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White Lies: Big TV: DigiPak Deconstruction

The White Lies are an indie punk band from London, England. Formed in 2007 the band has released 3 albums, Big TV
being their most recent and receiving good reviews. The band is registered with Fiction Records, Geffen Records and
Harvest records.

The black border frames
the main picture cleanly
and professionally
The text above the image is
simple and spaced above the
main image. The minimalist
text also connotes to the
viewer the band is confident
that their name is well
Michael Kagan produced the
bold, striking painting in the
centre. The colourful image
works well with the bands
image and persona
The painting is not related to
the album title which
connotes to the audience the
band is surreal and

The rear of the album
is much simpler
compared to the front
but still continues the
minimalist font and
text to show a
The bands name either side of
the record reinforces to the
viewer who produced the
The image on the front is
related to the two tracks
Space I and Space ii. This
shows that the artists has
thought how to relate his
art to the songs featured on
the album