
Teachers need to have their pebbles

Principal Debra Beebe takes on the his
reality show:
33 days
125 degree heat
Educator = Survivor
Survivor = Educator
We acted like young adolescents the
majority of the time, with our alliances and
cliques, gossiping, and game playing.

Surviving Survivor requires teaming
Bond with fellow tribe mates
Work together
Survive 33 days
An effective strategy for helping middle
grade students succeed
Provide more examples from inside the
Why is teaming so effective?
Effective middle level schools need
Academic excellence
Social equity
Developmental responsiveness
Disadvantages of Teaming
Moving around teachers
Individuals part of team, not school
Advantages of Teaming
Open lines of communication
Good connections
More responsive
Academic strengths
One conference
Learning styles
Honors classes

Sunflower District went back to isolation
Random scheduling and departmental
Similar to high schools
Lost sense of community
Eliminates close-knit relationship
Students prefer teaming
Like the idea of integrating subjects
Sunflower District should have kept the
teaming approach
All 3 articles
Provide examples of teaming
Good arguments for why teaming is a good
approach for middle schools
Hansel and Gretel & Survivor
Teaming is the right approach
Sunflower District
Do not use teaming
Lists advantages/benefits/experiences of
Teaming is an excellent strategy
Smooth transition
Makes big, overwhelming school seem
Advantageous in evaluations
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