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Two Door Cinema Club: Tourist History:

Poster Deconstruction
Two Door Cinema Club are an Irish indie-rock band. They formed in 2007 and
released their first studio album Tourist History in 2010. The album peaked at
24 in the UK album charts. The album was released by Kitsune Music.

Photo of cat looks like it was
taken by an amateur
photographer. This makes it
relatable to the audience as it is
reminiscent of photos taken by
The two Os around
the cats eyes draws
the viewers gaze
towards the centre of
the poster and
ultimately towards
the text
The bright white
text is bold against
the dark
making the bands
name stand out
The cats eyes
have been
enhanced to make
them even
The fade to black at the top of
the image gives the poster depth
and draws the viewer in
The structuring of the title
moves the viewers eyes
down the poster to finish
at the albums title