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At the very beginning, I must thanks to my Allah for special blessing in implementation the
report. I am obligated to a number of persons for their kind advice, suggestions, directions and
co-operation. This internship report is an accretion of many peoples effort. So, with my full
honesty and respect I would like show my thankfulness to them who helped me in preparing this
To begin with, I am grateful to the epartment of Accounting And !inance, American
International "niversity- #angladesh $AI"#% for giving me such e&posure to the practical
business world. 'y warmest thanks go to Kashfia Sharmeen, my internee supervisor and other
teachers of the epartment of Accounting And !inance for providing me the opportunity to
e&perience the internship program.
'y special thanks go to Golam Gaffar Imtiaz Chowdhury, !irst (ice )resident and
'anager, *almatia #ranch, The #ank Asia *imited for his continuous guidance during
my organi+ational attachment period and for giving me the e&cellent opportunity to do
my internship in the bank.
'y honest thankfulness goes to Marshia Binte Saad, !irst Assistant (ice )resident and
,peration 'anager, the #ank Asia *imited for their sincere cooperation during my
organi+ational attachment period.
'y unlimited thanks go to my supervisor Md. ahid Alamgir !swaru"#, Senior
-&ecutive ,fficer of #ank Asia *almatia #ranch, for being patient and supporting me during
my internship program.
*ast but not the list I would like to Thanks all of the officers of the #ank of #ank Asia *imited-
*almatia #ranch. They supported me every moment of my internship.
And !inally, I like to give my special and unspeakable Thanks to my )arents They gave
me advice, suggestions, inspiration and support.
$etter of %ransmittal
'ay, /012
Mr. R. Tareque Moudud
irector, ,ffice of )lacement 3 Alumni 3 !aculty
School of #usiness
American International "niversity-#angladesh
ear Sir,
This is my pleasure to submit my term report entitled &A com"rehensi'e study on day to
day Banking of Bank Asia($almatia )ranch.*
This report gave me an opportunity to have a practical e&posure to the working environment 3
activity of the #anking Sector through #ank Asia *td. at *almatia, haka. I have ac4uired a
good knowledge on its 5eneral banking section.
In the report, I tried to mention briefly about general activities and overall performance analysis
#ank Asia *td.
6ith your intelligent and kind supervision, I believed that the knowledge and e&perience that I
gathered during term pro7ect period would help me in future. I will always be available for any
clarification that you may re4uire.
Sincerely 8ours,
9han, Takhtenoor :ashid
I ; 0<-1=12=-2
'a7or> Accounting 3 !inance
?ell - 01@.10A1AA0
+,ecuti'e Summary
The main ob7ective of this report is to know about BA com"rehensi'e study on day to day
Banking of Bank Asia($almatia )ranchC. !or every bank and financial institution, it is very
important to satisfy their current customers and attract potential customers by providing new and
innovative ideas and services. !or this reason banks are changing their way of service for
customers, recruit good employees and trained them about customers relationship management.
"nsatisfactory service may cause negative word of mouth about the company and thus can be
e&tremely detrimental because it can reinforce the customers feelings of emptiness and spread
that negative impression to other present and potential customers.
I have worked in the #ank Asia *imited, *almatia #ranch for three months. As an intern, I had
the opportunity to do different types of tasks related of day-to-day banking, which increased my
knowledge about #ank Asia operations. The ma7or outcome of preparing this report is that
present smooth of satisfaction of the customers is outstanding. ?ustomers are satisfied with the
manner 3 politeness of the employees, #ranch environment, online service, time to complete a
service etc. At the end of the report, some recommendations regarding improvement of skill of
the employees, selection of #ranch location, online service facility enlargement, logistic support
to faster the service, promotional activities and more to improve the customer service.
C-A.%+/ (01
%I%$+ 23 %-+ /+.2/%
Page 1
%AB$+ 23 C24%+4%S .AG+
Cha"ter5 01 1
%itle of the /e"ort 1
Cha"ter5 06 /-A
Introduction /
/.1. :ationale 2
/./. #ackground of the ,rgani+ation D
/.2. ,b7ectives of the report A
Cha"ter (07 <
AC%I8I%I+S 94:+/%AK+4 <
2. 6ork-:elated Activities, ,rgani+ation-wide and ,ther relevant 10-//
C-A.%+/(0; /2-/=
?,EST:AIETSF?GA**-E5-S AE ):,),S- ?,":S- ,! A?TI,E
!,: I'):,(-'-ET
D.1. IdentifiedF,bserved in the ,rgani+ation> /D
D./. Academic )reparation> /=
C-A.%+/(0< /@-/A
*-SS,ES *-A:E- !:,' TG- IET-:ESGI) ):,5:A' /@
=.1. Implications to ,rgani+ationF?ompany> /.
=./. Implications to "niversitys Internship )rogram> /A
=.2. ,thers> /A
C-A.%+/(0= /<-2/
C24C$9:I4G S%A%+M+4%S /<
@.1. :ecapitulation F Summary> 20
@./. :ecommendations for !uture Strategic Actions> 21
Bi)liogra"hy 2/
Internet Sources 2/
A..+4:I> 2D
I4%+/4S-I. A33I$IA%I24 /+.2/% 24
A comprehensive study on day to
day Banking of Bank Asia-Lalmatia
Page 2
6.1. /ationale for selecting the re"ort?
#ank Asia is one of the prominent private commercial bank of #angladesh. ?urrently, I am
doing my internship in the lalmatia branch of the bank. This #ranch was open on 07 may 6016.
It is a si&ty seventh #ranch of #ank Asia As a student ma7oring in Accounting and !inance it
gives me immense opportunity to learn day to day to banking through the internship in #ank
Asia. !or my future career, I would like to establish myself into the professional sector of
banking in #angladesh. 6ith this frame of mind, this affiliation report would provide me ample
e&perience and learn the processes of day-to-day banking. It will help me to understand and
materiali+e the concepts I have learned in my ##A program through practical knowledge.
Page 3
,verall, my affiliation report would compromise my career aspirations and the use of the
concepts I have learned through the ##A program. The selected topic would ensure that I get the
re4uired knowledge from #ank Asia to build my career in banking. uring my internship period,
I have worked in those departments like Customer ser'ice, /emittance, Cash, Clearing, and
Accounts :e"artment. It is mandatory to complete a three months internship program in order
to complete the ##A program. After finishing my course work, I was assign to complete my
internship program in #ank Asia. As per the instruction of internship supervisor, I was devoted
to learn the banking operation of #ank Asia. uring the tenure of my internship program, I
worked in most of the departments of #ank Asia *td. H *almatia #ranch. #ased on the learning
and practical e&perience, I have prepared this report. It is also mandatory to submit a report to
the bank.
6.6. Background of the 2rganization?
#ank Asia *imited is a scheduled commercial bank in the private sector established under the
#anking ?ompany Act 1<<1 and incorporated in #angladesh as a public limited company under
the ?ompanies Act 1<<D to carry out banking business in #angladesh. The #ank Asia *imited
started its operation from Eovember /., 1<<< under the #ank ?ompanies Act 1<<1. #angladesh
#ank the ?entral #ank of #angladesh issued #anking license on ,ctober 21, 1<<<.
#ank Asia has been launched by a group of successful entrepreneurs with recogni+ed standing in
the society. The management of the #ank consists of a team led by senior bankers with decades
of e&perience in national and international markets. The senior management team is ably
supported by a group of professionals many of whom have e&posure in the international market.
It set milestone by ac4uiring the business operations of the #ank of Eova Scotia in haka, first
in the banking history of #angladesh. It again repeated the performance by ac4uiring the
#angladesh operations of 'uslim ?ommercial #ank *td. $'?#%, a )akistani bank.
In the year /002 the #ank again came to the limelight with oversubscription of the Initial )ublic
,ffering of the shares of the #ank, which was a record $== times% in our capital marketIs history
and its shares commands respectable premium.
The bank uploads and strictly abides by good corporate governance practices and is sub7ect to
the regulatory supervision of #angladesh bank. !or the year ended as on 21
ecember /011.
6.6.1. Slogan of Bank Asia?
3or a )etter tomorrow B does not have to confined with the limited service rather enhanced
e&isting service and brought up new services in order to their e&isting and potential clients for
made the life more easier
6.6.6 Cor"orate mission?
To assist in bringing high 4uality service to the customers and to participate in the growth and
e&pansion of the national economy.
To set high standers integrity and bring total satisfaction to the clients, shareholders and
To become the most sought after bank in the country, rendering technology driven innovative
service by the dedicated team of professionals
6.6.7 8ision?
Page !
#ank Asias vision is to have a poverty free #angladesh in course of a generation
in the new millennium, reflecting the national dream. ,ur vision is to build a society where
human dignity and human rights receive the highest consideration along with reduction of
6.6.;. Strategic 2)@ecti'es?
#ank Asia sincere to create higher customer satisfaction and loyalty by its brand, personali+ing
banking, creating brand ambassadors, online product innovation.
To create differentiated customer value proposition.
To promotes green banking to reach its long term strategic ob7ective to be a 5reen.
To financing foreign trade of the country both in e&port and import.
To play a vital role in human development and employment generation.
To boost up mobili+ation of savings both from urban and rural areas.
6.7.7. Salient 3eatures of Bank Asia?
,nly #angladeshi #ank to ac4uire $)urchase% operations of 0/ $two% foreign banks
namely> $a% #ank of Eova Scotia of ?anada $b% 'uslim ?ommercial #ank of )akistan.
'a7ority stakeholder of -:A IE!,T-?G, $A 7oint (enture IT ?ompany%.
?entrali+ed Trade Services ,peration $!acilitates -&portF Import and Inward and
,utward :emittance for non-A #ranches.%
?entral ?learing !ully Automated.
,nline ?harges !ree.
AT' $,wn% ?harge !ree.
,wn AT' DA.
--?ash #ooth 1/=.
/D Gours ?all ?entre
Page "
'ember- haka Stock -&change $S-%
?ommenced ?apital 'arket ,perations $Share Trading%.
Internet #anking
'obile #anking
S'- #anking
?onsumer #anking
Islamic #anking
6.7.<. Cor"orate information?
The #ank Asia *imited is managed by a group of vivacious #oard of irectors drawn from
different segments. They hold very respectable positions in the society and are from highly
successful group of business and Industries in #angladesh. The bank has a very competent
'anagement Team who has enough knowledge and e&perience in domestic and international
banking. The bank uploads and strictly abides by good corporate governance practices and is
sub7ect to the regulatory supervision of #angladesh bank.
6.7.A. 2rganizational Chain of command?

Page #
)resident and 'anaging irector
Senior -&ecutive (ice )resident $S-()%
6.7. 2)@ecti'es of the re"ort?
The ob7ectives of the study are as follows>
6.7.1. Broad 2)@ecti'e?
Page $
-&ecutive (ice )resident $-()%
Senior (ice )resident $S()%
(ice )resident $()%
Senior Assistant (ice )resident $SA()%
Assistant (ice )resident $A()%
!irst Assistant (ice )resident $!A()%
The broad ob7ective of the report is to have an overview on a comprehensive study on day-to-
day #anking of #ank Asia-*almatia branch.
6.7.6. S"ecific 2)@ecti'e?
'y key ob7ectives from the affiliation report would include but not limited to these>
- To demonstrate my knowledge of theories and concepts learned throughout the program
- To get a better understanding on day to day banking processes in #ank Asia
- To get an overall idea about the management policy of #ank Asia *td. as well as
commercial bank.
- *earn and elaborate different banking products of #ank Asia
- *earn elaborate and differentiate loan products of #ank Asia
- To know how the branches are efficiently controlled.
- To describe the customer service process of #ank Asia *td.
Page %
AC%I8I%I+S 94:+/%AK+4
Page 1&
7. Bork(/elated Acti'ities 2rganization(wide and 2ther rele'ant
7.1 Account o"ening?
Account opening is an agreement between the #ank And ?lient that e&ecutes or operates under
some agreed principle and terms and conditions identified in a numerical numbers to which
hisFher transaction begin recorded and authenticated. There are different types of account e&ist in
a bank are>
i. Sa'ings de"osits Accounts?
Savings accounts offer easy access to cash. In other words, money is li4uid $meaning you can
make a withdrawal easily and 4uickly% in a bank savings account. This may be considered as low
cost deposit of banks. #ank often gives some e&tra money this e&tra money is called interest
paid. The #ank will pay different amounts of interest depending on how much money you have.
The more money you have, the more interest you will get.

ii. Current :e"osit Account?
?urrent deposit account generally known as ?urrent Account. Any individual, firm company,
association may open this type of account. This type of account bears no interest. It is cost free
accounts for a bank. ,n the other hand, clients en7oy the right to withdraw money as many times
as they desire even in a single day. ,verdraft $,% facilities may be allowed by banks only on
? accounts.
Page 11
iii. Short %erm :e"osit !S%:# Account?
This type of account is opened and operated for short term and for specific purpose with a fi&ed
rate of interest and maturity date. Eormally, interest is paid on daily product basis. Individuals,
!irm, ?ompanies, and Associations may open this account.
i'. 3i,ed :e"osit /ecei"t !3:/# account?
!i&ed eposit :eceipt $!:% Account offers the clients the opportunity to invest a fi&ed amount
for a period at a fi&ed rate of interest. A person can keep hisFher money into the #ank for a
specific and long period to earn more interest .The duration of these accounts varies like 1
month, / months, 2 months, @ months, 1 year, above 1 year and the interest is also varied
accordingly. After the maturity period is over, the depositor can withdraw hisFher deposited
money and take the whole amount or may again open another !:. If anyone withdraw the
money before the maturity period is over then heFshe will get the interest rate as saving account
interest rate.
7.1.1 Account o"ening "rocedure?
At present under the strict monitoring of #angladesh #ank, a client must fulfill several criteria as
heFshe wishes to open an account. The basic criteria are discussed below.
'ain work of Account ,pening form $A,!% is properly filled and signed by the client. !irst I
have provided the client with a signature card to get their signature. Then the client provides me
with the information through the A,! form. Then the applicant was introduced by an authori+ed
person such as an account holder or employee of #ank Asia or by a respectable person
acceptable to the bank. After that the client needs to provide two copies of passport si+ed
photographs which should be attested by the introducer. Then I have collected the name of the
nominee$s% and one photograph of the nominee$s% attested by the applicant. After that I have
collected the photocopy of passport $attested% or letter of introduction by the employer or
Page 12
certificate issued by the chairman of union parishad or ward commissioner. Then I have asked
the client for TIE $Ta& Identification Eumber% certificate $if available%. Then I have checked the
client transaction profile form properly filled in and then I have collected the signature of the
client. After that process I have filled up the 98? $9now 8our ?lient% profile form properly and
get it signed and approved. After this process I have opened the system software that is known as
ST-*A:. Then I have confirmed all the data input into the system. #esides the information I
also have stored the scanned copies of the documents such as the signature card, Eational I
card, passport, TIE certificate etc. At the end of the system input process I have collected the
account number. ?ollecting the acc. no. I have again posted a re4uest for a che4ue book and also
an AT'$automated teller machine% card in the ST-*A:. epending on the types of clients
some additional documents are also re4uired to open accounts. After all these processes I have
done with opening a new account.
7.6 Cash transactions?
7.6.1 Cash recei'ing "rocess?
I have received all types of cash deposit voucher from the client through over the counter, and
checked the account number, title of the account, depositors sign, amount of taka followed by
denomination, amount in words 3 figure, if everything found correct then I have mentioned
receiving serial and then I have written the amount in words 3 figure in red ink both of the parts
of the paying in slip and have put my sign 3 also receiving stamp of the #ank on the front side
of the slip. Then I have forwarded the slip to the authori+ed officer who have also signed the
receipt voucher and checked the posting in the ledgerFcomputer.
Page 13
7.6.6 Cash "ayment?
6hile receiving the che4ue for payments through over the counter I have asked to sign on the
back of the che4ue to presenting person. After checking carefully the check number, date,
amount both in words and figures, the drawers signature, if the account has available balance or
drawing power, I have posted the che4ue check in the ledger or computer, mentioning the
posting number and put my sign on the che4ue. The payment will be made if the amount is
within the delegator power of the official after due cancellation of the che4ue. If the amount of
the che4ue is beyond the delegated power of the officials, passed on the che4ue to higher
authori+ed officer for checking and cancellation. The high value che4ue cancellation by three
person 3 low amount ?he4ue cancellation by two person like #ranch 'AEA5-:,
,)-:ATI,E 'AEA5-: 3 ?ASG IE ?GA:5-. The passing officials have sent the che4ue
to the counter after checking and cancellation for payment.
Bhen Banker may refuse "ayment?
If the che4ue is postdate.
J Insufficient balance.
J Single signature instead of 7oint signature.
J If the che4ue stale.
Bhen Banker must refuse "ayment?
J 6here the client countermand the payments.
J ?lients become decease.
J ?lients become insanity.
J ?lients become insolvent
J ?eased or 5arnishee order.
Page 1
7.7 Issuing "ay order, demand draft etc.?
#ank gets a commission for issuing pay order, demand draft etc. this commission plus the
amount transferred through ),, have received by me in the cash section.
7.; /ecei'ed )ills?
There are different kinds of bills like bills of #anglalink, 5rameenphone credit card, K"#--
6ima&, 3 :anksTel bills can be deposited in the cash section received by me. ifferent deposit
slips are used for different bills.
4ecessary +ntries !Accounting# for Cash %ransaction
At the time of Cash /ecei'ed through o'er the counter?
?ash in handLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. ebit
)arty AF?, F)articular GeadLLLLLLLL.LL ?redit
At the time of Cash "ayment through o'er the counter?
)arty AF?, F)articular Gead LLLLLLLLL..ebit
?ash in hand LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL?redit
Page 1!
7.< /emittance?
:emittance is a transfer of money by a foreign worker to his or her home country. 'oney sent
home 3 abroad by migrants constitutes the second largest financial inflow too many developing
#ank Asia aims to be with #angladeshi nationals both at home and abroad to meet their all
financial needs that led the #ank to establish #ank Asia e&change $#A-% to offer remittance
services to #angladeshi Eationals living in the "9. This is #ankIs first fully owned -&change
?ompany in the "9 under remittance license received from G':? duly registered with !SA
$:eg. Eo. =2/0AA% and approval of #angladesh #ank.
7.<.1 .rocessing of remittance?
In the remittance department the client has come to me for collecting the remittance with a secret
pin number for withdrawal of money. !irst I have asked the client for the pin number and then I
have searched the pin in the system. Then I have verified the source, type or amount of money
etc. by asking several 4uestions to the client. *ater I have provided the client a bank remittance
form for hisFher signature and filled up other details. After that I have made a printout of the
documents which I have forwarded to the authori+ed official for signature and confirmation.
After getting the confirmation from the authori+ed official I have asked the client for a Eational
I card or passport or driving license or any government authori+ed I card photocopy. Then I
forward the client with the documents to the cash counter for withdrawal of money.
%he com"anies that facilitated )y Bank Asia for remittance ser'ice are(
1. ?'T $?hoice 'oney Transfer%
/. 6estern "nion
2. )*A?I
Page 1"
D. Transfer "nit International, etc.
7.= CheCue Clearing :e"artment?
As far as safety is concerned customers get crossed che4ue for the transaction. As we know
crossed che4ue cannot be encased from the counter, rather it has to be collected through banking
channel i.e. clearing. !or e&ample, a client of #ank Asia received a che4ue of another bank,
which is located within the clearing rangeM deposit the che4ue in his account at #ank Asia. Eow
#ank Asia will credit his account and collected it. Though the amount is credited in the
customers account but he will not get the money until he che4ue is honored.
7.=.1 %he .rocedure of Clearing?
-veryday morning I have gone to the cash counter and have collected all the che4ue. Then I have
sorted out high value and low value che4ue. Above taka =00,000 are high value che4ue and
below taka D<<,<<< are the low value che4ue. Gigh value che4ue were processed after 2 pm in
the afternoon and the low value che4ue were processed after = pm in the afternoon. After
collecting the che4ue I have given endorsement seal on the che4ue. !or e&ample on high value
che4ue the given seal is Nsame day clearing and on low value che4ue the seal is Nonly clearing
with date in the backside of the che4ue. #elow the clearing seal I have given another seal that is
Npayees AF? credited for #ank Asia *td. *almatia #ranch. And if the che4ue is mentioned with
the name of #ank Asia *td then I have given the seal that is Nreceived payment for #ank Asia
*td. *almatia #ranch. And if the client had mentioned client name and the bank name both then
I have given the seal Npayees account credited and received payment for #ank Asia *td.
*almatia #ranch. In the front left side of the che4ue I have used the seal which was N#ank Asia
*td. *almatia #ranch. After using all the seals I have forwarded the che4ue to the authori+ed
official for signing them and then made all the che4ue scanned in ST-*A:. After input of the
scanned copies of che4ue I have made the entries of deposit account number and amount of the
che4ue and closed ST-*A:. !or final confirmation I have again logged in the ST-*A: and
rechecked all the entries and sent it to head office which is to be sent to #angladesh #ank by
Page 1#
Gead office. If there is any problem like insufficient balance the ne&t day that che4ue is returned
from #angladesh #ank. And ne&t day I have replaced the date of that day with a seal that is
Nalteration of clearing date confirmed and have sent it to the second house through the ST-*A:.
!or further inconvenience I have sent the che4ue to third house. A che4ue can be sent to house a
ma&imum of three times. -&ceeding this limit will cause the cancellation of the che4ue.
7.A 2ld sa'ingDcurrent account checking?
-very day after closing hour I have checked all old savingsFcurrent account forms in search of
any data or document missings. If I have found any missing data I have called the corresponding
client and tried to recollect the information.
7.E 2utside work and other acti'ities?
#esides of banking activities I have done other outside #ank related activities such as visiting
other offices for collecting information and important documents, typing, mail to customer and
call to customers. I have visited different areas for marketing and other with officers. I have
maintained the )arty, !:, )S etc.
7.F :ocumentation?
I have received several inward and outward documents and have written in the bank logbook. I
have made photocopies and printouts for documentation.
Page 1$
7.10 Customer Ser'ice :e"artment?
?ustomer service department is responsible to perform the key role of identifying a potential
customer to create best possible portfolio for a bank. This is the front desk of #ank. It deals with
customers through account opening, AT'F?he4ue #ook issuing, balance certificate and balance statement
issuing, etc.
I have stayed few weeks in this department and performed following activities>
Gelping customers in filling the account opening form
9eeping record of account holders manually
Issuing of )ay ,rder
#inding the che4ue books
Issuing che4ue books and AT' cards to the clients
Signature card scanning
)rinting balance certificate and balance statements
Taking the documents to respective person for signature
'aking phone calls to the clients for informing to collect the AT' card, ?he4ue books etc.
Safe keeping of A,! 3 Signature ?ard
7.11 Credit :e"artment?
7.11.1 Issuing Credit Card
I have done the procedure issuing ?redit ?ard of #ank Asia. Its a work of *oan or ?redit
department. Gere I have worked with senior officer Sayeeda Sultana and have learned the
procedure of issuing the ?redit ?ard. Gere I have shown the procedure>
Page 1%
6hen ?lient )ropose that he wants a ?redit ?ard of #ank Asia.
Then I have given him a ?redit ?ard Application !orm.
?lient fills it up.
?lient given back the form to me with some document given bellow>
4ame of the document Ser'ice holder .ro"rietorshi" .artnershi" $imited com"any
%I4 Certificate
%rade $icense
Salary certificate
8A% /egistration Certificate
$ater of comfort
Bank Account Statement !or last @ months !or last 1 year
personal 3 company
!or last 1 year
personal 3
company AF?
!or last 1 year
personal 3 company
.roof of /esidence
GasD +lectricity Bill
Mo)ile .hone Bill
$and .hone Bill
/eg. Cert. of own 'ehicle !if a""lica)le#
2ther BankGs Credit Card )ill !if
Certificate of incor"oration
:eed of "artnershi"
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Cor"orate Guarantee su""urated )y )oard
Cert. of Commencement of )usiness
Co"y of .ass"ortD:ri'ing $icense
Page 2&
Clu) Mem)ershi" !if a""lica)le#
Then I have makes photocopy of the form and all other document provided by the client.
,ur sub manager attested the copy.
I have filed the official part application and document.
I have sent the application and other document $photocopy% to card division.
?ard ivision approved the )roposal.
They sent the ?redit ?ard in our branch.
I have informed the client 3 have handover the ?redit card to its owner and took a signature in to
card delivery register book.
7.11.1 2ther Acti'ities in Credit de"artment ?
There are few types of loan provide #ank Asia for their ?lients. *ike>
1. Gouse !inance
/. Auto loan
2. ?onsumer urables *oan
D. *oan for )roffesionals
=. )ersonal *oan
@. Senior ?iti+en Support
7.11.6 %he Basic .rocessing of Bank Asia for all ty"es of loans are )elow?
Page 21
1. ?ustomer Segmentation part
/. )urpose
2. Eationality
D. Age limited
=. Income
@. Secuirity F *egal ocument
.. *oan si+e
A. Tenor
<. :epayment 'ethord
10. Interest :ate, etc
7.11.6 /eCuired documentsD"a"ers for )orrowers?
1. ?opy of Eational IF )assport
/. ?opy of Tin certificate with ta& return of last fiscal year.
2. )assport si+e photograph $/ copies%
D. #ank statement for last si& months.
=. ?opy of utility bill for present 3 permanent address.
@. #ank loan statement, sanction advice and present outstanding position. $if any%
.. Income 7ustification
A. Trade license $?opy -nclosed%
<. ?I# undertaking $?opy enclosed%
10. )roperty related document $if applicable%
11. etails of two number of reference $immediate relative% $name, relationship, address
residence 3 work, contact number 3 email address%.
Page 22
7.11.7 /eCuired documentsD"a"ers for Guarantors?
1. ?opy of Eational IF )assport
/. ?opy of Tin certificate with ta& return of last fiscal year. $if applicable%
2. )assport si+e photograph $single copy%
D. Salary certificateFpay slip $for service holder% or up to date trade license $for business
=. (isiting card $if applicable%
@. )roperty related document $if applicable%
.. 5uarantor-others> $Gave permanent address in commanding
Guarantor(others? !-a'e "ermanent address in commanding area#?
1. ?opy of Eational IF )assport
/. ?opy of Tin certificate with ta& return of last fiscal year. $if applicable%
2. )assport si+e photograph $single copy%
D. Salary certificateFpay slip $for service holder or up to date trade license $for business
=. (isiting card $if applicable%
@. ?opy of utility bill
.. )roperty related document $if applicable%
Page 23
C24S%/AI4%SDC-A$$+4G+S A4:
./2.2S+: C29/S+ 23 AC%I24
32/ IM./28+M+4%
Page 2
;.1. IdentifiedD2)ser'ed in the 2rganization?
uring internship period in #ank Asia limited, *almatia branch I have found some problems in the bank
according to my perspective and short period of time is not for analysis for the bank performance due to
time constraints. They are L
*almatia #ranch is a new #ranch thats why many departments are not available in this
#ranch only 5eneral #anking section fully worked.
#etter time management.
Strictly maintain corporate dress code and manner but in hortal time they didnt maintain
corporate dress code.
#ank Asia *almatia #ranch is non-authori+ed dealer thats way bank cannot transaction
directly or indirectly transaction A branch this is problem for branch.
6hen a client try to open an AF? heFshe must have to need an introducer, sometime it may
create a problems for the clients. Anyone can not open account due to lacking documents
and introducer.
-mployee trying is must necessary to develop their understanding power.
Page 2!
)roblems che4ue clearing
)roblems of making provision for )rinting Stationary
;.6. Academic .re"aration?
This internship period is very important for any student. So it also gives me an opportunity to
learn practical knowledge about banking. It gives me also some valuable learning about banking
sectors which are related business and study of ma7or Accounting and !inance. As a student in
university learn about business related in ay to day #anking. Its involve of all of departments
#ut in internship period I have done my entire 7ob in all of the department of #ank Asia. Thats
internship period I learned a lot e&perience about business and business related things, its
helpful for my carrier.
Page 2"
Page 2#
$+SS24S $+A/4+: 3/2M %-+
<.1. Im"lications to 2rganizationDCom"any?
I started internship program in #ank Asia limited, *almatia #ranch from 2 !ebruary /01/, firstly
I introduce with the manager who later introduced me to all the staffs of the #ank would perform
in 1/ weeks of my internship program. !irst I was assigned to 5eneral #anking Section. It was
very challenging, but very productive. I was under Md. ahid Alamgir !Swaru"#, Senior
-&ecutive ,fficer of #ank Asia, *almatia #ranch who was very intellectually intriguing. Ge
gave me a written 7ob description for 2 months.
Page 2$
In 1
month was posted in the 5eneral #anking Section, cash section and account section. I have
train up with day-to-day cash transaction, account opening, :emittance, ?learing, Account
related work etc.
'aintenance of eposit AF?s>
Saving accountsF ?urrent accountsFcash credit depositsF!i&ed depositsFshort term
epositsFmargin depositsF#ond depositsF!.?. #ond deposits.
:eceipts 3 payment of cash.
Gandling transfer transactions.
,perations of clearing house.
9eeping good relation with valued customer.
)roviding necessary support to the customers.
In /
month, I was posted in the ?redit and foreign trade department. Gere I have train up with
?redit proposal preparation, ocumentation and others credit related works.
In 2
and last month, I was worked with my Internship report and also I have continued with all
the department of the #ank.
<.6. Im"lications to 9ni'ersityGs Internshi" .rogram?
The internship program is a partial re4uirement to take test of real life challenge conducted by
the intern who related ##A program with academic course, book knowledge in 7ob world,
Page 2%
reports make by the organi+ation way with data gathering. So in my opinion in our ##A
)rogram university should add international business and ?ustomer service and relationship
development in core sub7ect that interconnects international business as import and e&ports and
also develop better relationship with the customer. The banking internship gives opportunities to
gain practical knowledge etc.
<.7. 2thers?
In this internship period I have learned about punctuality, time management, banking rules and
regulations, which is helps me in near future when I work in different organi+ation.
Page 3&
C24C$9:I4G S%A%+M+4%S
=.1. /eca"itulation D Summary?
Page 31
This report serves the purpose of e&pressing my e&perience #ank Asia, *almatia #ranch for
three months probation period. As young professionals I 7oined this renowned organi+ation with
fervor and enthusiasm. It is my great pleasure to have this e&perience which will guide me
through my professional life. 6orking as an intern in the bank gives me directly e&perience in
account opening, information given, che4ue clearing, remittance, loan disbursement etc. and
advances analysis credit proposal and disburse credit its satisfactory.
The present customer dealing procedure is 4uite well at moment. The computeri+ed transaction
makes the system efficient and effective. They should training to staff, give more attractive
product etc. which may create a good result for their overall performance. uring the course of
my practical orientation I have tried to learn the practical banking activities to reali+e it with my
theoretical knowledge, which I have greathearted and going to ac4uire from various course of
my ##A program. This internship helps me for my future corporate 7ob career.
=.6. /ecommendations for 3uture Strategic Actions?
Page 32
I en7oyed very much my internship period #ank Asia *imited, *almatia #ranch has given me the
opportunity to do my internship program for three months and provided me a wide range of
scope to observe the different functions of bank through All #anking departments. #ank Asia
*imited, *almatia branch can some adopt of the following recommendation>
To recover the online interruption problem of #ank Asia *td. should strengthen their
software and server system and must be undertaken against defaulter.
They can increase the advertising of the #ank to highlight latest services of #ank Asia
*imited like other banks.
?an also provide some more attractive and deposit facilities and credit facilities.
They also can take incentives to provide high 4uality service.
-nsure accurate and swift services in the cash department.
Internal problem of the employees sometimes harasses normal customers to get service
Page 33
Annual :eport of #ank Asia *td.
#anking 7ournal.
Internal records and documents of The #ank Asia *imited $#oth #ranch 3 Gead ,ffice%.
Internet Sources
http>FFen.wikipedia.orgFwikiF#ank Asia
Page 3
Interest /ate of Sa'ings?
!or Avg. balance below Tk. 1crore =.=0O
!or Avg. balance Tk. 1crore but
below Tk. /= crore A.00O
!or Avg. balance Tk. /= crore and above <.=0O
Interest /ate on 3i,ed :e"osit /ecei"t !3:/# &for the month of A"ril 6017*.
3:/ Accounts Interest /ate
1 month tenure $below tk./= crore% <.00O
1 months tenure$Tk.1 crore 3 above% <.00O
1 months tenure$Tk.= crore 3 above 10.00O
/ months tenure$below tk. / crore% 1/.00O
/ months tenure$Tk./ crore 3 above% 1/.00O
2 month tenure$any amount% 1/.=0O
@ month tenure$any amount% 1/.=0O
:e"osits schemes?
eposits scheme of #ank Asia>
)SP $deposit pension Scheme plus% is a 2, =, ., 10 and 1/ years term. 'onthly
Installment raising from #T 1000F- to #T 10000F-
Page 3!
oubleFTriple #enefit )lus $#PFT#P%> 'inimum initial deposit for the scheme is Tk.1,
00,000F-or its multiple. oubles your deposit in . years and triples your deposit in 11
'onthly #enefit )lus $'#P%> 'inimum initial deposit for the scheme is Tk.1,00,000F-or
its multiple. 'onthly interest amount for 02 years Tk.A=0.00 and for 0= years Tk.A.=.00
Resume of
Takhtenoor Rashid
[Select the Date]
Page 3"
49, Green Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-
PH:0112!24"4, 01"10#1##0
'o develop my career in such an (rgani)ation*+ompany ,here sincerity-
hard ,ork . analytical ability are the corner stone of success and the
(rgani)ation can actuali)e the potentiality/
E D C !T I O"
0ndergraduate1 +urrent student of American
0niversity 3 Bangladesh 4A20B5 in
6a7or in Accounting and finance/
8/9/+1 :haka 2mperial +ollage- 2&&%

9/9/+1 B/+/9/2/; 8igh 9chool-2&&#
E # T R ! $ C R R I C % ! R ! C T I VI TI E S &
<laying =ames 48igh 9chool- +ollege . 0niversity +ricket 'eam and
>ootball 'eam/5 <laying =uitar and <hotography 4doing last !-" years5
and ;over 9couting/
Page 3#
S KI % % S
69 ?ord- 69 @Acel- <o,er <oint . Also 2nternet Bro,sing- Adobe
<hotoshop- Adobe Light room- etc/ 9,ift ,riting- 9,ift ,orking ability-
9,ift typing- =ood communication skill- >luent in Bangla- @nglish and
' E R S O"! % D!T!(I ") O R*!TI O"&
4ame? %akhtenoor /ashid Khan
>ather name1 6amunur ;ashid Bhan 8elal
6other name1 6ehbuba Bhanam ;umi
:ate of <lace and Birth1 23th Cune 1%%&- :haka-
9eA1 6ale
Dationality1 Bangladeshi 4by birth5
Blood group1 (E 4positive5
6arital status1 9ingle
R E ) E R E " C E
1. M. Taseen Chowdhury,
Assistant Professor, Department of Finance of
American International Uniersity!
"an#ladesh $AIU"%
Phone& '(()11), '((*'+,, '('-(-., /0t. ,-(
Mo2ile& -1*11)(--*1
2/ 6A60D0; ;A982: B8AD 48@LAL5
:2;@+'(; 4<;(C@+'5
2>A: =;(0</
@mail1 helalkhan1%!%Fyahoo/com
+ell1 &1#11-2233$&
'akhtenoor ;ashid Bhan
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