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Spector album cover Deconstruction

Spector; ENJOY IT WHILST IT LASTS was released on the 3

of August 2012.
It was the first studio album from the British indie rock band. The album
followed their single releases Chevy Thunder and Celestine. Fiction
Records released the album.
Classical titles relating to the
style of the band
The red background
connotes energy and love. It
also connotes danger to the
viewer, showing that the
songs may discuss danger
and peril.
The curtained background of
the cover connotes to the
audience that there is a
show about to begin.
The female model is
reminiscent of 50s
modeling. This implies the
bands style is vintage.
The jaguar in the bottom
right hand corner of the
screen is surreal and does
not fit with normal life.

The background is a marble
effect, connoting wealth and
class to the viewer. This
coupled with the women
and car really makes a status
about the bands style.
The continuation of the
classical style text shows
the rear of the album is
related to the front.