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On 18 November 2010 the video premired on the

The video recreates elements of E.T.'s apparent
death whilst he is quarantined alongside Elliott.
We next see the young boy lead on a bed with wires
coming out of his body, this shows us that he is weak
and ill the high angled shot also shows this. This is
very common as we see the band through close-ups
and low angled shots giving them power and status.
The opening shot of the music video is an
establishing shot, the first thing we see is a
house covered in plastic sheeting and men in
white medical overalls and piping coming from
the house. The first impression we get is that of a
science fiction feeling as if it was an old alien
As the video goes on we see that they are paying
homage to the film E.T. the lighting is very high
key and helps set the tone for a the science
fiction element as it makes everything look
clinical, the yellow backlight also shows he is
innocent and vulnerable due to the lack of
All of the costumes fit very well in with theme of
the music video with the child being in the same
jacket as the film and the very white clinical and
alien looking trousers he wears on the operating
table, this combined with the white medical suits
and the man in the smart suit makes it look very
official as if it was a secret operation adding to
the effect.
The child's clothing shows us that he is innocent
as the white trousers show innocence and the
fact thats all he is wearing shows that he is very
vulnerable and weak in this situation. On the
outside of the house the police uniforms and
men in white suits give the impression of a alien
conspiracy or a government cover-up.
Most of the camera angles used are either mid
shots or close ups on the peoples faces to show
their emotions, the male lead is seen in a low
angle showing that he has power and is the lead
in the person. the white background and lighting
also shows his purity but his black tie shows
there could be danger in him
Throughout the music video low key lighting is used to
make the sci-fi element of the music video and to pay
homage to E.T. We only see hard white light when we
see the band performing, this gives us the impression
that the band are pure and in some ways angelic.