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Progress Test 4 (Units 1012)

Trac !
A Listen to an interview with Lucy Bellman, CEO of International News and Media. Complete
the sentences elow with the correct alternative ! a, or c. "ou will hear the interview twice.
# According to Ms Bellman, a CFO should be _______________
a$ an optimist
$ conservative
c$ sales-oriented
% Ms Bellman believes a CFO should _______________
a$ let the businesss accountants deal with the details
$ let the CEO mae the big decisions
c$ be an accountant
& Ms Bellman sa!s that a CFO needs to prepare accounts and budgets _______________
a$ "uicl!
$ woring closel! with other accountants
c$ with great care
' Ms Bellman believes that a good CFO understands _______________
a$ both the details and the #big picture
$ the details but not necessaril! the #big picture
c$ the #big picture but not necessaril! the details
( According to Ms Bellman, a good CFO _______________
a$ can understand the CEOs e$planations o% policies and so on
$ is able to hide bad news so that shareholders dont worr!
c$ can communicate clearl!
) Ms Bellman sa!s that a good CFO _______________
a$ can per%orm well even with onl! a little understanding o% computers
$ needs to now a lot about propert!, law and compan! secretarial a%%airs
P"#T#C#PI$%LE & 2010 Pearson Longman ELT
c$ should wor closel! with a compan!s law!ers and secretaries
* 'n Ms Bellmans view, a good CFO _______________
a$ will be a good manager
$ would mae a bad CEO
c$ deals with ever! matter ver! seriousl!
+ Ms Bellman sa!s that a CFO has to wor e$tra hard _______________
a$ in times o% crisis
$ when %oreign e$change rates change "uicl!
c$ when the CEO is on holida!
A ,ead the article and decide whether these statements are true or false.
- Corporate responsibilit! becomes less important in a bad econom!(
#. Mars is worried that demand %or chocolate will decrease(
## )al-Mart has become more sociall! responsible mainl! because o% protests b! consumers(
#% Fiona *awson sa!s that her compan! maes a lu$ur! %ood rather than an essential one(
#& Consumers are cutting bac more on premium %oods than on ethical %oods(
Why corporate responsibility is a survivor
Man! people predicted that the recession would end tal o% corporate social responsibilit!( Faced with
the %ear, or realit!, o% losing their +obs or homes, consumers would rush past the Fairtrade shelves and
pic up something the %amil! could a%%ord( Companies, meanwhile, would concentrate on saving
themselves rather than the planet(
,hat prediction has turned out to be wrong( Mars, the worlds biggest sweets and chocolate
compan!, has announced that its entire cocoa suppl! will be #produced in a sustainable manner b!
-.-.( Mars will wor largel! with the /ain%orest Alliance, which encourages %armers to preserve their
)al-Mart, the worlds biggest retailer, recentl! told a meeting o% &,... Chinese suppliers that
it would hold them to strict environmental and social standards(
P"#T#C#PI$%LE & 2010 Pearson Longman ELT
)h! are these companies acting in a wa! %ew e$pected0 First, there are important business
reasons( )hen Mars tals about cocoa supplies being sustainable, the! mean it( Chocolate
manu%acturers are worried about how much cocoa will be available a decade %rom now( )orldwide
cocoa production %ell in -..1 %or the %ourth successive !ear(
)al-Mart also has commercial reasons %or its position( ,he compan! has been encouraging
companies to cut down on pacaging( ,his enables it to %it more goods into each deliver! truc, not
onl! reducing its emissions but also cutting the amount it spends on petrol( Cost-cutting is vital to
beating the downturn and i% companies can boost their green credentials at the same time, wh! not0
But the companies go %urther( 2ot onl! do their announcements mae business sense, the!
sa!3 consumers, even now, insist on them( Fiona *awson, Mars 45s managing director, sa!s
customers e$pect the compan! to #do the right thing, adding that #nobod! has to bu! chocolate(
A recent report b! Mintel, the research organisation, sa!s6 #Although a third o% shoppers have
cut down on the number o% premium %oods the! bu!, onl! one in &. has cut bac on ethical produce(
7ustin 5ing, chie% e$ecutive o% 7 8ainsbur!, the 45 retailer, said in Februar! that its Fairtrade sales
were holding up well(
About a %i%th o% consumers are uninterested in such issues and about a third cannot see what
di%%erence their purchasing maes( But the biggest group, about 9. per cent, are those who are
prepared to bu! ethical goods i% companies mae it eas!, which generall! means not maing it
e$pensive( /0
P"#T#C#PI$%LE & 2010 Pearson Longman ELT
B Loo1 at the final para2raph of the article. Complete the laels 3#'4#+$ on the pie chart with
the words and phrases 3a4e$.
a$ 4ninterested in ethical issues
$ *ont thin their bu!ing decisions matter
c$ Others
d$ Consumer attitudes
e$ ;repared to bu! ethicall! i% its eas!
A Complete the conversation usin2 the correct form of the vers in rac1ets.
A <ow did !ou get !our +ob at 8olarworld, <ans0
B 'ts ind o% a %unn! stor!( ' _______________
>%inish? universit! with a degree in ', but ' hadnt
been able to %ind the +ob ' wanted( 8o, while ' _______________
>loo? %or a real +ob, ' got a +ob
driving a deliver! van %or an o%%ice suppl! compan! and, at the same time, ' was appl!ing %or lots
o% +obs in business(
A 8o did !ou appl! to 8olarworld0
B )ell, ' wrote them a letter and enclosed m! C@ but ' _______________
>send? a ver! short
response sa!ing the! werent interviewing(
A 8o what happened0
P"#T#C#PI$%LE & 2010 Pearson Longman ELT
B )ell, ' had to mae a deliver! to 8olarworld one da!( M! compan! _______________
their order %or some dess the wee be%ore( And while ' _______________
>deliver? the dess,
one o% their ', gu!s was tr!ing to %i$ a computer %or a manager and he +ust couldnt do it( ,he
manager was getting reall! angr!( 8o ' ased i% ' could have a loo( ' thin the! were both
shoced but the! let me tr!(
A O5, ' can guess what _______________
B 't was a basic problem and ' solved it right then( And soon a%ter, ' was managing that gu! who
couldnt solve the problem( ,he %irst thing ' did _______________
>be? to mae sure he
>give? some trainingA
B Complete the article with who, which or that. In some cases, more than one answer is
5rofile6 "oun2 CEO 0hia2o Areu
,hiago Abreu, -B, runs his own compan!( ,he !oung CEO,
put himsel% through universit! and earned a degree in chemistr!, now runs
'2,Chem( ,he %irm,_______________
does on-site water and soil sampling and carries out
environmental damage anal!sis, is based in Brasilia( <ow do !ou get to be a CEO at -B0 #M! mother is
the person_______________
reall! made me believe in m!sel% sa!s Abreu( #' come %rom a ver!
poor place, a small village( 't isnt a place_______________
produces man! businessmen( But here '
am( '2,Chem,_______________
currentl! has contracts with two large oil companies and a hand%ul
o% other smaller businesses, eeps Abreu bus!( #' guess 'm the ind o% person _______________

lies it that wa!, Abreu sa!s(
A Complete the short conversations with the appropriate phrases 3a4h$.
a$ consider another approach
$ to do is e-mail Adrienne
c$ deliver an! earlier
d$ could be a problem
e$ what are our options
f$ were looing %or &B
2$ were hoping %or C.
P"#T#C#PI$%LE & 2010 Pearson Longman ELT
h$ it ma! not wor
&& A )e need to deal with 8imons behaviour(
B 8o_______________0
&' A ,his +ust isnt woring(
B O5, so lets_______________(
&( A )hat shall we do0
B ,he ne$t thing_______________(
&) A )e have to stop people using Faceboo(
B 'm with !ou up to a point but_______________(
&* A )e can give !ou :. da!s credit(
B )e_______________(
&+ A ' need these b! Frida!(
B 4n%ortunatel!, we cant_______________(
&- A )e want pa!ment on deliver!(
B 't_______________(
'. A ' can give !ou a &.E discount(
B )e_______________(
B Complete the presentation with the words in the o7.
attention bacground improvements parts "uestions tal
<ello, ever!one, and welcome to Masatomo Electric 'ndustries( 'm going to divide m!
into three_______________
( First, 'll give !ou some_______________
our wor with s!nthetic diamonds( A%ter that, 'll tal about some recent_______________
made in our production processes( Finall!, 'll e$plain some o% our /F* wor in super-hard
materials( 'll be glad to answer an!_______________
at the end o% m! tal(
Gets start with the bacground( Could ' draw !our_______________
to the %irst slide (((
P"#T#C#PI$%LE & 2010 Pearson Longman ELT
A Choose the est word to complete these sentences.
'* ,wo men were arrested %or using ;a!;al %or mone!_______________(
a$ %i$ing $ trading c$ laundering
'+ 8elling !our compan!s secrets to a rival is called industrial
a$ %raud $ espionage c$ pollution
'- ' re%use to wor %or a compan! that does animal_______________(
a$ %raud $ discrimination c$ testing
(. eba! will close !our account i% the! %ind !oure selling counter%eit
a$ goods $ corruption c$ %i$ing
(# )e need a strong negotiator, someone whos reall!_______________(
a$ assertive $ di%%ident c$ %ormal
(% '% !ou have a clear understanding o% what !ou can and cant do, !oure
a$ cautious $ casual c$ realistic
(& <e would do an!thing to succeed( <es completel!_______________(
a$ principled $ ruthless c$ laid-bac
(' '% !ou choose a course o% action and !ou stand b! !our choice, !oure
a$ critical $ decisive c$ radical
B 8rite one word in each 2ap to complete these idioms.
(( 't isnt %air( ,he! eep moving the_______________(
() '% we all launch at the same time, well have a level pla!ing_______________(
(* Hou now, the C-BC +ust isnt going to sell( )ere %logging a dead_______________(
(+ Our maret share is greater than e$pected( )ere ahead o% the_______________(
(- 2o one has an!thing lie the 7C-B( 'ts a one-horse_______________(
). '% !ou put me in the driving_______________, 'll sort things out(
P"#T#C#PI$%LE & 2010 Pearson Longman ELT
A "ou are a uyer for a 9I" store:s 2arden department and have ;ust seen the advert elow in
a trade ma2a<ine. 8rite an e!mail 3'.4(. words$ to the distriutor. ,ememer to include
the followin2 information.
I 8tate which products !ou are interested in(
I /e"uest more in%ormation about the products(
I As about prices(
Looking for high-quality garden furniture?
)e are distributing three new ranges o% %lat-pac 8wedish products6
I budget - light-weight pine construction, unpainted
I ever!da! - medium-weight pine construction, %actor! painted
I delu$e - heav!-dut! hardwood, oiled
All %urniture is %rom sustainable sources(
For in%ormation, e-mail <elena(EricssonJh"g%(com
B Last year your company used the services of Ethic!on, a corporate trainin2 company that
helps or2anisations wor1 more ethically. ,ead the letter elow from Ethic!on. 0hen write a
response of #%.4#'. words.
*ear trainee,
Gast !ear !our compan! received training %rom Ethic-on( As !ou now, we use case studies in our
training programme( )ed lie to now how !oure getting on( )rite to tell us whether our wor
made a di%%erence or not( 'n !our letter, please include the name o% !our compan!, its area o% business
and three e$amples o% ethical practice( ,he e$amples can be o% good practice or o% areas where
improvement ma! be needed(
,han !ou(
Ethic-on ,raining 8ervices
P"#T#C#PI$%LE & 2010 Pearson Longman ELT