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AT: Development K

Perm: Do Both

Perm: Do THE PLAN AS THE LAST ACT OF DEVELOPMENT this solves best. If we
win that there is a risk we cause something at least .01% good, then you vote Aff

Development Inevitable
- Development still exists in the world of the Alternative which means they also
dont solve the link

Alt. Links to the K
- Rejecting development is a form of development towards a non-development

Alt fails: No alt solvency globalization inevitable
Royo 2009 (Sebastian Royo is associate dean and professor of government at
Suffolk University in Boston, and director of the Suffolk University Madrid Campus.)
(November 2009 Varieties of Capitalism for Latin America
Hence, some authors claim that globalization is not a choice [but] a reality, which
has to be accepted because it is here to stay and even question whether it means the
end to geography (Friedman 2000). It has brought about the flattening of the
world (Friedman 2006). Others, however dispute the flattening of the world and
point out that more than 90% of investments are still domestic, only 2% of the
telephone calls are international, 95% of the university students study in their
home country, and there is little evidence of salary convergence across countries
that could be expected if the world was really flat and the frontiers would be
irrelevant (Ghemawat 2007). Yet, according to most observers it is the cause of
outcomes in many spheres from production processes to public policies; as well as
changes in areas such as culture, the environment, transnational cooperation, or
migration patterns.

We should get to weigh the impacts of the K against the advantages of the Aff
If we outweigh we should win the debate