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The beatles Let it be poster is now iconic

although very simple the poster is instantly

recognisable, the poster shows just a picture of
each band member doing different things such as
singing or playing an instrument. The idea of the
poster again is very simple yet unique to the
band, it shows that nothing has changed and
they are still just the same band.

Each of the band members are easily memorable
and the classic font used for the title is also
memorable and recognisable at the same time so
people know exactly what it is.

The poster also shares its name with one of
john lennons more iconic songs Let it be
making it even more recognisable to the buyer.
the fact the band are pictured on stage shows
that this album is all about the music and is focused on making good songs
for the listener to buy. At the time this was made it looked very simple but
because of everything associated with it has now become iconic.