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During childbirth, contractions of the uterus

The lower narrower will dilate the cervix up to 10 cm in diameter to
portion of the uterus. allow the child to pass through. During orgasm,
the cervix convulses and the external os dilates

Extending upper part of Egg transportation from ovary to uterus

Fallopian tubes
the uterus on either side. (fertilization usually takes place here).

Provides an environment for maturation of

Ovaries (female Pelvic region on either
oocyte. Synthesizes and secretes sex hormones
gonads) side of the uterus.
(estrogen and progesterone).

Receives penis during mating. Pathway

Canal about 8-10 cm through a woman’s body for the baby to take
long going from the
Vagina during childbirth. Provides the route for the
cervix to the outside of menstrual blood (menses) from the uterus, to
the body. leave the body. May hold forms of birth
control, such as an IUD, diaphragm, neva ring,
or female condom

Uterus Located in the center of

the pelvic cavity
House and nourishes the fetus.

The innermost layer of

Endometrium uterine wall.

Contains glands that secrete fluids that bathe

the uterine lining.
Myometrium Smooth muscle in the
uterine wall.
Contract to help expel the baby.
Outer layer of the uterus
Covers the uterus

It is the most important hormone during puberty in female and is
responsible for secondary sexual characteristics (e.g. breast enlargement,
menstruation, pelvic enlargement, long bones). Generally secreted by the
ovary specifically secreted by the Graafian follicle.

Estrogen production



Anterior Pituitary Gland


Graafian Follicle