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3 Field Experiences
Candidates engage in appropriate field experiences to synthesize and apply the content
and professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions identified in these standards.
The Data Overview was completed to show CRCT results in sixth grade. n completing
the data overview, had to locate and review demographic and student achievement data
for my school for the CRCT. created a concise summary of student achievement results
and emphasized strengths and weaknesses and needs improvement areas. !raphs and
ta"les were used to show results over a time period of five years. This was put together
using #ower#oint.
$tandard %.&, esta"lishes the expectations for engaging in appropriate field experiences
to synthesize and apply the content and professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions
identified in these standards. This field experience demonstrates my a"ility to
synthesize and apply demographic and student achievement for my school as measured
"y the CRCT. created the data overview "y developing a concise summary of student
achievement results "y telling a coherent story, starting with collecting the data from the
state we"site and school records. then analyzed the data "y "reaking the data down in
several ways to make comparisons. The results were synthesized to show strengths and
weaknesses and to emphasize a key area of needs improvement. created a #ower#oint
with graphs, ta"les, etc. to apply the findings in the data. This #ower#oint will "e shared
with the staff to hopefully help them implement appropriate interventions to further
enhance student learning. 'hen presenting this presentation to my #rincipal, modeled
and facilitated how put together the #ower #oint and the tools necessary to produce and
show the slideshow. (ater on, will "e presenting this same Overview for the teachers at
my school) modeling and facilitating using the $tate 'e"site and $(D$ to o"tain scores
so that they too can develop a plan to implement appropriate interventions for their
students. *opefully "y modeling the synthesizing and applying procedures the teachers
can take the data and make it "eneficial for them and their students. The steps of using
data that the teachers will "e using are +,- collecting, +.- analyzing, +&- interpreting, +/-
communicating and finally implementation of interventions. truly hope that we can
monitor the new data analysis techni0ues we have developed to truly make a difference in
student learning.
Completing the Data Overview was a valua"le experience for me. t was important for
me to truly understand the "reakdown of data so that could relay it to others. feel this
is going to "e as valua"le for the teachers as it was for me. Once you have the data,
taking the next steps, as indicated a"ove, really is easy as they fall into place easily. The
most difficult part is seeing the overall "ig picture with the data and then trying to narrow
down what you want the changes to "e. Chances are there will "e more than one thing
you want to work on, "ut you have to narrow them down and prioritize what will "e the
most "eneficial for you and your students. (earning something new always takes time
and practice, "ut think it will "e worthwhile once it is completed.
Data 1nalysis is crucial when trying to "ecome a data driven school. 2ou must "e a"le to
answer several 0uestions, which really are the "asic 0uestions for anything. think
answering these 0uestions are going to "e "eneficial to my school as we make this
change. 'hat are the strengths and weaknesses shown in the scores) 'ho do we need to
target the most3 'hy are we wanting to make this change3 *ow are we going to make
the change3 These 0uestions helped me "ecome a "etter analyst and think they will also
help with school improvement over the next few years.