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Personal Statement
Trisha Wisniewski
Wayne State University

Personal Statement
I have always been interested in social work. Three years ago, I was
working as a team leader at a pharmaceutical software company. I had been
working for this company for twelve years, then one day they decided to lay 40% of
there staff off. I applied and attended Wayne State University as an undergrad
student with an undecided major. I met with a career councilor and after a few
months of reflecting on my interests and how I could see myself helping those
around me. I decided to embark on my journey to become a social worker.
Originally, I wanted to work with at risk children in dentition facilities within the
Criminal Justice system.
It is an professional discipline that strives to bring improvement in the
wellbeing and quality of life of an individual, a group or community by providing
them assistance in research, direct practice, policy making and teaching of those
people who are social unjust and are violated of their basic human rights.
Personally, I feel that this is a highly rewarding and yet challenging career to help
people in overcoming their difficulties and obstacles and making the most of
themselves by helping them with gaining the resources. Issues from substance
misuse to cases of abuse or neglect, along with supporting those individuals who
need care and medication.
As a social worker you are expected to work alongside with other supporting
organizations like hospital staff, police, teachers and caregivers; only then will you
become a true social worker. For a social worker, the qualification that would be
highly preferable would be an understanding of the law along with management
studies. I received my associate in applied science in Criminal Justice to help
understand the legal and law aspect and while doing this I felt compelled to make a
difference in these people lives once they get out of the criminal justice system and
helping them from reentering back into the system. These skills will help a social
worker in effectively managing the activities; do justice and equity in the social
The competencies within the BSW WOW program have prepared me to meet the
NASW Code of Ethics and the requirements for my degree. Throughout the BSW
program, I developed an understanding of my personal learning style. I respond well to
guidance and direction, and value clear directions and expectations. As a student, a
social worker, and a lifelong learner these qualities will help in the completion of tasks in
a timely manner and ensure the results of professional work reflect the expectations of
others. As a lifelong learner, being able to take direction, advice, and criticism with help
in professional development. Furthermore, my preference for details will help in gaining
a complete understanding of the client. On the other hand, clear direction is not always
available and creativity or innovation is needed to complete tasks.
My BSW education prepared me by laying the foundational skills of social work.
I have spent my last semester in the BSW program working with disadvantaged and at-
risk families; I completed my practicum at the YMCA in Detroit. Working with families
and children that are experiencing personal life challenges and helping them rise up by
reaching a level of self-sufficiency within the community. I work with families, to help
seek out community resources relating to infant mental health, mental health, family
violence and educational services for their children. The BSW programs has given me
the opportunity to look to community organization resources allowing me to enact social
change by working cohesively with the organization and our partners to bring attention to
the needs of children.
During my senior year of the BSW WOW program, while in my field
placement I knew that my direction has changed. This program has exposed to me
to the many facets of social work; field methods, research, social welfare policy, and
diversity and oppression. I knew that I wanted to be a social worker, however, I was
now interested in young children, more specifically infant mental health to be exact.
My long-term goal is to obtain a Masters in Social Work degree where I can advocate and
research for awareness in maternal and infant mental health needs. To be the change
agent that I want to be, I will need a masters degree to obtain this change. The education
that I have obtained thus far has only emphasized my passion to help the disadvantaged
and the at risk populations here in the metro Detroit area. I know that I can make a
positive change in the lives of mothers and infants; this is a chance for me to do what I
personally need to do in order to provide change for my community.
Social work is a highly rewarding and yet challenging career it helps people
overcoming difficulties and obstacles and to help gain access to resources within the
community. One area of social work that I am interested in, is the link between
breastfeeding and child abuse. I believe the benefits of breastfeeding along with the
breastfeeding community are one that needs special attention. Breaking down the
stereotypes that are associated with breastfeeding and strengthening the bonds between a
mother and her child will help establish the infant health and attachment.
As a social worker, I have great concern for the prevention and amelioration of
social problems and the enhancement of in the quality of human life. I choose to attend
Wayne State University because it is the only university on an urban campus. This
opportunity gave me an unseen advantage of working within the community of which I
want to service. I will look to my values and my experiences in order to empower others.
My values ensure that I will address clients without prejudice and always have an open
mind. My education at an urban campus university has heightened my area of boundaries
and gave me an unprecedented chance to explore the importance that boundaries provide.
I have gained great value from coming from an urban university where I have a unique
understanding of cultural and ethnic diversity.
The power of feedback is considered one of the most powerful influences on
learning achievements. I feel that I have learned to be self-critical and have benefited
from the feedback from others. Being in the BSW WOW program, most of our
classmates were asked to comment on our discussion and assignments. I took it as a
learning tool to learn from others feedback in order to improve my own work.
Throughout the BSW program aspirations started forming and I realized my intentions
require further education. I gained a considerable amount of skills and knowledge to be a
successful social worker. However, I would like to acquire more skills, knowledge, and
expertise that can be applied to my area of interest, thus helping me to be an affective and
competent social worker.