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The Wombats: Album Deconstruction

The Wombats proudly present.. A GUIDE TO LOVE, LOSS & DESPIRATION was released in October 2007. This was the
bands debut album from the British indie rock band, which peaked at number 11 in the British album charts. The band is
signed with 14
Floor Records and Bright Antenna (Us only).

The rough text connotes to
the audience the band is
young, vibrant and exciting
The shelves in the
background are visually
interesting. They are
characteristic of a
childs bedroom.
Soft light is used to illuminate
all the objects featured on the
album cover. The light is easy
to look at for the viewer and
allows them to see
Black and pink
background of text
means it stands out
against cluttered back
The wombat on the top shelf
relates to the bands name

The handwritten text
on the rear continues
the idea he band is
young and exciting
The bland orange
contrasts the
chaotic and packed
album cover
The doodle of the wombat again relates to
the bands name. It also connotes to the
audience the youth of the band because they
would expect young people to doodle