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Lab Report 1

Aim and Objective:

The aim of the experiment is to have a basic knowledge about the balanced and
unbalanced rotating mass.

Result and Discussion:
It is found out that the discs in the rotor test rig are balanced. No vibration can be
observed in the rotor.

There are a few causes that lead to unbalance of rotating machinery. Below shows three
of the causes:
(1) Uneven distribution of mass around an axis of rotation
(2) Asymmetrical shape of rotating parts respect to the center axis
(3) Variations in assembly process which causes uneven distribution of mass

It is very important for a rotating machinery to be balanced and large unbalance
magnitude is not desirable. This is because when a rotating machinery is unbalanced, it
will create vibration. The vibration is definitely not wanted as there will be energy waste
and will greatly affect the efficiency of the machine and thus energy cost. Other than
that, the vibration parts will wear quickly and reduce the lifespan of the machinery. For
example, when a shaft is unbalanced, it bends and will fail easily due to cyclic
compression and expansion when it is rotating. It will be very costly to repair and
maintain the spoiled parts.

The discs of the rotor are balanced. There are few reasons to an unbalanced rotating
machinery. They are mainly due to uneven distribution of mass either of the material
itself or the whole assembly. Other than that, the shape of the rotating parts can also
affect the balancing. An unbalanced rotating machinery will create a lot of
consequences such as shorter lifespan, energy consumption and failure of parts.