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The coldplay album poster shows off

the band with the lead singer at the

front and the rest of the band
behind him, the poster is very
simple only showing the title and
the photo of the band showing how
they havent changed and their
music style has stayed the same.

The costumes being worn by the
band fit with the title viva la vida
which is recognisable from the
french revolution and the colours
and jackets worn by the band are
like modern-day interpretations of
those times such as the red arm
bands and the military style jacket
maybe showing that their new
album is a revolution in music.

The band are all in line with each other facing towards or to the side of the
camera so they can be recognised from the photo. The darkness that
covers the photo give the band this dangerous image which fits in with
revolution theme.

The font of the title and text on the poster is the same as every album and
poster they have used before, this helps the buyer recognise the band from
their albums before whilst the photo and title give it a new edge and making
it more modern.