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By Zachary Stephens.
Background information.
Written Coldplay and Brian Eno, Paradise was directed by
Mat Whitecross and was filmed in in 2011. The video
follows a man dressed in an elephant suit escaping from a
zoo and hitchhiking from london to south africa.
The first shots we see are establishing shots of an african
paradise which sets the scene for the music video as it is
called paradise, its natural lighting and a still shot to show
the beautiful plains of africa and relaxs the viewers mood
seeing the natural beauty.
we then see a comical shot of a man in a elephant costume
stuck behind a cage its a mid-shot so we can see the suit
contrast to the boring surroundings of the zoo, this is
strange at its not something you see everyday and
contrasts real life and someone being stuck somewhere
they cant escape.
Most of the shots we see are handheld to give the video a
more adventurous feel to it and fits along with the pace of
the video, we see the heavy contrast between the london,
urban streets and the idyllic views of africa.
Throughout the course of the video, we jump-cut to a
random street covered in colour graffiti and a still camera
where the elephant is doing dances and movement so he
can raise money to fund his escape to africa. A bright light
is used to give the shot more colour and energy.
We then see the members of Coldplay dressed in the
elephant heads playing live, the whole video is very surreal
and unrealistic showing off the creative side of the band. i
think the main thing we would take away from this video
would be the use of colour and lighting throughout the
whole video is very important as it sets the tone and mood
for the song.