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Jyotish astrology free gold mine on one website

Gigabites of books in PDF (hundreds) and lots of software as well..

Jyotish biggest-free link to Jyotish and astrology books and software
so far;

I Found, free, durable and reliable account on To
be able to access and download for free lots of books and software
on jyotish , you have to
# 1st; register on for a free account, then click
or copy paste the link - F!ypZ0VQAK!WeYDWQVYLpVv7BNCVo_opQ
( it is a public access link only for mega users, mega do not share
files to unregistered users);
the folder contains lots of files, books software on jyotish; choose any
to download

keep an eye because the files are expanding, adding new books and
notebetter to use google chrome or firefox browsers to access