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As society has transformed throughout the years, so has the configuration of our
classrooms. Differentiation has become the status quo in order to meet the needs of the diverse
learners who enter our schools daily. Diversity encompasses ethnicity, race, gender, socio
economic status as well as educational needs. Schools today have a responsibility to develop and
support the ways in which all students can achieve. Technology is the tool for educators to utilize
in order to promote academic development for all students success.
While the diversity of learning needs in todays classroom continues to grow, teachers
must customize the lessons to the students strengths and experience. These students have been
raised within a society that is immersed with technology; therefore it is essential to integrate
within our curriculum. Throughout this program, I have become acquainted with the
technological resources and tools to empower the students the ability to gain and exhibit the
understanding needed for mastery of the standards. For example, in social studies the students
can watch videos, browse websites, or engage in web quests in order to ascertain the knowledge
needed. Then they can create projects using web 2.0 tools such as Prezi, Flipsnack, or Timeliner
to display what they have learned. They could also create blogs or wikis as if they are the famous
historians studied and create posts from the point of view of said historian. Technology
encourages critical thinking development to meet the needs of all the diverse learning styles that
make up the 21
century classroom.

The following list demonstrates the means to which a facilitator can support teachers in
addressing diversity through technological approaches.

Conducts professional development in the ways of technology integration to meet the
curricular needs and learning goals for all
Collaborates with teachers and other instructional staff to develop curriculum materials
and specific lesson plans to promote engagement and critical thinking
Analyzing data in order to identify and remedy learning problems within student groups
Integrate technology to differentiate instruction
Conduct training for stakeholders in order to support student achievement
Provide the skills for all students to be college and career ready in the 21
Century Global
Support educators to meet the diverse needs of the school population.
Evaluate and implement Web 2.0 tools to support teachers in promoting excellence for all