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Chapter 1: A Strange Meeting

John Taylor is walking home from his office as usual. It is a cold dark and snowy
evening and there are not many people walking on the narrow streets in the Thirteenth
District of Budapest at that moment. Suddenly, in a very dark part of one street, John
hears the loud sound of a door shutting from inside a building and a person running.
The street door opens abruptly and a man runs into him. John falls down and shouts at
the man. The man apologises in ungarian and then !uickly walks away. John finds it
strange as the man looks e"actly like him.
Exercise :
There are 8 events that occur in chapter 1. Arrange the sequence of events
e saw a man who looked e"actly like
e heard someone running.
e heard a door shutting loudly inside a
# man ran straight into him.
Thought about the argument with one
of the ungarians at work.
e was walking home from his office.
Started to snow heavily. e hoped that #ndrea would prepare him
one of her nice hot soups.
Fro the eight events that occur! "hich one #o you thin$ is the ost iportant%
&ive a reason for your ans"er.
Chapter ': &etting to (no" Me
John Taylor is a $%&year&old 'nglishman who is presently working in Budapest as a
computer programmer. e learns to speak ungarian from a pretty teacher named
#ndrea whom he falls in love with and later marries. They live in the Thirteenth District
on the (est side of Budapest. #ndrea teaches Hungarian to foreigners in a number of
schools and companies as well as to some students at home.
Exercise : Coplete the follo"ing #escriptions
Chapter ): A Search
John Taylor wonders where the man who looks like him has gone. e notices .ust in
time as the man turns right at the ne"t corner. John runs after him and sees him
entering the doorway of a wine cellar under a block of flats. /pon reaching the door,
John is confused when he does not see any of the man0s footprints in the snow. e
decides to go into the wine cellar to look for the man. John asks the barman whether
he has seen anyone entering the cellar but there is no such a person. John then
checks the toilet but to no avail. 1hen he gets home, he lies to #ndrea about what he
has been doing and does not tell her about his strange encounter.
Exercise A: *ea# the stateents +elo" an# ans"er the follo"ing questions
a. 1ho was the speaker3
b. To whom were these words spoken3
c. 1here did this conversation take place3
d. 1ho is (eter3
e. 1as this statement true3 '"plain your answer3
a. To whom does the word me refer to3
b. 1hat had happened to the speaker3
Chapter -: Fel$a .tca
The ne"t day after work, John goes back to the same place where the strange
encounter occurred. The door is number 6 7elka utca. The street is flanked with blocks
of flats that had been built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. They still
display gunshot holes that were made during the fights in either 1orld 1ar II or the
289: revolution. owever, John waits in vain and is unable to gather any enlightening
information. John then walks along 7elka utca and goes into the bar of the previous
night in ;ergely utca. The barman says that he does not see anyone who looks like
John. That night, John has a strange dream about the man and that frightens him.
Exercise A: /ase# on Chapter -! #eterine "hether the stateents are true or
2. John met (eter to discuss about a difficulty he had on that
5. John had lunch at a restaurant.
$. (eople were telling that John looked ill.
%. John left the office at si" o0clock.
9. The blocks of flat were built between 28
and 5<
:. The holes made by the gunshots were visible on the door.
6. The blocks were % storeys high.
=. The weather was sunny and warm.
8. 7elka utca and ;ergely utca are opposite of one another.
2<. The owner bought the bar si" years ago.
22. John watched the beginning of the news.
25. The note from #ndrea was found on the refrigerator.
2$. The door was shutting very slowly inside John0s dream.
2%. John dreamt that the man was running out of the building.
29. John was feeling very afraid.
I went out for some coffee with (eter
e wasn0t someone who looked like
me>. It was me that I saw.
Exercise /: Ans"er the follo"ing question.
2. 1hat is 6 7elka utca and why is it important3
Chapter 4: 5 Tell An#rea
John lingers outside number 6 7elka utca and hangs out in the bar everyday for a
week without e"plaining things to #ndrea. e is even afraid to go to sleep because of
the recurring dreams of his strange encounter. That 7riday, when John gets home, he
finds #ndrea in tears because she cannot understand what is happening, so he finally
tells her everything. #ndrea proves to be a very understanding wife and she promises
to go with John to help him investigate the mysterious man the ne"t day.
Exercise: 0o" that you have rea# Chapter 4! loo$ at the strips in the envelopes.
Separate the accor#ing to:
i. 6ohn7s thought +efore the sharing of +ur#en
ii. An#rea7s thought +efore the sharing of +ur#en
iii. 6ohn7s an# An#rea7s thought after the sharing of +ur#en.
/EF1*E T8E S8A*50& 1F /.*9E0
61807S T81.&8T A09*EA7S T81.&8T
AFTE* T8E S8A*50& 1F /.*9E0
61807S T81.&8T A09*EA7S T81.&8T
Chapter :: Tal$ing to the house$eepers
John has a good night0s sleep after telling #ndrea about the man. The ne"t day, they
go to number 6 7elka utca. They !uestion two housekeepers regarding the man. But
the housekeepers claim that they have never seen such a person. Then, the couple
goes for a drink in the bar at ;ergely utca. John believes the man whom he has seen
is actually himself? he wonders whether that man is someone who is still alive or dead.
Exercise: Coplete the sentences +elo" "ith correct inforation
2. John s recurring dreams about 444444444444444 himself had stopped for
nearly a week.
5. In this chapter #ndrea decided to go to 44444444444444444 with John to help
him speak to some people in the building.
$. The first person that they spoke to was an old lady who lived on the
%. The old lady had worked there for 4444444444444444 years.
9. Inside the building they also talked to a 44444444 in the fifties who had
worked there for 25 years.
:. 1hen they did not get any useful information, John started to think that he was
444444444444444 everything.
6. The bar was situated in 44444444444444444.
=. The barman welcomed them with a 44444444444444 smile.
8. -ut of frustration John said he felt like someone who was 44444444444444.
2<. #lthough #ndrea was trying to understand her husband but she said it was
very 444444444444444.
Chapter ;: 9oppelganger
John0s recurring dreams seem to have stopped and he does not go to the bar as often.
Soon, John and #ndrea receive good news that #ndrea is pregnant. The ne"t day
however, #ndrea loses her biggest teaching .ob with an international bank. @solt, the
owner of the wine cellar bar offers her a .ob to give the place a woman0s touch.
#ndrea0s ideas to give the place a different look helps bring in more customers and
women start going to the bar as well. Despite the changes in their lives, John still has
not forgotten his encounter and he also finds out that his double is called a
Exercise A: Ans"er the questions given +elo"
#. Based on the second paragraph in chapter 6, what do you understand by the ups
and downs of life3 1hat does John mean by this3
B. These are evidence to show the ups and downs in John0s and #ndrea0s life.
Bomplete the diagram below to show those ups and downs. The first one has
been done for you.
.ps 9o"ns
An#rea "as expecting a +a+y An#rea lost her <o+
Exercise /: Ans"er the follo"ing question
1. =hat is #oppelganger%
Chapter 8: A 8oli#ay
In #ugust, #ndrea stops working for @solt to prepare for her delivery. -n 2: September, a baby
girl named Cati is born. John is so busy that he forgets about the incident at 7elka utca. Then,
John and his family travel to 'ngland to celebrate Bhristmas. #t the village pub, John meets up
with his old friend (aul arris, a .ournalist. e believes in John s story about the doppelgAnger
but warns him to be careful. #t the end of December, John and his family fly back to ungary to
celebrate their *ew Dear holidays there. John starts thinking about his doppelgAnger again and
#ndrea gets angry when John is distracted and starts to neglect his family.
Exercise: Coplete the cross"or# pu>>le +elo"
2.The place where they celebrated their Bhristmas.
$.The time when EiF left (aul.
:.*ot paying much attention to #ndrea and Cati
=.ow many times have #ndrea been to John0s parents0 house3
8.#nother name for (aul0s .ob.
22.The place they spent their remaining holiday.
25.John0s father attended a party organiFed by his 444444444444
5.(eople give these for Bhristmas.
%.(aul obtained information on doppelganger from this source
9.ow did they go back to ungary3 They took a 444444444.
6.#ndrea0s feeling towards John when he became obsessed with doppelganger
2<.(aul and John went to the same 444444444 when they are young.
2$.The .ourney from Swindon to the 444444444444444444 is about an hour.
Chapter ?: The 9ate &ets Closer Again
-n 22 January, John wakes up in the morning feeling afraid. e has had the dream
again. e checks his diary and realises that the strange meeting had happened on 2=
January the year before. e decides to go to 7elka utca on that same date. #ndrea is
very upset that John is still obsessed with the doppelgAnger but when John persuades
her to accompany him to witness any incident that might occur, she obliges him. (etra,
#ndrea0s old friend agrees to babysit Cati. That night, John has the same dream again
and again.
Exercise: /ase# on chapter ?! ans"er the follo"ing questions
2. ;ive 5 pieces of evidence to show that John was troubled by his dream.
i. 4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444
ii. 4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444
5. ow does John keep track of his activities3
$. 1hat is important about Gonday 2= January3
%. ;ive 5 reasons why John wants #ndrea to go with him to 7elka utca
i. 4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444
ii. 4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444
9. 1ho will look after Cati when they go to town3
:. 1hat reason do they give her so that she will agree to babysit for them3
6. -n what day does John e"pect to see his doppleganger again3
=. #t the beginning of the story, #ndrea was patient and understanding about
John0s doppelganger. In Bhapter 8 however, she is angry with him. In your
own words, e"plain why she is so.
Chapter 1@: 18 6anuary
That Sunday John and #ndrea walk along the streets of the Thirteenth District. #t :.$<
p.m., they are standing opposite 6 7elka utca. There is nobody in sight. Suddenly John
hears a noise, then a door is shut. # man runs out and knocks him over. It is the same
situation all over again. John sees his double at the same place e"actly a year later.
But #ndrea does not see his double. She .ust sees John falling over and yelling.
Exercise :
The following events are not listed in the correct order. ,earrange the sentences and
write them in the correct se!uence
The man has John0s face.
John and #ndrea go for a walk on Gargaret Island to pass the time.
#ndrea tells John that she sees him falling over by himself and shouting at
no one.
#ndrea looks surprised and cannot seem to understand what is happening.
They go home in silence and that night, John has the same dream again.
They walk into the streets of the Thirteenth District and wait outside
number 6 7elka utca.
John notices that the bar is closed and there are no footprints in the snow.
John hears a noise and suddenly a man comes running out and bums into
John goes after the man but he has disappeared into the wine bar.
The man apologises and goes off !uickly
Chapter 11: A little +it of history
The ne"t day, John goes to the Budapest Bity Eibrary. e wants to find out what
happened in the Thirteenth District on every 2= January in the past. e reads the old
newspaper carefully. e goes to the library each afternoon. e reads about a young
woman and child killed when a bomb hit a cellar. The bomb did not e"plode but the
cellar was destroyed. The woman0s name was Grs. SFabo. The cellar is now none
other than @solt0s below&ground cafH. 1hen John gets home, #ndrea is angry. She
asks John where he has been as she had called the office and he was not there like
he said he was.
Exercise: State "hether the follo"ing stateents are True ATB or False AFB
2. John applied for leave to look after his sick wife and baby. 4444
5. John0s boss gave him leave from work a week or two. 4444
$. *ewspaper from as far back as ten years ago can be obtained from the
Budapest Bity Eibrary. 4444
%. # bomb was set off in the Thirteenth District to celebrate the end of the
war between the ;ermans and the ,ussians. 4444
9. # bomb went off and killed a mother and her daughter in a ;ergely utca
building. 4444
:. #ndrea called John0s office to check on him. 4444
6. #lthough #ndrea read the newspaper story that John showed her, she
still did not want to help him. 4444
=. The fighting between the ;erman soldiers and the ,ussians in (est
ended on 2= January 28%9 4444
8. The husband of the victim who was killed in the bomb hit was at work
when the incident occurred. 4444
2<. John claimed that his doppelganger ran out of the building in 7elka utca
and ran around to ;ergely utca. 4444
Chapter 1': 3oo$ing for the truth
John too leaves the flat. e walks round to ;ergely utca. e meets the housekeeper
again. e asks her if she knows of the SFabo family but she does not. #t 6 7elka utca,
he asks the housekeeper if there are people who have been living there for a long
time. e is told about Grs. 7isher on the fourth floor. e goes to her flat. She tells him
that she has been living there since 28$6. She remembers the SFabo family. Janos
SFabo0s story is a sad one. e used to live there with his wife and small daughter
during the war. Then his wife and child died in the cellar that was destroyed by the
bomb. #fter that, he seemed to lose the will to live and died while fighting in the streets
in 289:. Janos SFabo was a broken man. John finally knows the identity of his
Exercise :
Imagine you are a newspaper reporter who is reporting the tragedy in Budapest. 7ill in
the newspaper report below with information from Bhapter 25.
Chapter 1): Cro+les at hoe
1hen John gets home and tells #ndrea the story, she is furious. She does not want to
listen any more. They do not talk much after this. John keeps on thinking about the
information e has .ust received. The man, Janos SFabo, lived at 7elka utca. -n 2=
January 28%9, his wife and child died in the cellar what was bombed. 1hat does it all
It0s him I see every January Ipage
7iction # doppelganger doesn0t e"ist.
#nd that you need some help from
a doctor. Ipage %=J
> all I saw was you falling over
and shouting Ipage %=J
This man K Janos SFabo K my
doppelganger K was there for a
reason Ipage %=J
Gy doppelganger seemed to be
building a wall between us Ipage
1e often spent evenings without
talking much, or my wife went to
bed early, saying she was tired
after a day looking after Cati, and I
stayed up watching old films on the
T) until the early hours of the
morning Ipage %=J
# man called Janos SFabo had
lived at number 6 7elka utca. -n 2=
January 28%9, his wife and
daughter had been killed in the
cellar shop that was now @solt0s
Chapter 1-: Another year goes +y
The year passes !uickly. John and #ndrea become distant with each other. John0s
preoccupation with his doppelganger has affected the marriage. #ndrea plans to go
back to work and sends Cati to a school for young children. Towards 2= January, John
starts to have the strange dreams again. e wakes up frightened. e has a strong
feeling that the dream has something to do with #ndrea and Cati and he is very
Tragic En# for Mother an# Chil#
+y I2J 444444444444444444
Budapest, Gon+ # I5J 44444444444444444 and her baby were killed in a
shocking I$J 44444444444444444 & related incident in a cellar in I%J
4444444444 utca on Gonday, I9J 44444444444444444, 28%9.
The fighting between the I:J 444444444444 soldiers and the ,ussians
have ended but tragedy still hangs in the air for I6J 444444444444 , husband
and father of the tragic victims. #t the time of the unfortunate incident, he was
down in the I=J 444444444444, the small outdoor area where children
played. e was talking to a few I8J 444444444444 when a man suddenly ran in
shouting that something had happened in the cellar shop.
# I2<J 444444444444 bomb had hit the I22J 444444444444 above the
cellar shop in ;ergely utca. It did not I25J 444444444444 , but it was heavy
enough to I2$J 444444444444 the cellar. Both mother and child were killed
#t the time of this report, Gr. SFabo is still nowhere to be seen.
*eighbours who saw him earlier immediately after the I2%J 444444444444 said
that he did not seem to be the I29J 444444444444 man. e seems to have
I2:J 444444444444 wanting to live. e kept muttering to himself that he wanted
to I26J 444444444444 and that he had nothing left to I2=J 444444444444 for.
Exercise+ ,ead chapter 2% and complete the crossword puFFle below
). John Taylor thinks he sees this entity on 2= January
4. The type of e"ercise that #ndrea does
:. The name of street where John Taylor stumbles upon his other entity
;. John TaylorLs daughter
1@. SFaboLs first name
1. The capital city of ungary where John Taylor lives and works
'. The name of street where the bar is located
-. John Taylor comes from this country
:. The type of house that John Taylor and family live
8. John TaylorLs wife
?. The owner of the bar
Chapter 14: 5 #iscover soe ore facts
-ne day, John is walking along a street. e sees a sign above an old shop. It says
MSFabo0 in green lettering. It means Mtailor0 in 'nglish which sounds like MTaylor0. This
sparks off something in John0s head. MJanos0 is the ungarian name for MJohn0. e then
realiFes that he and his doppelganger share the same nameN he goes to see Grs.
7isher again. She tells him that Janos SFabo0s wife and daughter were also named
#ndrea and Cati. John needs to find out one more thing. e goes to the (ublic
,ecords -ffice. There he finds out that Janos SFabo has the same birth date as his.
By now, he is sure that his doppelganger is trying to tell him something. e decides to
wait and see if he can meet his doppelganger again on 2= January.
Exercise: The e"cerpts below are taken from Bhapter 29. 'ach e"cerpt has one error.
/nderline the errors and give the correct answers. The first one has been done for
DI#E-;/'S B-,,'BTI-*
2. Janos the tailor. John the tailor. John Tailor.
5. Do you remember I came to ask you about Janos
SFabo, Grs. 7isher3
$. MI was asking myself if I should go to meet my
doppelganger, Janos SFabo for the second time on 2=
%. M#nd do you know something K you look so like her,
9. MThe ne"t week, I went to the (ublic Eibrary office in
my lunch break.0
:. Dou look very much the same. The ears, the nose, the
6. This is the office where they keep information about
everyone who lives in Budapest before.0
=. Ban you remember the names of the wife and
daughter who were killed in the storeroom3
8. M I remembered the man in my new dream last night, in
the e"ploded cellar, looking for something.0
2<. MThere was the owner0s name in red, and below it the
word @solt in green0.
Chapter 1:: 5t all happens again
'very night from then on John has the same frightening dream. e can hear a man
shouting, and sees #ndrea and Cati in his dream. 7inally, it is Sunday, 2= January.
#fter work, John gets home and sees a note from #ndrea. She has gone to the cafH
with Cati as @solt needs her help. e immediately senses danger and knows that
something terrible is about to happen. e runs to the cafH. Suddenly, he hears a loud
e"plosion from ;ergely utca. e runs into his doppelganger on the way to the cafH.
Exercise+ ,espond to the prompts given and elaborate.
My rea#ing log
Cage 4-
Cropt 1: 1hat is your worst nightmare3
Cage 44
Cropt '+ 1hat would you do if you suddenly hear a very loud noise like a bomb3
Cage 4:
Cropt )+ 1hat do you think will happen to #ndrea and Cati in the ne"t chapter3
Chapter 1;: =e ust get the outD
The street is full of smoke. There is a strong smell of gas. # crowd is standing outside
the cafH. John shouts that his wife and child are inside. e then asks the crowd to help
him get them out. #s they are picking up stones from the rubble, he hears the noise of
police cars. # policeman asks him to come out of the building. e is told by the fireman
that it is too dangerous for him to go in. Eater, John pushes his way through the crowd.
e tells the police about his wife and child. e regrets not telling #ndrea everything
about Janos SFabo. e is certain that his wife and child have died in the e"plosion.
Exercise+ ,earrange the following statements in the correct se!uences as in the te"t.
e gets out of the van feeling terrible
The policeman suggests that he goes home
The people stop helping him when they hear sirens
Strong hands pull him out into the street
e walks on glass from all the broken windows
e gives orders to everyone to form a line
e is !uestioned by a policeman
e coughs a lot so a nurse gives him something to help breathe
0o. Event
Chapter 18: .nexpecte# help
John is walking along ;ergely utca very slowly, lost in his thoughts. Suddenly he
bumps into somebody. It is his doppelganger. is doppelganger lifts his arms and
points to two figures nearby. They are #ndrea and Cati. They run to each other.
#ndrea tells John that his doppelganger has saved hers and Cati0s life. She was about
to enter the cafH when she saw his doppelganger standing there. #t first, she thought
he was John but then realiFed that he looked slightly different. She knew then that it
was the doppelganger. e was pointing down the street. e wanted them to go away.
So #ndrea left with Cati. 1hen she was home, she heard the e"plosion. So she came
out to see what happened. She was afraid that John was at the cafH. John says that it
is a strange story. They walk home together.
Exercise+ #nswer the following !uestions.
2. #fter the e"plosion at @solt0s bar, John feels as if he wants to die because he
thinks his wife and daughter have perished in the blast. Then he meets the
doppelganger who points his finger. 1hat do you think the doppelganger is
trying to tell John3
5. 1hen #ndrea is about to go down the bar, she thinks she sees John standing in
front of the entrance. e doesn0t say anything but when #ndrea tires to go down,
he does not get out of her way.
In your opinion, what is he trying to convey to #ndrea3
$. Cati cries and shakes her head. O*ot Daddy,P she said. O*ot Daddy.P
1hat could make her cry3
%. 1hen #ndrea realiFes that it is the doppelganger, and looks at him again, he is
pointing down the street.
1hat do you think he is indicating to #ndrea3
B#(T', 9
I have a bad dream
I wake up feeling afraid
I am always tired in the morning
I am not being nice to my partner
I feel worse for my partner because I do not tell
the truth
I cannot think about the important things
I do not feel good so I start to drink more
I am afraid to go home
I cannot understand why he has to go to ;ergely
utca bar every night
I better go to bad earlier so I do not have to see
I will confront him after he comes back
ow could he hurt me like this
e has changed completely
I love this woman so much
I feel so terrible for hurting her this way
I want to help him
Thank ;odN e is not involved with another
I will go to 7elka utca with him on Saturday
This must be very serious because it makes him
I must get all the information from him