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Praise Temple Ministries Publications, Inc.
The Practical Guide
For Your Spiritual Growth
B. Saunders
Then He who sat on
the throne said,
I make all things new.
And He said to me,
Write, for these words
are true and faithful.
Revelation 21:5

Overseer Alice B. Saunders
Visionary & Founder of Praise Temple Ministries
Allentown, PA
My Dear Friend,

I am praying that, in reading my testimony, you will experience your very own Personal
Spiritual Walk with God. Ive shared some of my innermost feelings because I want you to be
assured that God sees us all and loves us all. This Walk that I am talking about will give you
an enriched life of peace, salvation, joy, financial prosperity and good healththats your
promise from God! He wants to give you extraordinary favor in your everyday life.

As you turn these pages, I invite you to help me as I relive some of my most innermost
thoughts and feelings. I have poured out my heart in the pages of this book because I have a
vision to see Gods People Grow In Prosperity. I know you will be blessed as you read this

I pray that you will open your hearts and minds to accept what God has prepared for you.

Yours In Christ,

Overseer Alice B. Saunders

Leaving The Past Behind
I am writing this book is to show how you, as a Believer, can reach your highest potential and
receive Gods greatest blessings on your life and, on the lives of your loved ones. I believe
that as you read these simple words, you will realize the lifestyle that you have always reached
out for (or read about) yet, been unable to really see until now. In fact, Im saying that you can
consider this to be your roadmap to prosperity; in both a spiritual and financial way.

For many years, I have had a desire to share these words. Finally having the opportunity to
write, one day I found myself sitting at my desk looking out the window at a sky that was
beautifully blue. As I looked up towards heaven, I was reminded of the many obstacles I had
to overcome in order to reach this place in my life. Throughout the years, there were many
difficulties that had, at one time or another, held me back from reaching my greatest goals.
Thats the way that it WAS. Thank God, today I know that my destiny is not in looking down
but rather in looking up.

My friend, I have so much to be thankful for. Just a few years ago, you would not believe what
I was going through. Im going to share my testimony with you but, I also want you to know
that my deliverance did not come through my own power. God brought me out through my
obedience and faithfulness to Him. I want you to know that He can do exactly the same for
The Holy Bible teaches us that God has no respect of person. All He says is humble
yourselves therefore, under the Mighty Hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time (1

Peter 5:6). Let me tell youwhen I made the choice to give everything to God, the blessings
began to flow. Hearing this Word was such a revelation to my spirit.

A few years ago, I was asking God for direction. While reading my Bible, God led me to go on
a fast. I needed to make a spiritual sacrifice unto the Father. I didnt know how long I would
be fasting. I really just knew that, while I was on this fast, God would give me divine direction
on what I was to do. The Father reminded me that He is the Good Shepherd and would lead
me in the path that I should take. God promised me that, because of my obedience and
submissiveness, generational curses would be broken in my life. Even more beautiful, the
Lord clearly said that He would bless my children for generations to come. Praise God, He is
good! The Lord then gave me specific instructions. He led me to go on a three-day complete
fast. I was not to eat any type of food or liquids. Neither was I to watch television, listen to the
radio or speak on the telephone. God wanted my exclusive attention because He was going to
begin using me in a new realm of the Prophetic. This spiritual gift comes with a price, my
brothers and sisters. My cost was to be separated from all things carnal. It was my time to
concentrate all of my energies on the things of God. There is no other way to get this place in
God without total sacrifice.
My friend, there are times when you must get away from the things that keep you from hearing
Gods voice. Only then can you pray and ask Him to tell you what to do. You might just have
to set time by yourself away from your spouse, your children, the phone, the television, even
yourself. Thats right; you might have to get away from yourself. This means that you cant
think the things that you used to think, you cant do what you would normally do or even speak
in the ways that you used to. What makes this possible? The answer is so clear. The Holy
Spirit causes the difference! You must be separated in order to really hear from God. There
are times when He will speak to you in the quiet of the midnight hour or, in the stillness of the
noon-day hour. In either case, you must be prepared in order to hear His voice.

Isaiah 58 inspired and encouraged me to receive this insight which has blessed me and, given
me the faith to fully trust in God. As I studied the Word, during my fast, I began crying out,
God, Im in Your hands. Please be Lord over my life, over my family and, over my church.
In His own faithfulness, God answered my prayers!

A few days after the three day fast was over, I was lying in my bed. It was a quiet night. I was
resting while listening to some of my favorite gospel music. The Holy Spirit began to move and
I began praying, asking the Lord to show Himself. I wanted to experience His presence in the

newness of holiness. Praise God! The Lord answered my prayers. I had a spiritual visitation
right then and there. The Holy Sprit came in and rested on the side of my bed. He began
speaking to me in a personal way. In an audible voice, the Spirit of God told me Alice, it is
time for your breakthrough. It is time for your miracle. It is time for your new peace. Since the
age of nine years old, you have been speaking for me. You have been My mouthpiece.
People did not understand you. Many have even turned their backs on you and, overlooked
you. They knew that there was something different about you. Then, the Holy Spirit was
silent as He began reminding me of the emptiness of not fitting in with the crowd. All my life, I
had always heard Him speaking in my life but until I went on that three day fast, I instantly
recognized that I had not fully realized or understood His Voice and, what He was saying to

After the fast, everything became crystal clear. It was as if someone had switched on a light n
in my spirit. Thats how wonderful God was in telling me to move forward with my life and
ministry. He told me, I know that you are faithful to My work. I blessed you to Pastor a great
ministry. You have built a beautiful place for the people to worship in every Sunday morning.
But, it is time for you to leave your familiar place. You cannot stay here any longer. I am
sending you to a city that you do not know, a place where you will be a stranger. My daughter
I am leading you as I led Abraham in Genesis 12. You must leave your home and go where I
send you. That is where I will bless you abundantly and make your name great. Alice, you
MUST LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND. Can you just whisper Hallelujah right now?

With all of this wonderful blessing, getting just what Id asked for, I must admit that I still had
questions. Everyone was shocked when I told them what I had to do. Our church members
were in despair. Overseer, are you sure that this is God talking to you? We just finished
building our beautiful new church. We worked day and night to make everything here as a
testimony of our faith. We prayed over this place and now we have to move? Have we
labored in vain? Weve sacrificed our time, our talents and our finances to support this vision
and, now youre telling us that you are leaving? Our walls are fabric covered, the floors are
fully carpeted and we have beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Overseer, whats
happening???? My friends, they were absolutely right.

Our church was indeed a beautiful place. But, in the Spirit realm, it was not what God desired
for Praise Temple Ministries. Dont misunderstand me. As beautiful as it was in the natural, it
was even more beautiful in the Spirit. We praised God to the highest in that place. The
Sanctuary was anointed and, appointed by the Holy Spirit. The Word of God was going forth
in an awesome way. The evidence of full-fold ministry was in active and, in effect. People
were being blessed, bodies healed and, the multitudes were accepting the Lord Jesus Christ
as their personal Savior. Even with all of this, God desired to do a new thing through the
ministry of Praise Temple Ministries. He was commanding our spiritual selves to leave what
we had and, be willing to grow in a new land. It was not easy to step out. Certainly, it took
great faith in God. I had to leave my comfortable home, family and friends to go and begin a
new life in a strange place; a place that I did not know. Heres my question to you. Will you
obey when God commands you to do something out of the ordinary?

It was not easy but, for me there was no choice. I had to do whatever God commanded of me.
You see, when God calls, we must answer. Think on the promises of Psalm, chapter 23. Be
encouragedthe Lord is your Shepherd. He will never leave or misguide you.
I am not only telling you what to do. Im telling you what I did! Trusting in God, I began
packing. It was time to move. You wondering what happened? Well, you must know what
took place. Of course, God was true to His Word!!!

In quick fashion, I was ready for the move. As it was with Abraham in the Old Testament,
those who felt the calling joined me in the move to this unknown place. We did not look back
at what we were leaving because we knew that when God told us to go forth, we had no
choice but to obey. When God says Jump dont ask Him why,. Just ask Him how high He
wants you to go.

We left our home in New York. There was nothing else to do except to get ready for what was
in store for us. Settling into my new Pennsylvania home, I had time to reflect on current
events. I thought of what wed left behind, our beautiful church building, my home, my family,
my friends my life that wed just left behind. This caused me to drift back to the beginning
days of this powerful ministry which God had entrusted into my care. I invite you to come and
go back in time with me

In 1996, Praise Temple Ministries began with just three people including me! Even so, I was
encouraged by the Word of God For who has despised the day of small things? (Zechariah
4:10). I would not allow myself to become defeated by size, season or reason. God showed
me that this small group of three people represented the Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son
and, The Holy Spirit. AMEN! I would never give up.
Good morning Jesus, I know everything is going to be alright. Thats what we said every
morning. My friend, let me encourage you right now. You ought to speak these words every
morning. Find the place within yourself where you are ready to have a personal relationship
with God. Ask Him to be Lord over your life, finances, health and family; over everything that
you do, speak and feel. Come to the place where you will turn to Him with all of your heart and
soul. Why not make up your mind right now to give your all to God? Then, you will know what
when you face tough situations, God will make it all right. If you have the faith to believe, The
Lord will turn every negative problem into your own personal victory. Remember always that
God is the Master Planner over every situation in our lives.

I did not know where God was leading me when He told me to leave my comfortable place and
go to an unknown land. I had absolutely no idea what God had waiting for me. I did not know
that, while on this journey, I would lose some who were very dear to me. All I knew was that I
was determined to be an obedient follower. When He instructed me to leave the past behind,
that meant turning my back on everything I had worked so hard to achieve.

Get out of your country, from your family and from your fathers house. To a land that I will
show you. I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; and you
shall be a blessing. Genesis 12:1-3
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