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Ian Peers

(604) 375-5843
6531 McKenzie Dr
Delta, BC V4E 1P1

Delta BC, V5E 1P
Ian works hard to create a positive and safe learning environment. While faced with a very diverse
learning environment, Ian approached the challenge with vigor and determination. Communication
with staff was and is professional and collegial Colin Sharpe, Sands Secondary School

0'-1%.'- .23-*4%53 $6789:6;< .76=>?@ *A6 B 3>@ CDEF
4GH8>I 4J:K87L
Selected for three week Community Field Experience as an ambassador of UBC
Will be teaching special Canadian studies unit in an English-speaking German school

4*-M4 4'+#-M*"2 4+,##& M7IJ>< N+ $79 B *A6 CDEF
4GH8>I 4J:K87L O< 4GH8>I 4J:K87L EE< !L@HPGIG;@ EE< &>Q EC #HJ B -GR CDES
Student teacher for 13 weeks, teaching Social Studies 9 & 11, Psychology 11 and Law 12
Jr. Boys Basketball team and after school Weight Room supervisor
Co-organized field trips to BC provincial court house in Vancouver for Law 12

Teaching Highlights:
Cooperative learning format to explore French Revolution in Social Studies 9; collaboratively-planned units and
a flip-classroom format for Psychology 11 (students view teacher lecture-video for homework, class-time is
used for group projects); student-created assessment portfolios for metacognitive learning

4'*U5*3 4'+#-M*"2 4+,##& M7IJ>< N+ CDEC B ES
4GH8>IL 4J:K87L O +P>II7?;7 V 4GH8>I 4J:K87L EE
Volunteered 105 hours at Seaquam Secondary School in a high-level Grade 9 Social Studies Challenge and
Social Studies 11 classroom under the mentorship of teacher Colin Sharpe

Teaching Highlights:
Led engaging classroom activities and critical discussion; monitored classroom during individual and group
work, engaging with students in both contexts; organized and supervised field trip to local ecosystem, Burns Bog

&7>6?8?; *LL8LJ>?H7 +7?J67 )7>HP76 *LL8LJ>?J 3>@ CDEC B W:? CDES
Volunteered 140 hours at Seaquam Secondary Schools Learning Assistance centre, under the mentorship of
Bill Richards, Learning Assistance Centre director
Worked in various group settings from one-on-one to classroom sizes
Facilitated and assisted class-work, homework, organization and planning

Teaching Highlights:
Worked with a wide range of learners from students with autistic spectrum disorders and/or behaviour disorders
to students with literacy difficulties, which facilitated my development in becoming an adaptable, multimodal

+G6?76LJG?7 !6G;6>= )7>HP76 *LL8LJ>?J CDEC B ES
A program developed to help grade 8 and 9 students who have learning difficulties and or have fallen behind a
year in English or Social Studies

Teaching Highlights:
Assisting alongside lead teacher, Stephanie Staller, in developing student motivation and creating engaging
differentiated curriculum ; this challenging environment taught me how to motivate student learning and

(604) 375-5843| 6531 McKenzie Dr, Delta, BC V4E 1P1|
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Ian Peers
Assisted and coached with James Johnston in annual Seaquam Summer Basketball Camp for ages 12 to 16
Responsibilities include leading drills, evaluating skill levels and creating plans for development

Highlights: Conducted individual and group coaching sessions to analyze skills and assess areas needing

*LL8LJ>?J +G>HP GZ 47>[:>= .6\ O NG@L N>LX7J9>II J7>=
Responsible for running and organizing practices, games and transportation during games and tournaments

Highlights: Motivated and coached players to achieve their full potential with a focus on goal-fulfillment

"'*+, +,%&M V M'T'&#!3'-) 4#+%')2 M7IJ>< N+ *A6 CDES B !67L7?J
"7LA8J7 ]G6X76
Respite Worker for local children with different autism spectrum designations
Helped create life plans with several adolescents and integrated them into community recreational facilities
such as gym memberships and basketball programs

'M+*3! M'&)* CDEF M7IJ>< N+ W>? EE
Discussed student-centered assessment, technology in the classroom and teacher-student collaboration

N+44)* +#-$'"'-+' T>?HG:R76< N+ #HJ C^
Attended workshops by technology guru, Amy Burvall:
Choice and Voice: Cultivating a Personalized Learning Strategy for Assessment and Reflection
Once Upon a Hashtag: Storytelling with Social Media


5-%T'"4%)2 #$ N"%)%4, +#&53N%* T>?HG:R76< N+ CDES B EF
BC Teacher Certificate & Bachelor of Education
Teacher Professional Development Program; International Community Field Experience delegate

4%3#- $"*4'" 5-%T'"4%)2 N:6?>9@< N+ CDEE B ES
Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences
History Major, Counselling Psychology and Human Development
Notable Coursework: Social-Emotional Lives of Children

M#5.&*4 +#&&'.' -7Q ]7LJ=8?LJ76< N+ CDD_ B ED
Associates Degree
General Studies

Backpacked through South East Asia in the summer of 2011, visiting China, Hong Kong and Indonesia
Experienced local cultures through personal interactions; learned the importance of education on a universal
Ice Hockey and Basketball, coaching and provincial-level; Tennis; Hiking (recreational and guiding); Rock-
climbing; Snow-shoeing; Photography; Music (guitar); currently learning German