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To whom it may concern,

July, 8, 2014

I choose the two assignments because for one I felt that I really did well on both. Despise
grammar issues on the one I didnt choose. I enjoyed doing the two I choose and really understood the
concept. They demonstrate that I have the ability to express myself clear and vague and really go into
details as a writer while remaining objective when need to be. I accomplish how to do a personal
narrative effectively and also I accomplish how to do a position paper remaining objective. From
previous writing classes I composed how to build an essay and what is included like an introduction,
three body paragraphs that include minor and major details and a conclusion. I would say out of the four
pieces in my portfolio my Essay # 1 engage me the most due to the fact it is a true story. Then I included
pictures of my story which just brought a vision to the story. Also I can follow along as if I was the
audience but I was the writer which is a plus in my book. Now that I have completed Eng. 111 the
writing skills I will carry is annotation. Which is note taking and engaging with text and making an
argument if need to be. I would also say comma splices and run- on sentences pretty much grammatical
errors. Knowing how to use first, third and second person. Applying Ethos, Logos and pathos to a
writing. Knowing how to make annotated bibliographies. Also using transitional words and descriptive
words to make a prompt more effective. I would also say hitting your claim in a position paper never say
I feel because you want to persuade your reader in convincing you have a valid point to the argument
in which you are supporting. How I would do a thesis statement first I would make my statement of
purpose. Something that interest me and I have a question about, do the research then make a claim
rather it is a positive support or a negative support. As we know you must have an introduction first that
needs to include a hook, background information and your thesis. In reality I realized in writing skills I
need more practice on remaining objective will need to be and my grammar. I also need to use more
action words to make my writing more affected. Instead of saying according to fill in that gap with
The author Implied. I will get the study I need by studying to show myself improved, seek a tutor if
need to be. With the first and second and third person I may just have somebody to tell me examples
and then write an example of each to see if I got it down packed. Also try using stronger words to
express something, or describing an emotion. Moving into my major critical thinking and writing is
relevant in a way. As a student it is important that I be able to properly write something up and working
around people in a health facility involves critical thinking. Writing will be relevant because it will be
beneficial will I am trying to apply and I need to do a resume. Or just type up a professional letter,
business letter or write a story for a child. I will have the fundamentals in how to do the things the right,
proper, English way.
Sincerely, Brittney Lee.