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Bramma Learning Solutions

Mind Mapping Analysis

The map shows that the business was started because of pure passion towards creativity and innovation
and was inspired by the global technological leaders. The organization is filled with dreams and
visualizations. Your idea about business is calm, cool and green! Now you have to create a culture and
spread it to make it a movement!
The map clearly shows that the participants have an ultimate aim of getting into the limelight and
achieving glory and power. The show is presently run mostly by emotions and relations. It clearly lacks a
logical way of thinking and a planned execution methodology, although they are ready for it.
Ability to dream
Positive attitude
Risk taking
Youth dynamics
Not logical
Lacks planning
Lack of systems and standardization
Lot of people dependencies

Sample vision:
The map doesnt give clarity about the vision. But a sample vision statement can be like the following.
Adding creativity to everyones life
It can be through different methods, it can be films, advertisements, profiles, promoting arts etc..
Next step
Discuss about the vision statement and come up with a solution. Mail 2-3 samples of statements that
you create. It should address an issue/need.