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Joel Rostau wanting to buy the Los Angeles Rams

Carroll Rosenbloom (owner of the Los Angeles Rams) and mob-linked Morris Schwebel and
Lou Chesler were the three largest shareholders in Seven Arts, a firm that once managed to buy
the film libraries of Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, and MCA/Universal. [MOLDEA, 1989,
p. 109] Rosenbloom (well known as "a notorious gambler") [MOLDEA, p. 133] and his
associates built the first casino in the Bahamas, the Monte Rio. [MOLDEA, p. 131]
Ronald Reagan Connection
A smoldering indictment of the Hollywood entertainment industry's guilt-by-association ties to
organized crime. Using previously classified documents, crime reporter Moldea spins several
tales in this extraordinary book, principally the rise of Music Corporation of America (MCA)
from a fledgling band-booking company in 1924 to Hollywood's most powerful TV, film, and
recording conglomerate, and the entwined journey of MCA client Reagan from mediocre actor to
U.S. President. Moldea's story is no easy read, with its plethora of characters, facts, and
footnotes. The sad conclusion is that although, for the most part, MCA and Reagan have done
nothing technically illegal (i.e., indictable) in their ruthless quest for power and success, they
have used every means available, including mobsters and corrupt politicians and union officials.
Sure to be controversial. David Bartholomew, NYPL
Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc.
Charles Manson connection
According to the album's original sleeve notes, Lie: The Love and Terror Cult was recorded
primarily at Goldstar Studios on August 8, 1968, with track B3, "Sick City", recorded September
11, 1967 in an unspecified location. Overdubs were recorded on August 9, 1968 somewhere in
Van Nuys, Los Angeles.[5] 2 tracks from the album, "Look At Your Game, Girl" and "Eyes Of A
Dreamer" were recorded in June 1967 at a demo session for Uni Records (a subsidiary of MCA.)
These 2 songs appeared on a privately pressed 45 rpm single and credited to "Silverhawk" When
Phil Kaufman was mastering the "Lie" LP, he had to take these 2 tracks from a copy of the 45, as
the master tapes were already lost.
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