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EDMODO at Hull Middle School for Ms.

Salomons Students Sign up code: xy239bcs (valid until 3/14)

Dear Parents and Students,

This year we will be using EDMODO in Ms. Salomons classes. Edmodo is a free and
secure learning network for teachers, students and schools. It provides a save way for us to
connect, share content, access homework, participate in discussions, and receive class
Unlike social networking sites such as FaceBook or Twitter, EDMODO is a tool strictly for
educational purposes. There is no private student-to-student messaging and the site is to be
used for school related content only.

Student Expectations:
1. EDMODO is intended for educationally enriching purposes only. Any inappropriate
content will be deleted.
2. Assignments can be posted by the teacher, and students have the ability to submit work
to the teacher through EDMODO.
3. The guidelines set by the GCPS district-wide acceptable use policy regarding educational
technology will be expected to be followed by the students, as well as the teacher.
4. Students are encouraged to post interesting findings, questions, etc. to the group, use
the site to check on work missed when absent, ask questions about assignments, and
respond to the teachers postings, each others postings, etc.
5. Students must return the bottom of this form signed by a parent or guardian (on both
sides) before being allowed to continue using their teachers EDMODO group(s) after
their introductory lesson.
6. Students and parents must also sign the agreement on the reverse side of this page to
acknowledge the class guidelines for posting in Edmodo.

Cut at the line and return the bottom portion to Ms. Salomon:

Agreement to use Edmodo in Ms. Salomons class:

My child and I agree to the above expectations and have reviewed usage guidelines.
We understand the consequences for misuse of EDMODO.
My child does have my permission to use EDMODO.
My child does NOT have permission to use EDMODO.

Student Name (Print) ___________________________________________________

Student Signature ________________________________ Date ________________

Parent Signature _________________________________ Date ________________

To learn more
go to
Student Guidelines for Posting in Edmodo
1. Edmodo is considered classroom space. Be proud of what you write.
2. Posts must be related to teacher prompt. No random or greeting comments.
3. Add to the conversation. Compliment another student in a specific way, ask a question or add new
4. If youre not sure if a word is okay, then it probably isnt.
5. Post a note to the whole group if your question is about something the whole group should know.
6. Send a note to the teacher if you want to talk about something that doesnt relate to the group.

1. Always use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. (NO SLANG or Text-type)
2. Re-read your post and edit before submitting.
3. Avoid texting shortcuts like u for you.
4. Use full sentences.

1. Be polite, friendly, and encouraging.
2. Respect other opinions. If you disagree use sentence starters such as, I respectfully disagree, you make a
good point but I think, I support... and give details or evidence for your position.

Parent Account:
1. Edmodo is accessible to Teachers, Students and Parents at any time on any device through the Web.
Additionally, some APPS are being developed that support Edmodo.
2. If you wish to follow your childs account to stay up to date on class activities, you can by signing up for
your Parent Account on the website at any time.
3. If you do not yet have an Edmodo account, you can sign up for your Parent Account by following these
a. Locate your childs parent code. This can be found on the lower left side of their student account
Homepage or I can provide you with the code. The current class code is: xy239bcs (valid until 3/14)
b.. Go to and click Im a Parent (located below Im a Teacher).
c. Enter the required registration information and youll then be logged into your Parent Account.

Once your account is created, Parent Accounts will give you a dashboard like view of your childs activities
but no actions or communication can be taken in this account. Note: with one single parent account you
are able to add multiple children and will not need to create any other parent account moving forward!

You can learn more about the Parent Account by going to the Help Center at and
clicking Im a Parent.
Cut at the line and return the bottom portion to Ms. Salomon:

I agree to the above expectations and have reviewed usage guidelines. I understand the consequences for
misuse of EDMODO.

I understand that I may monitor my childs use of Edmodo by signing up for a parent account as explained

Student Name (Print) ___________________________________________________ Period: _____________

Student Signature: ___________________________________________________

Parent Name: (Print) ___________________________________________________ Date ________________

Parent Signature: ___________________________________________________ Date ________________