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A warm afternoon

A quiet and bright midday

A shining and bright sunlit noon,
Light streams into the room
And with it comes the warmth

I look out of the window
The pond is lazing in the shadow
Of the nearby Banyan tree
Surrounded by fallen leaves

I look all over
Not a soul in the sight
Except the squirrel and a few birds
Jumping from branch to branch

I too laze around
Listening to the quietude
A bit sleepy
Content with a late meal

There is some kind of joy within
Of anticipation
Of the journey ahead
And memories of peaceful days behind me

I dont expect much
Except a lovely morning
A beautiful tune
A simple meal and a siesta

The warmth of the noon
Seeps into my inner self
It just complements the feeling within
Of peace, joy and warmth

God! You have been kind
You gave me everything
A simple home, a lovely companion
And my sweet daughters!

I know, it will last until you make a call
I doze off
Content, happy
Grateful, reassured and carefree!!!!!!!!!!

Ravi Upadhye /26
March 13