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Preston-Carling Secondary Plan

June 24
, 2014
Michael Powell
What the Community Wants
Plan that sensibly guides the growth of our
Plan that creates an urban, walkable
neighbourhood with ready access to transit.
A plan that builds preserves and enhances
what makes our community great as we
welcome new neighbours.
Areas of Additional Density
Protecting Residential Character
CDP mostly preserves low-rise residential side
streets in the community.
Most of existing building stock 1.5-2 story
single homes; with 4-story zoning can easily
double or triple density
Preserving low-rise zoning encourages
creative, gradual infill
All original versions of the plan treated these
streets the same
Preserved Low-rise areas
What about Norman St?
Original plans (charette, strategic directions)
had it right: must keep profile low on narrow,
residential streets
Unnecessarily undermines residential feel of
Allowing for 9-story development on this site
undermines consistency of CDP and adds

Funding the Public Realm Plan
A CDP should be about more than where the
buildings go
Ambitious Public Realm Plan developed
through extensive consultation with all
elements of the community
Special funding provisions should extend to
entire study area; can still set priorities within.
This is a plan for a whole community. Lets
include the whole community.
Be consistent: Protect all elements of low-rise
residential part of neighbourhood
Lots of additional density in plan, no need to
push limits
Expand priority zone for funding community
improvements to entire study area.