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Anna Haapala

Name: Anna
Family: little sister and
brother, mum and dad
Hobbies: volleyball, dance
and gym
Interests: scrapping and
Favourite food: chinese

Veera Eiste

Name: Veera Eiste
Age: 17
Family: parents, two
older sisters and a little
Hobbies: dance and
fitness classes
Interests: style and
fashion, decoration,
sports, beauty, different
cultures and languages
Antti Alanr
Hello, my name is Antti Alanr
Im 17 years old but Im turning 18
in April.
My hobbies are Ultimate, cooking,
watching movies and playing
videogames. Im very interested in
science and technology.
There are four members in my
family: mom, older sister and
I love good food and good
company :)
My favourite movie is District 9
and sci-fi in general. And for your
information I'm 197 cm tall, so you
don't have to ask that
Sonja Kuivasaari
Name: Sonja Kuivasaari
Age: 17
Family: mum, dad, big sister,
little brother, two cats
Hobbies: volleyball, ballet,
Interest: sports cooking,
fashion, hanging out with

Alina Kalkko
Name: Alina Kalkko
Age: 17
Hobbies and
interests: fitness
Family: Mom, dad,
little sister
Matias Sarusto
Age: 17
Hobbies: Solo exercise
Family: Father, Mother and a
Interests: music, jogging, boxing
Essi Koskinen
Name: Essi Koskinen
Age: 18
Hobbies: gym,
photography, downhill
Family: mom, dad, two
sisters and dog
Interests: sport,
fashion, photography,
shopping and cooking
Henrik Jrvinen
Name: Henrik Jrvinen
Age: 18
Hobbies: airsoft, jogging,
Family: 4 not-living-home
brothers, 2 parents.
Interests: Philosophy,
Politics, History,
Motorcycles, Electronics
Erika Happonen
Name; Erika Happonen
Age: soon 18
Hobbies: gym, jogging
Family; mom, dad, little
brother and big sister
Interests: sport, healthy
lifestyle and having fun
with friends

Nelli Penttil
Name: Nelli Penttil
Family: mom, dad and
two big sisters
Hobbies and interests:
volleyball, gym, fashion,
travelling, cooking and
Mira Lahtinen
Name: Mira Lahtinen
Age: 17
Interests: photography,
reading, writing,
drawing, movies and
Family: Mom, Dad, little

Juuli Lahti
Name: Juuli Lahti
Age: 17
Family: father Ari,
mother Kristiina and
sister Vilma
Hobbies: athletics,
tennis, photography
Interests: shopping,
fashion, spending
time with friends
Jenni Pullola
Name: Jenni Pullola
Age: 17
Family: mom, dad and
a dog
Hobby: Football
Interests: Sport,
fashion and clothes,
hanging out with
Emma Aalto
Name: Emma Aalto
Age: 18
Family: mom, dad, big
Hobbies: football
Interests: shopping,
fashion, sport
Senni Haajanen
Hi, I'm Senni, almost 18
years old :)
I live with my parents, my 19
years old big sister, 15 years
old little brother and our
under 1 year old cat, Toffee.
I love to do sports, I've
played volleyball for 8 years.
I love to shop and listen to
music as well :)

Nella Pihlajavaara
Name: Nella Pihlajavaara
Age: 17
Hobby: ice-hockey
Family: mom, dad, sister
and brother
Interests: shopping,
fashion, movies and sports
Erika Laurila
Name: Erika Laurila
Age: 17
Family: mom, dad and
big brother
Hobbies and interests:
jogging, gym, volleyball,
travelling, shopping,
Vilma Mki
Name: Vilma Mki
Age: 18
Hobbies: tennis, jogging
Family: mom, dad and a brother
Interests: I like sports even though I
might not be that good at them.
I'm interested in fashion and style
in general. I love to travel, see new
places and notice how something
unknown becomes familiar after a while.
I also like arts such as drawing and painting.
Janne Hujakka
Name: Janne Hujakka
Age: 17 years
Hobbies: Kickboxing and
Family: Mom and dad
who live in different
Interests: Music,
spending time with
Kaisa Palonen
Kaisa Palonen
17 years
Hobbies: gym and group
Interest: traveling
Henriikka Savijoki
Name: Henriikka Savijoki (17)
My family : Mom Kaija-Leena,
Dad Teijo and two brothers
Oskari (23) and Aleksi (21).
My family loves hockey. My dad
used to play it and he is now
coaching some junior teams.
Both my brothers play hockey. I
just love watching it. I like to
spend time with my friends and
just listen music and talk. I also
love shopping!!
There is no better way to spend
the weekend than shopping
with my friends!

Antti Vaahtera

Name: Antti Vaahtera
Age: 17 years old
Hobbies: Underwater
rugby and gym
I enjoy music, friends