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Natural Science Biology Lab

University of Akron
Behaviors are responses to various stimuli
A stimulus is ANYTHING that triggers a
response (light, sight of food, rival male, etc.)
One of the most common behaviors among
animals (including humans) is fighting

Why do animals fight?
Social status
Territories for breeding/spawning

Males are extremely aggressive
Agonistic behaviors are exhibited between
males to assert dominance
Dominant males have greater access to
females and thus higher fitness

Studying the behaviors of betta fish in
response to various stimuli, cues, and triggers

Interpreting these behaviors in the context of
natural selection (Why would certain
behaviors be chosen for?)

Avoiding anthropomorphisms like this fish is
ticked off or that guy was scared

Rice Paddies
Slow moving
Labyrinth organ
Allows fish to gulp air
Fish swims to the
surface and takes a
gulp of atmospheric
oxygen, which
supplements the
oxygen received
through the gills
Still found in
domesticated bettas
Agonistic behaviors
Fin flickering
Tail beating
Raising fins
Nipping or biting

Aggression against your OWN SPECIES
Fish get stressed much the same as we do
Its critical that you follow the guidelines
described in the lab to minimize undue stress
All Animal research done in an Accredited
University has to go through IACUC
(Institutional Animal Care and Use
Committee) which provides intense,
research-based protocols.
People cannot just DO animal research must
be grounded in theory, use standard
protocols, and be as ethical as possible