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Careers & Media- Yearbook/Information Technology/Digital Media

Kyleigh Parham
SUBJECT/COURSE: Careers in Media (Desktop Publishing/Yearbook) DATE: October (Halloeen)
!y the end o" this unit# students ill be able to create a "lyer using their pre$ious knoledge o" desktop publishing% &ach
student is responsible "or creating a "lyer about a Halloeen Candy% 'hey need to market their candy to a potential
customer% &ach student is re(uired to include graphics and te)t in a pro"essional manner%
&ach digitally designed "lyer needs to be created using *imp% +tudents must capture images ith ,ing and create banners
using Pi)lr% -ll so"tare are open source and easily accessible% +tudents may atch tutorials pro$ided on the *imp
ebsite "or "urther re"erence% +tudents ill use this technology to be accustomed ith using open source so"tare and
de$eloping images that can be incorporated into a yearbook page% +tudents ill be able to grasp a digital layout and ha$e
"reedom to e)press themsel$es through their poster and their on indi$iduali.ed ay% +tudents ill be able to "ind ays
to implement this into their e$eryday li"e ith practice% 'hese programs o""er opportunities "or students to use technology
"or "ree instead o" purchasing o$erpriced so"tare% 'hey ill be able to use these programs in other classes to create a
di$ersi"ied lesson "rom other students and allo students to e)press themsel$es in a "orm o" digital art%
&ach poster must contain the "olloing/
Candy 0ame
- recipe that uses your candy
Halloeen appropriate graphics
1imitation o" hite space
Demonstration o" design elements and principles
National Standards (NBEA)
Inforation T!"#nolo$%
VI& Int!ra"ti'! M(lti!dia
-chie$ement +tandard/ 2se multimedia so"tare to create media rich pro3ects%
1e$el 456 Per"ormance &)pectations
2se multimedia so"tare to create pro3ects to enhance academic achie$ement across the curriculum
1e$el 7 Per"ormance &)pectations
Create Multimedia content and prepare it "or deli$ery
N!)ras*a D!+art!nt of Ed("ation Standards
8ntroduction to Digital Design
Standard ,/ +tudents ill utili.e technology to analy.e elements and principles o" design to communicate and
e)press ideas%
Sa+l! P!rforan"! Indi"ator ,&,&-. Demonstrate the use o" design elements
Sa+l! P!rforan"! Indi"ator ,&,&/. Demonstrate the use o" design principles
Sa+l! P!rforan"! Indi"ator 4%9%65 2tili.e $arious sources o" imagery
Standard - : +tudents ill demonstrate the use o" technical tools and knoledge o" digital design
B!n"#ar* -&,
Sa+l! P!rforan"! Indi"ator 6%4%45 8denti"y $ector art "ile e)tensions
Sa+l! P!rforan"! Indi"ator 6%6%45 8denti"y raster art "ile e)tensions
ISTE Standards
;or +tudents5
4% Creati$ity and 8nno$ation
+tudents demonstrate creati$e thinking# construct knoledge# and de$elop inno$ati$e products and processes
using technology%
a% -pply e)isting knoledge to generate ne ideas# products# or processes
b% Create original orks as a means o" personal or group e)pression
c% 2se models and simulations to e)plore comple) systems and issues
d% 8denti"y trends and "orecast possibilities
;or 'eachers5
6% Design and De$elop Digital -ge 1earning &)periences and -ssessments
'eachers design# de$elop# and e$aluate authentic learning e)periences and assessment incorporating
contemporary tools and resources to ma)imi.e content learning in conte)t and to de$elop the knoledge#
skills and attitudes identi"ied in the 0&'+5+%
a% Design and adapt rele$ant learning e)periences that incorporate digital tools and resources to promote
student learning and creati$ity
c% Customi.e and personali.e learning acti$ities to address students< di$erse learning styles# orking
strategies# and abilities using digital tools and resources
1aptop/Desktop Computer
Pi)lr (http///pi)lr%com/)
*imp (http///%gimp%org/)
,ing (http///%techsmith%com/3ing%html)
!ook/ Digital Desktop Publishing (or similar textbook)
-uthors/ 1ake and !ean
8+!0547 : =>?5@5A7?5=>A@@54
INTRODUCIN2 T3E 0ESSON: Bhy do you buy certain candy around HalloeenC ('hink o" marketing strategiesD)
-% !ell Einger
!% ;lyer De$elopment
4) Present 1esson O$er$ie
6) Create Posters
i% ;ollo instructions and re(uirements
7) +hare posters and proo"read ith a partner
C% Presentation
D% Closure
MODI1ICATIONS 1OR SPECIA0 NEEDS STUDENTS: 'his ill depend on your classroom needs%
ASSESSMENT: +tudents ill be assessed on their ability to complete a pro"essional "lyer about a product% 'his product
should accurately represent a candy and uses "or that candy% +tudents ill be graded on their ability to implement a layout#
graphics# and te)t/content% +tudents ill be assessed on their presentation% ("ocus# $oice control# audience participation#
not reading "rom the "lyer# product knoledge)
C0OSURE: Bhat makes your "lyer stand out abo$e any other "lyerC
BAC4.UP: 8" the students "inish early# they can continue to ork on a layout "or each section o" the yearbook% (or you
may ha$e your on back5up procedure)