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GDS Kat eee TNA the Gathevri ng Storm From the Fournal of Detective Sean Agathe June 14, 2002 Man oh man, it’s been awhile since [last wrote. Last entry was, what, sometime in May? Yeah, May 25th. Three weeks. Anawful lot can happen in three weeks. But the shit that’s gone down here in the last few days is big even by LA standards, and somehow I wound up in the middle of all, 1 guess that’s not surprising, really; half the department's gunning for me because they think I'm a dirty cop, and in some ways I guess Lam. So you kind of have to expect that Iwon’tbe faraway when things gosouth. But |swear to God, this blood war hit me by surprise as much as anyone ese. I may be dirty, but there are some lines even I won't cross. Hanging dumb-ass Silver Fang pups out to dry is one of them, But itseems the rest of my pack didn't have the same reservations, and now a lot of people are dead because of i. Ieall started a couple of weeks ago. Things run pretty smoothly around here, especially in the neighborhoods I control. We have better luck on the streets than most precincts do because we know we can’t deal with every crisis that comes down the pike. So, we don’t even try; we just try to minimize the damage, take out the most dang ‘ous threats, and keep things safe enough that people can function on a basic level without getting killed just for crossing a street. I guess you could call it a sort of triage, because that's how it works. It isn't an ideal solution, but it works. Ie keeps the body count down, and it keeps the product on the streets toa minimum. That make me dirty? Tell it to the finger, pal. When you start getting better results, you let me know and well talk. ‘Anyway, the dealersand the bangers and everyone else all know the drill, and most of them are smart enough t0 stick toi. But every once in awhile we get someone new in town, some dipshit who thinks he can get away with what- ever he wants and not face the consequences. I's usually a ‘vampire of some sort, someone who thinks that his power giveshima fre ticket to Easy Street and makeshim immune to the cops. But | got news for you: It don’t work that way. Me and my kind have been dealing with vampires for centuries, and we know how to take’em down. And we will take them down, make no mistake —it’s just a question of when and how. Before we can pound that into thee skulls, though, they manage to se up shop and really star tearing {nto the local. That messes up the whole system, and that’s when the shit hits the fan and I get to clean up the mess, So, about two weeks ago things started going bad. We started seeing a huge increase in product on the streets, pretty much overnight, Not just abit here and there either Shadow Lords