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Explaining Physics, Stephen Pople, Oxford University Press, 1987, 0199142726, 9780199142729, .

Explaining Physics emphasizes the applications and social effects of physics, and extends its
treatment of energy and electronics. Introductory page to each unit to bring out the relevance of
the material to everyday life Simple questions at the end of each unit to consolidate learning
Helpful revision summary.
About Pets , Sindy McKay, 2002, Juvenile Nonfiction, 40 pages. Examines both popular and
unusual pets, discussing the joys and responsibilites of pet ownership..
GCSE Physics , Tom Duncan, Heather Kennett, Aug 30, 2001, , 372 pages. Reflecting the revised
GCSE specifications, this fourth edition includes additional material on the uses and dangers of
radioactivity, sections on communication and the ....
Physics for poets , Robert H. March, 1978, , 287 pages. A developmental approach to the study of
physics, which focuses on the fields of classical mechanics, special relativity, and the quantum
University physics, Volume 2 , Francis Weston Sears, Mark Waldo Zemansky, 1964, , 1028 pages. .
Gcse Physics Study Guide , , Oct 1, 2007, Physics, 160 pages. .
Physics for You Revised Edition for All GCSE Examinations, Keith Johnson, 2001, Science, 400
pages. The most popular series for GCSE has been updated to offer comprehensive coverage of
the revised GCSE specifications. Physics for You, has been updated in-line with the revised ....
Physics First P , Bethell, David Coppock, Jun 1, 1999, Juvenile Nonfiction, 128 pages. Covers the
physical processes and information needed for Key Stage 3 of the National Curriculum and shows
the effect of physics on everyday lives. This title includes coverage ....
Physics for Higher Tier , Stephen Pople, 2001, Physics, 268 pages. Provides information in
manageable chunks, which is reinforced by questions and activities that encourage students to
consider the practical application of science to everyday ....
Gcse Science , Lawrie Ryan, Et Al, May 30, 2006, , 328 pages. Clear and comprehensive content to
match AQA's specification.Page numbers match those in the corresponding Students' Book for
quick and easy reference.Clearly lists Learning ....
GCSE Physics Complete Revision and Practice, Richard Parsons, Claire Thompson, 2003, , 299
pages. .
Familiar illustrations of natural philosophy Selected principally from Daniell's chymical philosophy,
John Frederic Daniell, 1840, , 403 pages. .
Discovering Physics , Harold P. Knauss, 1951, Physics, 443 pages. .
Quantum Computation and Quantum Information 10th Anniversary Edition, Michael A. Nielsen,
Isaac L. Chuang, Dec 9, 2010, Computers, 676 pages. This 10th anniversary edition includes an
introduction from the authors setting the work in context..
Longman GCSE Physics , Brian Arnold, Steve Woolley, 2003, , 362 pages. A motivating and
challenging course for middle to higher ability GCSE students This motivating course is specifically
designed for middle to higher ability students following ....
Complete Physics , Stephen Pople, 1999, Physics, 336 pages. Stephen Pople, one of today's most
respected science authors, has created a totally new physics book to prepare students for
examinations. Complete Physics covers all ....
Physics for Today and Tomorrow , Tom Duncan, 1983, , 272 pages. .
The perfect grounding for students intending to take their studies to a more advanced level,
"Explaining Physics" contains all the essential concepts required by students studying Physics within
any Key Stage 4 science course. "Explaining Physics" emphasizes the applications and social
effects of physics, and extends its treatment of energy and electronics. The features are:
introductory page to each unit to bring out the relevance of the material to everyday life; simple
questions at the end of each unit to consolidate learning; and helpful revision summary.
Quite simply the most outstanding clear and straightforward explanation of all the main principles of
GCSE physics; written with suitable contempt for the dumbing down disaster of most recent
textbooks. A true gem for anyone willing to follow Poples simple prose and clear (b/w) diagrams. I
would recomend this book to anyone finding the subject confusing and in need of some plain talking.
I won't go into vast details, as physics cover all areas of science in the universe practically. This
boom delivers a good cross section of GCSE level physics. It is explained in a way that is easy to
understand but maintaining the detailed information you hope to learn. Many book can sacrifice
detail for ease of understanding, this does not do this.
It's quite a solid book too, reading 373 pages of content. After each section a small test is presented
so you can test your knowledge, and go I've the section again if you missed bits. It's great if like me
you are a layman in physics and are looking to perhaps study physics at a higher level and want
somewhere to start at home. It doesn't assume any real physics knowledge and only basic
The main failing of the book I have found is it omits showing the workings of equations, in the small
tests at the end of the sections; in the back you are presented with the correct answer but not how
to get there. In some sections I also noticed that it would say "simplified and rearranged" (when
regarding an equation or term) "would give us the correct answer...". What it doesn't do is actually
show how the equation was simplified and rearranged to get to the answer given. This can be
frustrating particularly for home-learners and can often lead to some time scouring Google for the
acceleration alternating current aluminium ammeter angle atmospheric pressure atom ball battery
bimetal bulb Calculate capacitor cell circuit coil colours conductor connected convex lens coulomb
current flows density diagram diode direction distance Earth effect electric electromagnet electrons
electroscope emitted engine equation example Figure 11 Figure 3a Figure 9 force acting frequency
gives glass graph heater illustrated in figure increased input joules kinetic energy latent heat lens
light liquid magnetic field mass material measured mechanical advantage mercury metal meter
metre mirror molecules momentum moving neutrons nucleus object output particles plate pole
positive charge potential energy produced protons radiation rays reflected refractive relative density
resistance resistor ripple tank scale screen shown in figure shows specific heat capacity specific
latent heat speed spring supply surface switch temperature rises thermal energy trolley tube vapour
velocity vibrating voltage volume wavelength weight wire
Stephen Pople, one of today's most respected science authors, has created a totally new physics
book to prepare students for examinations. Complete Physics covers all syllabuses due to a unique
combination of Core Pages and Further Topics. Each chapter contains core material valid for all
syllabuses. Further Topics at the end can be selected to provide the right mix of pages for the
syllabus you are teaching. Key Points: Totally new book constructed from an analysis of all GCSE
Physics syllabuses including IGCSE, CXC, and O'Level Sets the traditional principles of physics
in a modern and global perspective and uses illustrations with a worldwide context Extra topics to
give a truly rounded curriculum Double-page spread format Ideal for those students intending
to take physics to a more advanced level
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